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  1. Lightwave/Photoshop Artist needed in Las Vegas NV
  2. Orange Graphics hiring texturers and modelers
  3. Need Splashing Liquid in LW
  4. Full time Lightwave artist required, North West, UK
  5. WE NEED : Network Programmer-3D Artist-3D Animator [Unpaid]
  6. Medical Model Cleanup
  7. Possible sub-contract of engineering animations (Yorkshire UK)
  8. Need 3D Character head modelled/rigged ASAP
  9. looking for Lightwave modelers
  10. Web Freelance: Re-render esisting 30 second project by Friday
  11. Lightwave animator needed for full-length theatrical movie
  12. CGI job, Staffordshire, Derbyshire area
  13. Seeking LightWave users to design sports related backgrounds
  14. Seeking Unity 3D /Lightwave 3D Artist in Las Vegas... Help needed ASAP...
  15. Virtual Reality Specialist - UK Nationals Only
  16. arch viz
  17. Senior Lighting TD - Central London Studio - LONDON BASED ONLY
  18. Senior Lighting TD / Rigger - Central London Studio - LONDON BASED ONLY
  19. Sporadic Remote modelling/retopo/uv/texturing realistic character work...
  20. full time arch viz
  21. North Dallas job (CL)
  22. Animation project - zebra's running in african scene
  23. Seeking work
  24. London Freelancers
  25. Sydney Based Lightwavers
  26. Short film
  27. Looking for Lightwave generalists for scientific visualisation, the Netherlands
  28. Looking for general remote help with Lightwave projects
  29. LightWave Artist needed ASAP for Pre-Viz Work on Multi-Media Project
  30. London LWers! Job spotted..
  31. 3D and motion graphic artist needed in Michigan
  32. Looking for a 3D generalist in Lightwave to work in Ireland
  33. [REMOTE PAID] Lightwave Character Animation Needed for Nickelodeon Project
  34. The DAVE School is looking for a Gaming Dean
  35. [PAID] Hiring Freelancers For Quick 3D Animation Gig
  36. Animation position
  37. Animation/VFX Artist Needed
  38. Gaming Program Instructors
  39. Arch-Viz Full Time Lightwave 3D Artist Job Opening!
  40. Full time Arch-Viz Job - Paradigm
  41. Character animators in London?
  42. [REOTE PAID] Lw animators for our YouTube kids channel
  43. Arch-viz Lightwave modeler in Lodon
  44. futuristic transportation project
  45. Medical Device Work Needed
  46. CGI Work & realistic snow needed for video viral ASAP!!
  47. Hiring Freelance Lightwave Arch-vis expert
  48. Seeking lightwave artists for upcoming work
  49. Animals, Insects and bugs
  50. Character modeller needed
  51. Looking for LW artist DC area (Position closses on 27th)
  52. LW Artist position NW UK...
  53. Looking for LW artist in Chattanooga, TN. Remote may be an option.
  54. Seeking Creative Collaborators for Animated Feature
  55. Job Opening for Lightwave 3D Generalist in Medical Field
  56. Need animated soccer (football) players.
  57. 3D Artist Needed - Arch Viz - in house only
  58. Junior Lightwave generalist for small science graphics studio. Cambridge, UK
  59. Virtual Set Designer Modeler
  60. Lightwave Render Assistant _Defiance VFX_Universal Studios (LA)
  61. LW Artist position NW UK....yes it's us again
  62. Wanted Lightwave 3D Artist
  63. Lightwave Artist: Capital Pixel (Wash DC)
  64. Augmented Reality project
  65. I need a cartoon dragon rigged. Paying gig.
  66. CGI Artist based in Staffordshire, UK.
  67. I need a roster of available character/prop animators
  68. VR Company Looking for Talented 3D Animators !!!
  69. After Effects Comp Artists_Defiance VFX_Universal Studios (LA)
  70. Wanted: Artist for Science Fiction Feature
  71. hiring Los Angeles Lightwave artists immediately for Scifi kids program
  72. Photoreal Interior Lighting/Texturing freelancer required
  73. Character Animator required for mobile game developer (Nottingham UK)
  74. Lightwave freelancers
  75. Xvivo Scientific Medical Animation is Hiring!
  76. iPhone protective case model needed ASAP!
  77. Character modeller
  78. 3d artist needs
  79. TV serie. Generalist jobs at Spain
  80. Animator Graphic Artist, Gloucester UK
  81. Out of Our Minds Studios seeking LW Character animators
  82. Jobs : 3D Artist / Modeling + Shading / Lightwave + Octane
  83. Bullet dynamics building explosion simulation needed
  84. Architectural visualisers...
  85. Nevron Motion Retargeting Help needed - Rigs
  86. Full-time graphic designer / 3D artist
  87. Looking for freelancers -architectural modellers-
  88. Out of Our Minds Full-Time Animation Position
  89. Looking for student Matte painter
  90. Seeking PAID HELP with photo-real creatures (model, texture, rig, whatevs)
  91. Australian (SE.QLD) LW Artist required
  92. Character modeller needed
  95. CG MODELLERS STAR TREK DISCOVERY CBS Television Prod. (Los Angeles)
  96. Full Time 3D Visulaization Specialist Job Opportunity - Near Boston, MA
  97. LW3d veteran looking for full time job
  98. lightwave rigger and lightwave character animator
  99. 3D Artist / Generalist needed
  100. A potential Lightwave 3D instructor for teaching in Europe.
  101. Potential UK based Lightwave user needed
  102. Freelance Lightwave Generalist help needed
  103. Visiting Assistant Professor in Games and Game Design
  104. Looking for low-poly specialist for 1-2 months worth of modeling work.
  105. Tricaster Trainer wanted for on-site training in upstate NY
  106. Arch Viz position_London
  107. 3D graphic designer, looking for cooperation
  108. 2 Tenure track position open in Game and Game Design
  109. 3d artist internships PAID or unpaid
  110. Freelancers - Lightwave Generalists
  111. Any lightwave artists in the Chattanooga, TN area?
  112. Need Short Term Remote Rigging help
  113. Some Freelance Help
  114. Looking for Lightwave 3D artists in the Greater Tororonto Area (Canada).