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  1. job in the netherlands
  2. senior level artists
  3. Lightwave sales reps for Canada
  4. Quote Request: Model/Scene
  5. Quake 4
  6. LightWave 3D Development Team Openings
  7. Plugin Developer Needed
  8. Looking for Los Angeles modeler/animators
  9. IMMEDIATE character animation job
  10. Furniture Designer Wanted in Southern California
  11. We're looking to represent talented 3d animators...
  12. WTB - LW scene high-quality book w/ pages turning
  13. Freelance Modeler and freelance Lightwave operator
  14. Rigging Opportunity
  15. Music Producer Needs Graphics
  16. Modelers Need / Work for Hire
  17. need talented Lightwave Modeler/Animator
  18. hiring talented modelers, animators for upcoming film
  19. Employees Wanted!!!!!
  20. lightwave artists wanted
  21. Help needed
  22. HL Mod Help
  23. Freelancers Wanted
  24. London-based freelancers needed!
  26. Stormfront Seek Freelance LightWave Modellers
  27. Searching for Multimedia Developer/Designer
  28. Cherche modeleur LW (architecture) Paris
  29. Modeler wanted for architectural visualisations (project based)
  30. Architectural Modeler/Multimedia
  31. Amazing Jobs! Work with the best!
  32. LightWave 3D Developers -Architectural Illustration
  33. 3D computer artists and designers needed for Sci-Fi TV show
  34. Looking for Lightwave Artists in Huntsville, AL
  35. Internship Burbank, CA
  36. Anyone? 50 layer fly thru
  37. want a Job?
  38. Work at home positions
  39. need LW help
  40. we seek animators in the Netherlands
  41. Talented Lightwaver Needed for steady work!
  42. Spaceship modelers
  43. Heavy Armored Combat Suit
  44. LW artist needed!! - Stafford, VA
  45. Lightwave Operators to work in Cape Town or Dubai
  46. 3D Artist/Modeler / Multimedia Specialist
  47. Graphic Designer
  48. MMORPG project: many 3D artists needed
  49. 3d model of ocean liner "Andrea Doria"
  50. Experience Lightwave Rigger Wanted Immediately, LA Area
  51. Animator Needed
  52. Lightwave Modeler wanted immediately
  53. Starbreeze in Sweden
  54. Lightwave and After Effects Animator Needed (Chicago)
  55. Fellow Lightwaver needed (London)
  56. Job Opportunities in New Zealand
  57. Captain Scarlet - Pinewood Studios, UK
  58. A Fun Gig
  59. herbal project
  60. Calling FreeLance Artists - Good Pay need 3D Object Created.
  61. Freelance Lightwave modeller/animator required
  62. 3D artists near LA
  63. Looking for Freelance Animator
  64. Freelance Modellers UK/Italy/Europe
  65. Full-Time Staff Position Houston, Texas - Lightwave Modeler/Animator
  66. Hiring 4 Character Animators
  67. seeking for free lance modeler/texturer Paris france
  68. Seeking Lightwave Character Animator
  69. searching for a job, see my reel
  70. Virtual "Set" for a TV News Show
  71. Houston Area Lightwave User Looking for Ground Floor
  72. Seeking Us Marine Reservist Who Knows Lightwave
  73. Architectural - 3D Modeler * Illustrator * Animator
  74. Freelance portal www.enlance.com
  75. Modeler looking for job
  76. how can i work for newtek
  77. Edit One New York - Hiring 3D Artist
  78. Lightwave positions - scotland, UK
  79. 3D Animated Feature in LOS ANGELES COUNTY
  80. Lightwave Artist UK
  81. Fivestone Studios- Free-lance Broadcast Designers needed
  82. Paradigm Productions - Full time position
  83. Photoshop Logo -> 3D Model in Lightwave
  84. Need a 3d job? Need a cg artist? Join here free!
  85. 3D animation instructor
  86. Need a character animator....
  87. Freelancer Modeller Needed
  88. Freelance allrounders
  89. :JOB Modellers required for multiple UK positions
  90. Lightwave artists required
  91. Animator/Graphic Designer - Animation Factory
  92. 3D Modellers and animators
  93. JOBS available
  94. Looking for Lightwave artist in San Fernando Valley CA...
  95. www.IamAnArtist.com - animation jobs
  96. Lightwave Artist in Quebec/ Canada
  97. LightWave artist job open in Salt Lake City
  98. Arch Freelance needed
  99. Character Creation
  100. Synapse Games - job openings
  101. freelance modeling project
  102. Looking for Freelance Lightwave Artist in NYC area
  103. 3D & 2D Artisits Needed
  104. PAID Lightwave 3D work
  105. Need LW Render (banner size 15' x 4')
  106. Lightwave Artists needed
  107. Galactica Looking For Talent
  108. Seeking Freelance 3D aritst in Los Angeles
  109. Full Time LW Artists - NYC
  110. Television Graphics Artist Needed
  111. Texture Artist
  112. Need a lightwaver
  113. Freelance Lightwave Operator Needed ASAP
  114. Animator Wanted
  115. Highend Lightwave Animators needed Immediately
  116. Paradigm Productions - seeking candidates
  117. Independent Game Developer Looking for Contractors
  118. Lightwave 3D Modelers Needed
  119. Freelancers Needed
  120. BSG-75 VFX (Battlestar Galactica The Series) Now accepting Resumes and Demo Reels
  121. Look for Job in Germany or England
  122. Lightwave artist collaborators needed
  123. Looking for artists? Or looking for a job?
  124. Modeler from Hong Kong seeking freelance.
  125. Artists and Project Managers - Arch Viz, etc.
  126. 3D Animators
  127. LightWave 3D Artist Needed!
  128. Character animators needed in Sydney Australia
  129. Custom Plugin - Need Programmer
  130. Mechwarrior movie project
  131. 3D illustrator/animator needed
  132. Looking for 3D animators
  133. LA-ANNC Digital Domain is Looking for Lightwave Generalists
  134. Looking for a female animator with lightwave
  135. Seeking character modeler/rigger, contract
  136. Animator Needed for 15-sec clip in Feature Film
  137. CG Artists needed
  138. Lightwave 3D Artist Needed
  139. Looking for LightWave animator in the DC area
  140. Digital Fusion Compositor Needed!!!
  141. Texture Mapping
  142. Job Offered: Software Developer Computer Science Multimedia Project Teams, Directors,
  143. Job Offered Volunteer Multimedia Free Education Courses Production For 80 Countries
  144. Shake Compositor needed immediately in Covent Garden, London
  145. Looking for 3d modeler to join team.
  146. Game Developers
  147. England - Architectural visualiser needed.
  148. A question for those in SC
  149. Lightwave Artists for Animated Feature
  150. Character rigger/animator wanted for project
  151. 3D modeller and animator
  152. Red Star Seeks 3D Character Artists
  153. Looking for Lightwave artists
  154. 3D Lightwave animator
  155. VFX Production Assistant Needed
  156. Itchy Freelancers
  157. Freelance modeling gig
  158. Lightwave Animator in South Africa
  159. Looking for animator/team for series of four shorts
  160. 3D Lighting and Texturing Artists Needed Immediately
  161. Freelance Architectural Modeler Needed
  162. NYC - Lightwave 3D Animator
  163. San Antonio, TX - Lightwave 3D Modeler / Animator Needed
  164. architectural freelancer needed
  165. Architectural Freelancers Needed
  166. Might need slightly LW-savvy assistant in London
  167. High-End 3D lighting and texture artists needed immediately!
  168. Denver Architectural Artists Opportunities
  169. WCP needs character animators and TD artists
  170. WCP needs two Lightwave Modelers
  171. Animation teacher sought, Maryland
  172. Paradigm Productions Hiring
  173. 2 positions available for Interface multimedia
  174. Experienced Lightwaver needed
  175. anyone for one-off-small-job splash-money?
  176. Professional LW Freelancers Needed - New York City
  177. Small help with film
  178. Freelancers Needed at Project4Hire.com
  179. Australian LW'ers
  180. Busty Kelp/Aardman animations looking for Character animators
  181. LW Generalist / Chicago Area
  182. Looking for LW 3D freelancers in Poland
  183. Wheel of Time fans needed
  184. Texture Mapper needed (Maya)
  185. Paradigm Productions Hiring - again
  186. 3d Game Animator Needed
  187. Wanted Urgently in England - LW artist with strong animation skills
  188. Adjunct Faculty Needed
  189. Contract-to-hire in Eden Prairie, MN, USA (Minneapolis)
  190. Recommending an effective way to find a job
  191. Full time Lightwave modeller/animator required in Essex, UK, Based animation company
  192. Freelance 3D Artists
  193. Looking for freelancer to create a sexy object
  194. Who wants to work at NewTek?
  195. Future Transportation System - seeking animation
  196. Lighting TDs to work on a variety of visualization jobs
  197. Hard-surface 3D modellers needed for Architectural Visualisation company
  198. Ligthing TD required
  199. Toyota car range job
  200. Toyota 3D Modell Project URGENT
  201. Savvy 3D Artist
  202. 3D Artist / Archviz
  203. Matte Painter needed at Cityscape, London
  204. Mental Ray Specialist needed at Cityscape, London
  205. Compositor needed at Cityscape, London
  206. Architectural visualisation producer needed at Cityscape, London
  207. 3d artist experienced in Vue 6 needed at Cityscape, London
  208. Modeller needed at Cityscape, London
  209. Looking for Lightwave Artists in Central Iowa
  210. Busty Kelp/Aardman animations looking for Lightwave artists
  211. Paradigm Productions - Arch Viz
  212. TrialGraphix - 3D Animator (Chicago)
  213. Inverse Forge Seeks Experienced Lightwave Artist (Lighting Effects)
  214. inVISION Studios: 3D Visualization Specialist
  215. Looking for 3D Artists (LW), Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  216. Stargate Atlantis - 3D Artist
  217. Looking for Free Help
  218. character animators
  219. Need LW company to partner on some projects
  220. Creation Studio requires full time 3D artist
  221. Red Star seeks 3D Artists
  222. Creation Studio still seeking full time 3D artist
  223. Seeking LightWave Artist specializing in Architectural Renderings
  224. Looking for LW animators and (a) modeler...
  225. Audio Post Production & Sound Design for 3d animation
  226. Need LW Modeler for ArchViz Residential Project
  227. Need this asset management plugin
  228. Looking for Animators
  229. Indigo Studios looking for talent
  230. All-In-Wonder Lightwave Artist Needed.
  231. We are looking for qualified and creative writers!
  232. Project ORA
  233. Busty Kelp looking for freelance artists
  234. LightWave Animator needed - Old Street, London, UK.
  235. Hoaxland 3D animation in Belgium looking for Shading / compositing artist(s)
  236. Paradigm Productions - hiring
  237. cheap and high quality 3D architectural models
  238. Freelance: Highres charactor modeler needed
  239. 3-D Model (Animation) Developer - Learning, Content and Solutions Development
  240. Cityscape - Hard Surface 3D Modeller required asap
  241. Seminole Productions at FSU in Tallahassee, FL., looking for 3D Artist
  242. London:Fulltime:STUFISH:you have been warned
  243. NYC Studio looking for versatile lightwave artist
  244. Verite UT, Looking for Freelancer (lightwave,Modeler)
  245. Character Rigger & Animatior - Game Dev
  246. LW generalist required in Los Angeles
  247. LW/modo/Maxwell Lighting TDs needed - Old Street, London
  248. Freelance 3D artist for highpoly photorealistic human body model
  249. Lightwave Generalist Needed - Full Time - Dayton, OH
  250. Lightwave/After Effects Artist