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  1. Quad E5-4650L 2.6GHz x 8 x 4 = 83.2 GHz (64 threads)
  2. Houdini Engine. This could be interesting for Lightwave...
  3. How to cache Bullet?
  4. PointCache LightWave To 3dsMax
  5. Render challenge, ACCEPTED!
  6. Why go to design school at all?
  7. art as life - 3D and CG
  8. Bruce Lee Reborn
  9. Building a Better Zombie
  10. since 2000 - technical achievements
  11. OMNI - full VR movement in your favorite game.
  12. corona renderer
  13. xPolygon New Model Pack - Oval!!
  14. There's always one...(Linux, Wine, etc)
  15. Clarisse iFX on sale, but do I need it?
  16. Ok. So who´s going to SIGGRAPH 2013?
  17. Best HDRI Skies?
  18. The State of Rendering
  19. The "Mars"-ness of it All
  20. Some Monster love from ILM
  21. LightWave 11.6
  22. Nevron Motion? Why buy something that should be IN Lightwave?
  23. ChronoSculpt in production
  24. Soooo......we were lied to?
  25. I'll pay for NevronMotion and love it!
  26. Opinion: Best Lightwave College?
  27. Lightwave 11.6 Upgrade Price from 11.5
  28. Lightwave combined with real world miniatures
  29. Another Chronosculpt thread....this one about the Mac version.....
  30. I got maya training for free !!!
  31. 'Sharknado' set to storm theaters in August
  32. About Octane 1.5, Otoy cloudrendering, Brigade and more
  33. Scale Drawing
  34. NOTE TO SELF:Make a dedicated ChronoSculpt forum
  35. CgFx
  36. LW featured first on CGChannel's "best new software from Siggraph 2013"
  37. Actors getting feedback from and seeing virtual sets in realtime?-Greenscreen.
  38. SculptGL - Open source
  39. question about use of kinect motion sensing
  40. Audio Reactive Tutorials?
  41. Opinion: Best Graphics Card?
  42. Where is the Alembic support in LW11.6
  43. Let’s Crowd Design LW Tools: The Ultimate Text Tools for LW
  44. Water tutorials
  45. Looking for a tutorial on how you convert radar flight path data into LW path data
  46. Autodesk SIGGRAPH Event News (Also 3DS Max users speculate its future)
  47. 11.6 VPR Review
  48. useful slug reel
  49. is Lightwave a PROVEN package or just a PR OVEN :)
  50. Nevron Kinect and capture video view
  51. Build Me a Suit-Pacific Rim behind the scenes
  52. SIGGRAPH Videos Online Where?
  53. SIGGRAPH 2013 Links (courses, talks, posters, et)
  54. Looking for a web guru type who can answer a question....
  55. Newtek Real Support. Real Fast?
  56. Scientists now pursue 4D printing.
  57. A handheld 3D scanner for less than $1000?
  58. Kinect hand recognition
  59. Let’s Crowd Design LW Tools: New Bridge Tool
  60. Is Frischluft's Lenscare still the Daddy for Post DoF?
  61. Colimo would be nice for Lightwave
  62. Anyone for Ingress?
  63. Which one program should go opensource?
  64. Let’s Crowd Design a standalone NPR Render Engine
  65. Life sized Wall-E
  66. Is 300dpi big enough for wraparound for boat?
  67. Opinion: What is the best way to re-create a lightsaber in 3d?
  68. Xbox One news sneaked at Comic Con...
  69. Subject matter burnout.
  70. What is after effects ?
  71. How hard is to use mocap?
  72. Single lens 3D shooting.
  73. Is siggraph pricing still available?
  74. It blowd up real good... Wolverine FX
  75. World War Z-depth
  76. Cochise - Facial animation manipulation
  77. Blend RGB colors with Gamm: 1.0 in Phtoshop
  78. 3D Coat & LW discussions on YT
  79. 11.6 instancing update?
  80. Cyber attacks: How war and economics are being transformed by computerisation.
  81. X Rebirth
  82. What's Photoshop Got That I ain't Got?
  83. Anyone upgraded to Anime Studio Pro 9.5?
  84. Brain Divided - Animated Short <3
  85. Making of : “BREWMASTER’S INSPIRATION”- Painterly 3D animation TVC for blue moon Camp
  86. This would be sweet in lightwave
  87. New Pro SSDs
  88. Editorial:Plague of game dev harassment erodes industry, spurs support groups
  89. Fujio Ichikawa - plugin developer
  90. Has the education system failed anyone else to this extent?
  91. Cycles render engine released with permissive license
  92. Tiny satellites will use Kinect to dock with one another
  93. Be sure to vote in Streaming Media Poll!
  94. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Black List
  95. My Shrockets model rockets Kickstarter project has launched!
  96. LightWave Projects Lists
  97. Lightwave Crashes on Startup
  98. Aug 19th release - change list? It seems crashy on my 32 bit laptop....
  99. Desktop MakerBot 3D Digitizer ready for Pre-Order
  100. Zbrush Subdivision - question for Zbrushing LW'ers
  101. Some thoughts on film from the C20
  102. Affleck as Batman...
  103. very new beginner to light wave
  104. Autodesk May Be Next to Offer Rental Model ( New business model in October)
  105. 3D Garage 10th anniversary sale
  106. 3D-Coat for sale cheap
  107. Is there a forum for After Effects like ours for LW?
  108. Can you pair an Nvidia card to the Ati
  109. Affordable Desktop 3d scanner by Makerbot!
  110. good books on 3D techniques
  111. what's best site for 3d news ?
  112. Is there a program that lets you quickly browse mocap files? (IE: BVH?)
  113. Will LightWave be visible at IBC?
  114. Anyone have a simple "LW Object to Maya, Animate and back to LW to Render" Tutorial?
  115. Special Limited Time Lightwave Upgrade Offer
  116. Gollum Project
  117. 3DCoat - new AutoRetopo
  118. Should I stick with lightwave?
  119. Grey - nice alien render
  120. Gen Xer battles to learn about computers
  121. Ever wonder what steel rebar melted on brick looks like?
  122. Spherical camera
  123. Tim Jenison of NT is a master artist! :)
  124. Genoma- Is there any way to mirror bone positions from one hand to the other?
  125. Shrockets model rockets is online!
  126. TriCaster goes down
  127. Vray 3.0 coming
  128. Naiad
  129. Sony releasing VR headset for PS4
  130. What trickery is this??
  131. What ever happened to "Aura Video Paint"?
  132. New Face Test - Chris Jones
  133. This is something to see!
  134. SoundTraxx Music Library Volume II
  135. Apple feeling the pressure of low cost Android. Iphone 5c!!
  136. To buy or to build: that is the question
  137. Bifrost Update
  138. Blitz is closing shop???
  139. distance texture
  140. Question to anyone that owns the Panasonic AG-AC90?
  141. Woot! Grid goodness
  142. Defiance-Not my cup of tea strangely!
  143. Hair Guides - Bullet dynamics - Genoma
  144. Grand Theft Auto V
  145. Alpha Issues
  146. Postvis
  147. AutoDesk goes Rental
  148. Anyone want to be a Lightwave author? Then read on...
  149. Anybody with CAD program want to help me out? (IFC format conversion) :)
  150. Lucasfilm discusses combining film and video games to eliminate post production
  151. Kinect with 11.6 without NevronMotion
  152. Ship near the shore
  153. Game of thrones wins Emmy award 2013 for visual effects!
  154. GFR: Star Wars 1313 Might Be Dead, But It Helped Develop New Motion-Capture Tech
  155. Ligtwaver needs help in winning a copy of Toon Boom Harmony
  156. Plant Factory Ple version available for free!
  157. Head Replacement Reel
  158. I wanted an amiga....but not anymore
  159. Aartform - Curvy 3D 3.0
  160. Forum issue - please confirm
  161. Problem: Tricaster XD-450 / How to get back the source of Camera1 in viewer-window?
  162. Andrew Price on Blender's UI
  163. Creature Comforts Fan Film starring 3 LightWave 3D Group staff
  164. Shrockets commercial for the Johnny Star Commander!
  165. RWBY (RUBY) From roosterteeth
  166. Muvizu - This looks great!!
  167. Thunderbirds to Return!
  168. http://www.bizjournals.com/sanfrancisco/blog/2013/09/autodesk-announces-job-cuts.html
  169. Autodesk announces job cuts, restructuring
  170. MARI: Texture Challenge 2013
  171. FreeDatabaseForAnimation
  172. Book Recommendation: The Noble Approach: Maurice Noble and the Zen of Animation
  173. Making of the Hobbit by Weta Digital
  174. Twitter handles?
  175. Boxx Render Pro and lightwave.
  176. Arnold
  177. Who uses dual monitors and how beneficial is it in LW?
  178. Autodesk to invest in DeviantART
  179. 3D Mouse
  180. Adobe Gets Hacked, Product Source Code And Data For 2.9M Customers Likely Accessed
  181. Photoline 18 is out!
  182. register.newtek.com does not work
  183. 3D Printing of Buildings through Contour Crafting
  184. about Dick Van Dyke
  185. Here's a good one for ya...
  186. CCP Custom Control Pad - Remote Control LW from touch device
  187. I never have the QT .mov plugin anymore
  188. Displacement question.
  189. Touching textures...
  190. Ink test in lightwave 11.6.1
  191. Streaming Media Streaming Media Reader's Choice Awards Voting!
  192. Boned Object Influencing Bullet dynamics
  193. Invitation to LW Community to join Modeling Challenge: Giant Monsters/ Giant Mech
  194. Autodesk to Discontinue Upgrade Sales
  195. Neill Blomkamp modelled in Lightwave for Elysium!
  196. Free plugin "RigManager beta1" posted
  197. TA Tools - Liberty3D
  198. LinkedIn?
  199. Mercury Astronaut Scott Carpenter Passes.
  200. Officially an idiot!
  201. Render farms
  202. The Newtype anime awards results are in. (Kind of Duh!)
  203. Meta data
  204. Controlling Luminance with multiple nulls via nodes?
  205. "Magic Lights" -- useful?/aka "X-channel Light", nodal applications/extended spectrum
  206. Lightwave <--> Terragen success
  207. Kickstart of Artists' Book on Anatomy
  208. Deep Exploration from Right Hemisphere now SAP Visual Enterprise Author
  209. Keloid movie trailer
  210. Video compression
  211. South Park to Miss Air Date for the First Time Ever Due to Power Outage
  212. RigManager beta2
  213. I am being screwed by my ISP - big time.
  214. Make Star Wars Great Again
  215. Anyone still using Windows XP? It's about to die
  216. OMG! Check this! FLEX! An impressive new PhysX technology!
  217. Studio Ghibli's newest movie is like nothing you've ever seen
  218. Text-to-3D
  219. Track IR as a studio device?
  220. 3D printing pen?
  221. my number 1 hate about software as an industry
  222. NZI 'The Devil's Chair'
  223. I am so happy Apple does not own Lightwave
  224. Star Trek Into Darkness Title design, cool effects with after effect,optical flares.
  225. Bullet objects keeps on shaking - please help
  226. Mr. Peabody & Sherman, looks disappoining....
  227. Essential Lightwave v9 book
  228. If in Hollywood see "Nightmare b4 Xmas" at the El Capitan with interactive FX
  229. IT and male macho blokey culture
  230. Huge Adobe Data Breach Gets Even Worse
  231. Side FX announces Houdini 13
  232. Error message kinect 10.dll is missing...
  233. Chronosculpt trial in latest issue of 3D Artist
  234. Hitfilm 2 is out on Mac now!
  235. Replacement for Discreet/Autodesk Combustion*?
  236. Expresii digital ink
  237. New Autodesk initiative puts Max and Maya in your browser
  238. Tapering spiral
  239. octane render - spherical camera 360 FOV ???
  240. Is it time for me to start liking Doctor Who?
  241. Studio Daily: VFX Studios on the Cloud (A Cloudy Issue?)
  242. Supervise your ipad
  243. Turbulence FD Rev 1034 was released on 11-5
  244. If your files stored in "the Cloud" are hacked, who is liable?
  245. Network render - info needed
  246. How is this done?
  247. Highly Adaptive Liquid Simulations on Tetrahedral Meshes
  248. Win 7 - Grey themes
  249. Mosaic animation - Falling tiles
  250. VFx and Making Money (or not)