View Full Version : Rhino to Lightwave-little help, please?

07-04-2009, 03:00 AM

I have read other posts kind of dealing with this issue, but I didn't see one that addressed my specific problem.

I'm trying to use Rhino to convert an IGES model to a Lightwave object, but the resulting .lwo file ends up with over 16,000 surfaces, and Modeler locks up when it tries to load the model. Is there a way in Rhino to combine all those surfaces into one?

The client of my client has provided them an IGES file of their product. That's the only format they're willing to provide. I want to convert the model to a .lwo or something Modeler can ingest, the cleaner the better obviously.

I installed the evaluation version of Rhino and was able to successfully open the model. I then exported the model as a .lwo object at the default setting (medium amount of polys.) That file was 18 MB, so I did one with a lower polygon setting, resulting in an 8 MB file. When I tried to load that smaller file into Modeler, I got an endless spinning beachball (Mac Pro, OS 10.5.5.) When I open the file in Text Edit I see over 16,500 surfaces listed.

So that's not working. Any suggestions?


Shawn Marshall
Marshall Arts Motion Graphics