View Full Version : NevronMotion Feature Requests

  1. Non-destructive mocap filtering?
  2. Dual Kinect support
  3. Running NevronMotion as part of the TriCaster?
  4. Optional choices!
  5. Will future support include other sensors?
  6. save audio/video of the performance
  7. edit base pose (for facial capture)
  8. Manual addition
  9. Release is the version from September ?
  10. Three Kinects! (even 2 would be nice)
  11. Unselected text color should be changed
  12. New feature: a full manual
  13. K2fW is out, will Nevron support it?
  14. Bug Report and Feature Request System Instructions
  15. Develop a product like Avatar's "Simulcam"? (question for Rob Powers)
  16. Perception Neuron Realtime Support