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  1. Spark questions
  2. NDI Spark Q & As (updated 8/7/2017)
  3. Ship date?
  4. Spark is Dim
  5. Spark and Google Chrome
  6. Spark and Mac
  7. Spark setup issue
  8. Compression question
  9. Feature Request - Display MAC
  10. Spark Power Supply connector specs
  11. Spark SDI Audio Issues
  12. Old Equipment
  13. Spark Freezing
  14. what am I missing?
  15. Long distance use
  16. A few things to improve....
  17. Spark HDMI signal delay/lag
  18. Spark will not auto connect to WiFi
  19. Aspect Ratio Strangeness...
  20. Delay when selecting Spark inputs on Program bus
  21. Spark it is a fake NDI device. What the reason to buy it?
  22. Physical mounting questions
  23. Spark Use Case Question
  24. Problem Connecting to 860 AE
  25. Word of Caution
  26. NDI Spark for Backboard Cam?
  27. Spark Firmware Failure
  28. Disable WiFi?
  29. 4:3 aspect ratio issue
  30. Network out on spark
  31. Spark Across Subnets
  32. HDMI SPARK audio problem
  33. New Kit for mounting a Connect Spark to any camera plus DC battery power
  34. HDMI Spark - Digital Audio Control
  35. Connect Spark doesn't have gigabit port?
  36. Very subtle video stutter
  37. Spark Distance ove WiFi ?
  38. exFAT support?
  39. LTC timecode?
  40. Always broadcasting NEWTEK-CONNECT Wifi SSID?
  41. Update to Spark firmware
  42. Audio delay with Spark
  43. Spark and resolution
  44. Entering WiFi Username?
  45. Weekend Review - a little inconsistent
  46. Spark and PoE?
  47. Connect Spark & exFAT Micro sd cards or Thumb Drives? NTFS?
  48. Issue with Spark over Ubiquiti Access Points
  49. How many channels of embedded audio does Spark support
  50. 'Gear' icon in Studio Monitor missing
  51. Spark issues over long range
  52. Spark SDI blue screen
  53. Spark Tally Lights
  54. Spark MAC Address
  55. Spark Pro 4K
  56. How to use camera mounted NewTek Connect Sparks over WiFi for best performance
  57. Spark analog audio out
  58. Connect Spark Blocked on public network
  59. power supply Spark connect
  60. Connect Spark Deployment over WiFi Networks - Ubiquiti Components
  61. Newtek Spark & multicasting
  62. Hostname
  63. WIFI connection with Spark
  64. Can I use Connect Spark with Isocorder?
  65. New User, trouble installing Studio Monitor
  66. Studio Monitor new install, crashes immediately on 3 different laptops
  67. Spark - compatible cameras?
  68. One button record to sdcard/usb drive using multiple Sparks - Feature Request
  69. Connect Spark SDI - Connection Issues
  70. Display video on iOS and Android device
  71. Can I use Connect Spark with the Tricaster 460 basic
  72. my ndi spark does not work well with wifi
  73. NDI vs Rtmp encoder
  74. Connect Spark SDI/HDMI – WLAN-Connection Issues
  75. Connect Spark vs Decimator
  76. Spark on Company Network
  77. NDI Spark and WPA2-Enterprise Support
  78. Tally light trough NDI spark ?
  79. Using Connect Spark to receive feed
  80. Using Spark with Fiber
  81. Using Spark with Tricaster
  82. NewTek Connect Spark Pro?
  83. Connect Spark with OBS (linux)
  84. Connect - Spark Wifi AP Login
  85. Connect Spark Pro Quick Question
  86. Connect Spark reporting interlaced as progressive
  87. Connect Spark Pro Bitrates/Color Depth
  88. Spark Pro video
  89. The default IP address of SparkPro
  90. Router suggestions
  91. NDI with analog audio
  92. Can you run the Spark pro in NDI-HX?
  93. Spark over wireless on a different network
  94. Battery pack
  95. 4K NDI network equipment recommendations
  96. Spark HDMI and SDI firmware 1911
  97. Spark (NDI|HX) Port speed, auto over 100 mbit
  98. Make the non-PoE Spark .... PoE-enabled
  99. Spark,... Issues ?
  100. Spark - HX vs NDI,...
  101. Video Monitor and Wirecast can't see Spark
  102. Spark (HDMI) 1080i
  103. Connect Spark Pro Set up
  104. HDMI input flickering between signal and blue after upgrade to 1911
  105. upgrade firmware 1911 ?????? not working .....
  106. latency vs PTZ ethernet
  107. Spark Plus Analog Audio In
  108. Spark Pro Multicast - no audio
  109. WiFi connection on HDMI Spark
  110. Laptop resolutions to NDI
  111. Discovery server with connect spark?
  112. Connect Spark directly to TriCaster via WiFi, no router
  113. Spark Pro with Dante not working properly
  114. Resolution issues with a Cannon XF300 and Newtek Spark HDMI
  115. Firmware rejected: File selected is not suitable for this device
  116. Spark Plus I/O heating up?
  117. Connect Spark Plus I/O - How to rename?
  118. Seems like my Spark PRO bricked itself
  119. Spark IO Decoder does not list PTZ-1 as a source
  120. NDIhx on linux, using the sdk provided binaries
  121. Spark Connect Reset
  122. Spark HDMI audio distorted .. still 2 years later?
  123. Tell me what I'm going wrong (Connect Spark Plus SDI)
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  125. Does the spark io 4k have a battery pack available?
  126. Spark Plus IO 4K “NDI noise floor” issues
  127. Spark Plus must accept EULA??