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  1. Exciting News! Are additional specs available?
  2. Control for PTZ
  3. Footage from NDI PTZ
  4. Comparison with PTZOptics?
  5. Possibility of Auto Track?
  6. Ship date?
  7. Impressions from NDIHX-PTZ1
  8. Manual?
  9. First Look
  10. Setup
  11. Latency
  12. Power Over Ethernet
  13. can't get 2 of 4 PTZ1's to show up
  14. iris control, imager size, and gain question
  15. Camera Specs
  16. Control Surface camera control of Newtek NDIHX-PTZ1
  17. PTZ1 image "breathing"
  18. Using NDIHX-PTZ1 with Xsplit Broadcaster - Control options
  19. Firmware Updated to VHR110 on 10/19/2017
  20. Visca over IP
  21. NDI not working with peer to peer setup
  22. PTZ and Multicast
  23. PTZ Position from SDK
  24. Periodic Freezing
  25. Activating the Camera
  26. Firmware 111
  27. Firmwareupdate
  28. tripod mount?
  29. Bugs and Issue
  30. Experience using for sports?
  31. Limit PTZ1 to a private group
  32. JVC RM LP100 PTZ Controller
  33. PTZ1 and Access Manager Groups
  34. Joystick control
  35. Skaarhoj in stock?
  36. Focus Hunting
  37. Newtek NDI PTZ Camera control inside Tricaster
  38. Cisco POE
  39. PTZ Cam Autofocus Issues
  40. Setting Private LAN for TC and Newtk PTZ Cams
  41. Dome for PTZ Camera
  42. PTZ and Skype / Skype for Business or Facetime
  43. Reset admin password ?
  44. Using TC1 SP for NDI/HX PTZ control?
  45. Newtek NDI PTZ1 - Control HDMI Video Output?
  46. PTZ Timecode Embedded on Recordings?
  47. Adjusting focus of PTZ from TC1 control surface
  48. NDIXH-PTZ1 loosing network connection
  49. Controlling the NDIHX-PTZ1 from a long distance
  50. RS422 and Newtek NDIHX-PTZ1 camera
  51. Axis ptz
  52. New TC1 Update Messed UP PTZ Camera Control & Presets
  53. PTZ1 PoE requirements
  54. NDI PTZ enabled camera
  55. Latest firmware?
  56. PTZ focus in full zoom
  57. Is it possible to control the PTZ1 cameras with a Panasonic AW-RP50 remote controller
  58. PTZ Lens cap ??
  59. Clear scan function
  60. NDIHX-PTZ1 RTMP to Livestream
  61. Not able to connect to PTZ Camera
  62. VHR118 firmware released
  63. Problem with reseting NDIHX camera
  64. NDI Cam feature request
  65. Panasonic AW-UE70 4K question
  66. Integration NDI to Legislative Room
  67. NDI over dedicated network
  68. Newtek PTZ Camera
  69. Controlling PTZ using a desktop computer
  70. Skype fails to see NDI Audio feed from camera
  71. NDI Virtual input, default camera
  72. Needing a new Ethernet Switch for TC1
  73. Wall Mount?
  74. NDI-HX PTZ1 protocols
  75. Setting Up New NDIHX-PTZ1 System - Issues...
  76. Audio
  77. NDI Studio Monitor not picking up NDI-HX PTZ1
  78. Send PTZ data and position to external application
  79. Incompatibility with Full NDI
  80. Newtek PTZ camera. pan tilt speed
  81. PTZ camera panning in the wrong direction
  82. Newtek Camera no longer syncing to TriCaster TC1
  83. Favorite PTZ Joystick?
  84. TriCaster40 and NDI Cameras
  85. VHR120p Firmware?
  86. NDIHX-PTZ1 taking network down
  87. Newtek PTZ Camera
  88. ntk_ptz_recall_preset doesn't work
  89. NDI Tools 4.1 Virtual Input is terrible and unusable
  90. NDIHX-PTZ1 Image bluring or halo
  91. Ndi hx2
  92. Weird PTZ1 lockup issue
  93. New NewTek PTZUHD 4K
  94. Video/Sound Lag
  95. Newtek PTZ1 Camera Hung up
  96. Newtek PTZ 108050 poor quality
  97. Power on and off the NDIHX camera from distance
  98. Trying to recall a Preset on the NDIHX-PTZ1
  99. Selecting between HDMI out and NDI on NDI HX PTZ1
  100. Issues after updating to VHR120p
  101. NDI|HX PTZ-UHD issues after processing VCAA104e Update today
  102. PTZ1 vs PTZ2 differences?