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  1. Architechtural Modeler Needed in Denver,CO
  2. LWave Environment Modeler Needed
  3. LightWave Arch Vis artist needed, Dublin, Ireland
  4. Lightwave/Web designers needed for redesign of DiscreetFX website
  5. Melbourne, VIC, Aus: Junior Animators
  6. Freelance LW Artist - Chicago, IL
  7. automotive modellers needed, Kent (UK)
  8. Seeking various LightWave talent
  9. LittleShots looking for Christian Lightwavers
  10. JF&A in Houston, TX: Hiring: Fulltime(after small freelance)
  11. Character Animators
  12. Hard Surface 3D Modeller
  13. Job for 3D Human models/rigs
  14. Engram Studios hiring
  15. 3D Artists needed for low budget pilot
  16. Job Position available
  17. automotive modellers needed, Kent (UK)
  18. Origami Digital, LLC is recruiting
  19. LightWave 3D Freelancer required urgently
  20. Lightwave character animator needed in LA
  21. Digital Domain Seeking Lightwave artist
  22. Lightwave Artists needed
  23. LW experts needed
  24. Freelance / Outsource game work available. Lots of it too
  25. Freelance LW artist for POP for product Visualizatio
  26. Lightwave Instructor
  27. Creation Studio seeks skilled team
  28. LittleShots Productions needs Animators/mocap/help
  29. Lightwave/Modo Artist for Architectural Visualisation
  30. Lightwave Generalist needed
  31. looking for lightwave user
  32. Independent film at major distributor seeks photo-realistic space items
  33. Paradigm Productions - possible job opening
  34. Lighting TD (Lightwave) - Team Leader
  35. Leprechaun Animation
  36. Lightwave Camera Animator
  37. Silo:6 - looking for freelancers
  38. DiscreetFX is now hiring talent LightWave 3D animators!
  39. They do it with BLENDER and MAYA, so why not LIGHTWAVE?
  40. Otter Creek Productions - Looking for a Freelancer
  41. Intermediate/Senior 3D Artist New Zealand
  42. Star Wars - Full Length Feature Fan Film
  43. 3D Illustrator Wanted For Freelance Work
  45. Character Rigger Needed
  46. Red Star seeks 3D Artists and Animators
  47. Uk Gaming -Graphic Artist
  48. Advanced character animators wanted
  49. 3D - Photoreal - Chicago
  50. Studio 522 looking for LW animator(s)
  51. 3D Artists for Photoreal Visualisation
  52. NewTek Seeking Inside Sales Representative
  53. UK Freelancers wanted
  54. LW Animators needed full time (NSW, Australia) position
  55. Nickelodeon-freelance CG artist
  56. Freelance Lightwave Expert Needed
  57. Freelance Lightwave Artist Needed
  58. Freelance Scripters Needed for Military Games/Simulation.
  59. LWave Environment Artist: HD INSTANCE +
  60. Seeking Top Level 3-D Modeler/Animator - Lightwave
  61. -Lightwave Freelance Artist(s) Need-
  62. Lightwave Film/TV and Archivis Renderer - Australia
  63. ASAP: Basic Geometric Shape modeling
  64. Lightwave/Maya Character animator needed!
  65. 3d artist needed in the Tulsa Ok area
  66. Lighters - Lightwave, Modo, Maxwell
  67. Animator needed
  68. Symmetrix 3D - LW generalist for contract modeling/animation work
  69. GAMEINDUSTRYJOBS.eu is looking for game developers
  70. Still Renders Needed
  71. network rendering
  72. 3d artist Lightwave or Maya
  73. LA based prod seeks Lightwave generalists
  74. Freelance 3D Generalist - LW/Modo
  75. Architectural / Urban freelancers needed
  76. VFX Artists needed for new sci-fi series pilot
  77. LightWave Staff Position Avialable
  78. tricaster tech/producer wanted for NYE in NYC
  79. LW Animator needed (Sydney - Australia)
  80. Digital Domain Seeks Lightwave Artists
  81. Urgent: Technical artist needed
  82. Red Star seek Freelance LightWave Hard-Surface Modellers
  83. cgi team leader/animator
  84. Are these jobs for real?
  85. Creation Studio requires experienced Lightwave artist
  86. Seeking LW Freelancers
  87. Artists for a MTC Movie
  88. Experience with 'games' type 3D environments?
  89. Looking for freelancers - south florida
  90. Lead Animator and Animator positions at Annix Studios
  91. Doggie Boogie: Beginning Production Summer 2009
  92. Work with Shrox in the UK!!!!
  93. Modeler/Generalist position at Annix Studios
  94. Droid Modeler Needed
  95. LWave Generalist: 4 weeks work minimum
  96. Seeking Hourly Contractors
  97. live action mouth replacement + syncing
  98. Motion Picture - Ninjas Vs Pirates - Artists Needed
  99. Lightwaver in CHINA?!?!
  100. Racing Game – UV Mapper / Texture artist needed
  101. Red Star 3D seek Texturing and Rendering Artist
  102. Senior Level Animators & Generalists
  103. team leader WANTED
  104. Star Wars Fan Film Needs More Help
  105. Calling All UK Based Character Modellers / Animators
  106. Looking for intern
  107. Evermotion - port collection (work)
  108. Looking for Character Animators
  109. We Need Space Battle Animators! (Blow Stuff UP)
  110. 3D Modeler/ Generalist - London
  111. Hey the place I'm working for is hiring in LA!
  112. all rounders wanted
  113. Lightwave Modelers For Short Film
  114. LW Freelancer Wanted
  115. Poser-style figures for yoga exercises needed
  116. wanted - UK lightwave animators and generalists
  117. 3D Animator Required
  118. 3D Animation Needed
  119. 3D Animation Needed for BioPharm Company
  120. Lightwave internship- nyc - stipend
  121. 3D Effects Animation work needed....
  122. Make a 30 second to 1 minute character animation and win $1000
  123. looking for small Lightwave studio
  124. Print Artists Needed in NYC
  125. 3D Artist(s) needed for Post-Production
  126. animator needed
  127. Talented people wanted.
  128. Sci-fi animator needed
  129. cgi artistes wanted
  130. 3D animators needed for an EPIC, 7-minute, SCIENCE FICTION film!!!
  131. Public Health - Animation
  132. 3d Artist Needed
  133. 3D Live Set Designer Needed
  134. cgi artistes wanted
  135. Looking for freelancers
  136. Quick freelance opportunities
  137. Gameloft is looking for 2D Artists to work in Argentina
  138. Gameloft is looking for Game Designers to work in Argentina
  139. Gameloft - SSr C++ Devs & SSr C++ Flash dev
  140. freelance
  141. LiveSet para TriCaster (Argentina)
  142. 3d/interface designer wanted
  143. NewTek 3D Marketing Specialist
  144. Creation Studio UK seeking animators
  145. 3D Character Animators for Feature Film
  146. possible lowpoly work for a game
  147. Lightwave Lighting TD
  148. modeler needed.
  149. Basic Character modeling/rigging/animating (URGENT!)
  150. Architectural Previs needed, with budget
  151. Medical Animators needed
  152. Gameloft is looking for 3D Artists - Bs As - Argentina
  153. Gameloft is looking for WAP Developers - Bs As - Argentina
  154. Gameloft is looking for Game Designers - Bs As - Argentina
  155. Gameloft is looking for SSr Web PHP Developers
  156. Gameloft is looking for Junior Java developers - Bs As - Argentina
  157. NewTek: 3D User Interface Designer
  158. Experienced Lightwave animators required
  159. TB Brainbox - Looking for Senior Lightwave Character Animators
  160. Potential Visualisation Job - Retail, Lingerie Store
  161. Will pay for help
  162. Human Character Texturing, Rigging and Animation Needed Immediately
  163. Projet en 3D temps réel
  164. Unity reviewer
  165. Wanted - Our logo in 3D for a 5 second clip for web video intros
  166. Wanted: Vfx artist or artists for paid position on student film
  167. Lightwave Environment Modelers
  168. CG teachers wanted in China
  169. Render Prep / Render Monkey NEEDED
  170. Anyone want to setup an advanced camera for me for US$500
  171. Character Texture Artist Needed
  172. Character Animator with Technical Animation/Rigging Skills
  173. Red Star 3D seek Modelling and Texturing Artist.
  174. Ubisoft Massive Cinematics Department is looking for a Generalist 3D Artist...
  175. Calling London Freelancers!!!
  176. Generalist - Link
  177. Need 3D Logo from Illustrator file - ASAP. Paid Job
  178. Lightwave Modeler wanted
  179. Lightwave Artists Needed
  180. Eden FX Santa Monica, Hiring 3d Generalists and Experts
  181. Archivis Contractors Required
  182. Looking for Lightwave Artists in Miami.
  183. Forensic Animator Positions
  184. virtual presenter with lightwave and mimic
  185. Red Star 3D seek Character Animator
  186. Seeking Freelance Generalist (Modeler/Shader) — Detroit
  187. Seeking a Rigger for Prof. X
  188. 4 Character Models Required <<<
  189. *Freelance Lightwave character animators wanted!
  190. Characters with rigging wanted
  191. Seeking character animators
  192. Render Wrangler/ 3D Generalist
  193. text animation in lightwave3d - hired hours wanted
  194. Arch Viz operator
  195. Arch-Viz operator
  196. Full Time - Motion Graphics and SPFX
  197. Finding Full time for modeling and texturing
  198. Need a character rigger.
  199. Recherche infographistes Lightwave
  200. Looking for Lightwave artists
  201. Lightwave Generalist position in Cornwall, UK
  202. Looking for Freelancer / Spc. Surface
  203. Calling all London Lightwave 3D artists!
  204. 3D Artists for Fantasy Cinematic Epic Short
  205. Rhythm & Hues Studios Seeking LW Generalists
  206. New York Based lightwave generalist sought
  207. 3D Modeler Wanted
  208. Atlanta/Chicago-Based Lightwave Freelancers
  209. Lightwave artists needed for upcoming feature project
  210. Chicago:Freelance 3d Generalist and/or After Effects
  211. Lightwave Artist Needed for Freelance Gig
  212. Freelance Medical Animator Needed
  213. Rhythm&Hues seeks Vue artist
  214. Ricerca Designer 3D LightWave
  215. Pre-animated model. Need quick renders
  216. USPTO seeking Generalists (Adobe Suite/Lightwave/ After Effects)-Virginia
  217. Looking for VFX and Animation instructors! the top CG school in Beijing, China
  218. LW Animator needed for freelance medical gig
  219. Aircraft modeler needed
  220. Screenwriters and Video Director Seeking CGI Artist
  221. looking for Digital & Media Art Assistant Teacher/Intern
  222. Lightwave Generalists Wanted
  223. Lightwave Generalists
  224. Interface Multimedia in Washington DC is looking for Staff Level 3D Artists
  225. Looking for animantion development team member
  226. Rock Creek Productions, Inc. is looking for a freelance 3D animator (Aircraft)
  227. Looking for Lightwave Animator with Port/Freighter/Dock/Crane experience
  228. Need an experienced Animator, read requirements
  229. Synicsoft | an Enterprise IT Company
  230. Modeling Challenge / Cash Prize
  231. VA-11-0068: Motion Graphic Designer (with LW experience)
  232. Hip/Modern Motion Graphic Artist
  233. "Looking for Lightwave 3D freelance animators for Children's video series"
  234. Need a rigged model with endomorphs
  235. Looking for a customized virtual Set
  236. Lightwave Job in Munich - starting "now"
  237. We offer a fulltime job to any animator and/or compositor having the spirit we need!!
  238. Freelance Plugin Development
  239. freelancer wanted for modelling historical reconstructions
  240. Lighting TD/Shader artist - London, UK
  241. Wanted: Lightwave Generalist in Houston
  242. Lightwave Artists needed for pilot project
  243. UK based LW9.6 generalists required March 3rd-11th
  244. Lightwavers in India
  245. Looking for Lightwave generalist, the Netherlands
  246. Looking for a Lightwave freelancer next week (23rd-27th April)
  247. Junior Games Artist/Animator Role - Nottingham
  248. Hard Surface Modellers - London UK
  249. Creation of a photo-real CG cat toy!
  250. Easter CND, Que. LW Animators wanted!