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  1. Python in lightwave
  2. LScript-to-Python converter
  3. Create a square
  4. ListChannels.py Script
  5. Python direction
  6. Log Spiral model script
  7. Doom3 Game Meshes script
  8. Model script new object
  9. parent in place problem
  10. Polygon iterator error
  11. xml.dom.minidom module not found
  12. How do I get the selected objects of a scene?
  13. How to use PCore's "Save Log" to build a LW Python reference manual
  14. How do I get the preview start/end frames?
  15. Is there a better way to get the IDs of objects with Bullet-controlled motions?
  16. Python help() question...what is lnum?
  17. Code Snippets (aka: "How to...")
  18. could Python be used as MEL and control behaviors of 3D objects?
  19. Python callbacks or persistent loops?
  20. Python load object
  21. Python 2.x or 3.x?
  22. How to access Surface and Texture settings via Python
  23. How to extend LW Python
  24. Instance parameters
  25. PyQT in LW
  26. Baking animated instances - adaption of Bake_Instance.py
  27. Ide?
  28. Using DynaMonitor
  29. Kickstarter program: E-book Learning Python
  30. Generic Python script for Layout: QuickClone
  31. EBNF definition of LWS
  32. Bug in keyGet ?
  33. Wrapping my brain around it...
  34. My animation envelope issue
  35. How do you access the animation for ambient light?
  36. Python failure: install issue?
  37. Python on Lightwave for Beginners. How?
  38. Naive user experience/ disappointments
  39. Example Python scripts
  40. Modeler example
  41. NewTek: help us learn how the Python<>Lightwave interface works
  42. LWPy - An Intro to Python for Lightwave
  43. LW11 Python example: Select Connected Polygons in Modeler
  44. Visual Programming
  45. 'Ground Those Objects' rewritten in python
  46. Read image size error
  47. Array Objects - Some Randomization
  48. Python-controled Instancing?
  49. Any suggestions for a python IDE?
  50. LWPanels Help...
  51. Is it worth learning Python yet?
  52. Debugging outside Lightwave/PConsole using Winpdb GUI (win/osx)
  53. lscript boundingbox() in modeler from python?
  54. LWPy & WingIDE
  55. Autocompletion for LW SDK in Python?
  56. Location of example scripts in Newtek 11 installation
  57. Working with SurfaceEditor via API
  58. Does LWPy have access to NodeEditor?
  59. How to reach NormalDisplacement ?
  60. LWPy Wiki
  61. 11.5 Update
  62. RenderOpts Problem
  63. Where do I find information on "itemid_to_str"
  64. Tabbed interfaces
  65. Multiple selection, regular listbox style
  66. Removing Servers
  67. IDE questions from someone who doesn't know any better - WebIDE
  68. globalstore/globalrecall equivalent
  69. Major.minor product information retrieval
  70. Python in 11.5 setFlt error
  71. Multi-line Text Input
  72. Render Globals problems
  73. Python access to Compositing Buffer Export and Extended RPF export ?
  74. Some commands and states doesn´t exist????
  75. python operator?
  76. Non-modal panel for python?
  77. beta script, Instancing along a path
  78. Text to Pixel - Conversion
  79. Info panel for 11.5
  80. Using the Rotate Modeler Command in Python (What are the axis keywords?)
  81. Is MeshEditTool possible in python?
  82. Retrieve data from mysql database
  83. Lightwave ignore other installed Python installs
  84. LWPy and nodeEditor
  85. displacement memory leak?, need confirmation
  86. Use Python to edit KEYBOARD and MOUSE shortcuts/navigation
  87. All Layout Commands in Python?
  88. Lightwave to Sketchfab exporter?
  89. "Python MakePreviewTimed" for video benchmarks
  90. Problem with moving points with Python
  91. Single-shot Python script to set content directory and custom paths in Layout
  92. Unseen by flags and bitwise operators
  93. Set background image
  94. Clone Hierarchy to Instance positions.
  95. pycharm charm
  96. Open file dialog
  97. Output Number Format
  98. Image ID from LWTextureFuncs
  99. Could not locate a defined factory class that inherits from "IGenericFactory"!
  100. Parameters not saving in scene file with python based stuff
  101. Import Blender Fluids
  102. Python troubles
  103. LW 11.6 Python PRIS module
  104. Execute Modeler's CloseAll
  105. LwPy Wiki now has code examples for LWInterfaceInfo, LWMessageFuncs, LWDirInfoFunc...
  106. How to use tkFileDialog.askopenfilenames() in LWPython scripts to multiselect files
  107. saving itemID with scene
  108. anyone using Jetbrains PyCharm for LW?
  109. Patching Script
  110. (Effbot.org) How to compile a LWPython script as a *.pyc file
  111. polypoints
  112. Opening and closing windows (specifically the node editor window) with python?
  113. Surface Editor Load and Save in the SDK
  114. PyQt install?
  115. dumb question
  116. Export Collada or Fbx with a specified filename
  117. Modeler DELETE command error
  118. Python and Visual Studio
  119. Selecting polys and points etc..
  120. Python version?
  121. Does LW Python cache your script?
  122. Constants information in SDK?
  123. Python UI docs?
  124. How to draw @data graphics in Lightwave Python?
  125. LWSurfaceFuncs() - help needed..
  126. Is it possible to make a shift camera script in python?
  127. Lightwave, Eclipse and PyDev
  128. Custom Box shape and saving panel values
  129. Help
  130. LWPy 11.6.2 bug
  131. Dynamically updating UI
  132. Activate/deactive UI controls
  133. render current frame to custom path in python
  134. PConsole Issues
  135. Clone Overscan Camera - single-shot Generic script for Layout 11.5+
  136. Loading an image map?
  137. Matchmover importer
  138. How to get Master python script to stay within file
  139. Lock script to dongle id
  140. Drawing an image into a Panel?
  141. Modeler mesh
  142. Get bone mesh item
  143. Multi Instancers Toggler
  144. LWWireDrawAccess - how to ?
  145. query render subpatch level
  146. random lens flare intensity for multiple lights
  147. how to add keys to a an envelope?
  148. Dr Python problems
  149. A custom user interface in Python
  150. Python for Lightwave documentation should be online (if it is not already)
  151. Getting info on bone properties?
  152. UI window that doesn't steal focus?
  153. Using LSID and LScript>Python converter together?
  154. Get selected envelope/channel in GE
  155. GE_SelectAllKeys
  156. Refresh listbox_ctl
  157. Any examples of using XPanel?
  158. Iterate through Channel Groups
  159. visitenodes equivalent
  160. nextChild
  161. Get current time in Layout through Master Script
  162. ComRing: I'm just not getting it.
  163. Get selected items of a multilist ctl
  164. Pass additional arguments to set_event
  165. Change Master script name based on input
  166. Master Script ctl list box stuck in loop
  167. Get the selected items from a multilist ctl
  168. Get ServerRecord / ServerTagInfo for each plugin?
  169. Layout Command SelectByName
  170. PyPy ?
  171. Call pris commands
  172. Set selection in multilist control
  173. Specify individual column width
  174. Sliding columns together
  175. MeshEditTool
  176. Change test of static text control
  177. Backup stops when it reach 2GB
  178. Query Active/Inactive state of Layout item
  179. Accessing the new modeler tools functionalities
  180. indentation error ????
  181. Ask Layout if an Item is set to Unseen by Camera or Matte Object?
  182. Accesing UV coordinates
  183. Mesh triangulation in Layout
  184. Access extra info about Camera and Light
  185. Enaml: Python Qt UI toolkit - MVC language extention, Cassowary, styling
  186. Different monitor resolutions change UI panels
  187. Any way to access CC edge sharpness thought scripting.. ??
  188. VMap/Wmap manipulation examples?
  189. LScript>>Python converter: any point?
  190. "import sys" : when do you need it, when do you NOT need it?
  191. Python errors: references? // SWIG errors
  192. Example files: "basic_barn.py" not being recognized in Menu Editor -11.6.3 & 2015.3
  193. Possible?: adding multiple channel modifiers via script?
  194. Python script as Channel Modifier: how often/when evaluated?
  195. ServerTagInfo[] details/ 2nd question... Closing a dialog on ENTER in python
  196. Notepad++ users: adding a line??
  197. AddToSelection
  198. Speed comparison: C++ versus Python, aka *.p vs *.pyc, in housekeeping tasks?
  199. Hopefully Simple Question - CreateKey
  200. There's got to be an easy answer for this, right?
  201. Clone names? / renaming nulls
  202. Difference between .p and .py
  203. Show Polygon Selection
  204. Merge Panels
  205. Return number of servers on a channel
  206. LWPython Render Lines and Render Instances values
  207. Embed image in UI item
  208. Random Particle/ Line Thickness Python script
  209. Can i manipulate position and size of the limited Region with LWPy
  210. Accessing keys of a Curve Node
  211. PySide support
  212. pntBaseNormal issue in Layout vs Modeler
  213. Script for Setting Surface Textures
  214. Python to turn on Smooting in the Surface Editor
  215. Do not save Master Script in SCENE
  216. Quixel Material_id script
  217. Using time.sleep
  218. Is there any documentation/reference for new Python in 2018?
  219. Layout Command Port Python Package Bug
  220. Set Vertex Normal Map
  221. Interactive Python Plugins
  222. Some basic information
  223. Problems over problems and such a weak documentation
  224. Bugs in pris on mass?
  225. Python hurdles to new pythoneers
  226. Some how to's
  227. OD How To Script Series.
  228. HowTo delete VMAP without removing points
  229. Help needed with Tree - Multitree ctl
  230. Kryslin's Python Questions
  231. nuArchitect python version
  232. MIDI control for animation
  233. maybe this helps someone who developes libraries
  234. Help needed with some things
  235. automatically exporting to OBJ...
  236. Saving Rigs with Python
  237. How can a panel be set the active one (the one with the input focus)?
  238. LightWave 3D Blog Entry of Interest for Python Scripters
  239. MIDI-IN via Python?
  240. Something that should be really simple................
  241. How to edit surfaces in layout (with example)
  242. How to change Audio Start Time?
  243. Python access to node data
  244. NumPy 1.19.0 no longer supports Python v2.x