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  1. function-like macro declaration possible?
  2. Modeleer: how to determine if a layer is foreground
  3. Which UI element changed?
  4. dragarea_ctl
  5. maximum no. of repeats for lscripts??
  6. reqkeyboard and how it doesnt work as documented
  7. Sliders
  8. Lattice suggestion
  9. Can I automate 'Reduce Polys' in lcsript
  10. LScript reference/guide?
  11. Lscript skelegons creation?
  12. Simple coding request
  13. LScript repository on LightWiki
  14. Lscript help
  15. If epic failure is true..... facepalm!
  16. Create keys on non Pos Rot Scale channels
  17. My Lscript doesn't work..
  18. Delete/Clearing Vmaps
  19. Lscript support functions external to main?
  20. Maestro panels and LScript controls
  21. Read file problem
  22. Modeler information for a Game Engine!
  23. Camera Presets loader Enmasse
  24. Auto Rendering Script
  25. Lscript and the EPSF Loader
  26. batch loader/saver script : need help !!!
  27. selinvert() also selects hidden?!?!?
  28. running Lscript by selecting object ?
  29. string ?
  30. PoserSaver Script Update Request?
  31. Cubico
  32. LScript light creation?
  33. 29870 Layers in .lwo Error
  34. Better CLONE? : Auto-Offset for CLONE?
  35. How much slower is lscript?
  36. Castillo
  37. Help with downloading lightwave
  38. Using a dll as a library with lscript
  39. connect then deselect
  40. uv interpolation
  41. Extend Camera FrameSize
  42. Adjust camera position with sliders (Lscript n00b)
  43. Using LW for real-time interactive web content?
  44. viewport display state toggle
  45. Simple help: scanning vertex locations in polys
  46. questions about UNiX path and LW version
  47. New Geocache multi import idea...
  48. Add Normal Map / Use Nodes via lscript
  49. Will Core support LScript?
  50. external processes and timers
  51. A quick question...
  52. :help: how i can creat small plugin in lw
  53. Create Key script
  54. how to align objects to normals of a polygon in Layout?
  55. AcquireGlobal and MatteObject
  56. reinject point index
  57. Possible?: save LWO & backdrop simultaneously?
  58. add and remove texture layers?
  59. Channel value??
  60. Simple Expressions?
  61. Problem getting position value of point from a displaced object?
  62. Graphic headers in UNcompiled Lscripts?
  63. Finding which tool is currently selected for an object?
  64. I need a simple planar uv script
  65. Exporting vertex data
  66. A script to extract every "Part" to it's own Layer
  67. PShop style "Save Copy"
  68. Checking same as item...
  69. Strange error?
  70. Multiple scrpits in one file
  71. Using Lscript in Graph Editor
  72. Setting position for multiple nulls/meshes from motion script?
  73. Channel Methods broken in MacUB
  74. TransMotion Plugin: setup for After Effects
  75. OBJ Sequence UV Map Naming Issue
  76. New Tool: Sliders
  77. LScript bug with volume selection and morphmaps
  78. Getting to grips with HPB Matrices for rotations... ARGH!
  79. repeat on all children
  80. Possible to create nodes via LScript?
  81. LSscript to change Surf Prop of Obj to Matte Obj
  82. Iterating through all the verts in a scene
  83. Adding Channel Groups for Volumetric Lighting
  84. getting VMWEIGHT map values in Displacement script
  85. Copy paste plugin on selected objects?
  86. Can Modeler create scripts Like Layout?
  87. switch files in modeler lscript?
  88. Select point/geometry of newly created object
  89. Start LightWave and run LScript from command line?
  90. Terrain Generator " newbie L-Scripter" baby steps Log Thread .
  91. lathe offset
  92. Select Connected, respecting visibility?
  93. lscript to save LWO as an FBX file?
  94. Lsinterface , Win7
  95. Cltimage == CltButton
  96. select two objects
  97. Is it possible to make a script to surface an object sequence?
  98. Axle and wheel lscript
  99. Is it possible to tweak Modeler General Options by lscript?
  100. How to determine if current object has a VMap of a particular type?
  101. Iterate through all objects in a scene.
  102. Other Light Types
  103. Change Light Properties
  104. Replacate Range slider with lscript
  105. FlareOptions() vs VolumetricLightingOptions() behavior
  106. Lscripters: Is this useful to you? (MsgBox dialog include script)
  107. Resize window based on input
  108. color input differs from LightWave panels
  109. DP Light lscript options
  110. Pom lights and lscript
  111. Rember clicked tab
  112. Speaking of Tabs - What's the secret to refreshing tab pages?
  113. Is there a Mesh Object dirty flag available?
  114. ItemColor
  115. ProjectionImage()
  116. Nest ctlactive and ctlvisible
  117. Possible to cancel requester close?
  118. Suppress Export OBJ dialog?
  119. How to select the "(base)" or "(none)" map with selectvmap()?
  120. Bug? Mesh(0) .name is still old name after Save As in Modeler
  121. Execute lscript though lscript
  122. LScript DEMO - Wheel & Axle
  123. LScript Notepad++ Syntax highlighter?
  124. LScript NotePad ++ Dev Pack
  125. A way to access/create splines in Layout ?
  126. Morphs2OBJs - New script for LW to Unity 3D with Megafiers
  127. Create Skelegon Command?
  128. Iterate through selected Surfaces
  129. Bake Radiosity Scene evens
  130. Adding an Item Shape with LScript?
  131. Scientific American Image
  132. Is there any way to create a script that will toggle the scene editor window?
  133. Loading Scenes and Expressions with LScript
  134. Envelop format/syntax
  135. Channel plugin servers
  136. Scale and Shift time on animation Keys
  137. Placing an expression on .Ctrl.PosItemBlend
  138. Envelope
  139. Lightwave "sphere" what library (format) ?
  140. Gizmo? arggghh.. im so lost
  141. Lightwave 10.0 to 10.1 LScript Bone Code Breaks
  142. Applying ClothFX settings to all other objects
  143. Set reflection options
  144. dynamic thruster acceleration help please?
  145. Where is The Lot
  146. A Few LScript Questions
  147. Multiple object lyrswap() problem
  148. Ray Casting
  149. Add child null to item
  150. Where is the script documentation?
  151. Updating Position in Layout
  152. random motion lscript
  153. How to use Band Glue and Bridge functions in LScript ?
  154. Too many CommRing subscribers bug
  155. invoke tool with specific options?
  156. normalValue = @0,0,[email protected];
  157. Delete Normal Map
  158. lw64 memory and lscript
  159. Ma.set and Ma.get.. and can you update them to access updated values?
  160. Seeded Random
  161. Pivot Rotation and Compensation...
  162. A way to get the active flag on an item?
  163. Euler's polyhedron formula
  164. UI function lack
  165. Interactive Slider
  166. Comring support for RenderBufferExport?
  167. Selection Order Bug?
  168. LScripts to be tested... Wheel&Axel and Slider
  169. Set RGB output
  170. SaveRGB check
  171. ctlvisible and ctltext
  172. SaveScene()
  173. Replace Image
  174. Spawn() python script
  175. ctlimage() transmask
  176. is regexp() buggy?
  177. animfilename
  178. Selecting item shapes and switching them on/off
  179. Make and Deslect commands?
  180. NewTek Forums Offline for Upgrades, 2-4 June 2012
  181. Arbitrary frames
  182. Attn Expression Experts: Noob question.
  183. Effect - Compositing commands ?
  184. Applying an envelope to an expression in LScript?
  185. read File / Fullpath
  186. SubpatchLevel Scene Edit
  187. Comring Arrays
  188. Acquiring Bone Weight Map Name
  189. Check 32 or 64bit
  190. Detecting 11.x version
  191. Suppress 'Auto Frame Advance' warning
  192. Automatically add Image Viewer on F9
  193. "Add Null" feature: an lscript?
  194. UI window without 'OK'/'Cancel'
  195. Modeler Alert Level
  196. load image as sequence
  197. Preset/Surface (*.pst/*.srf) Files Format
  198. Content Directory custom paths
  199. Creating a channel group nested under an object
  200. LSID question: padding on UI element names?
  201. "foreach" documentation?
  202. get IP name or workstation ID
  203. Changing UI defaults automatically/ refreshing the user dialog w/changing values
  204. LScript: LWM "Send To Layout" command ?
  205. seeking advice: Evenflow's "ef_staticChannel.ls" -- suitable for Motion Modifier??
  206. saving settings entered into lscript fields
  207. Building a custom Morph Mixer
  208. How to get a line break in a info output box?
  209. IS there any lscript programmer here that can help me out please
  210. Set FocalLength vs ZoomFactor
  211. Declaring an array to achieve global scope
  212. Faster way to access vertex maps
  213. Multidimensional Gui inputs
  214. How to read the status of GradientBackdrop?
  215. address declaration
  216. SelectByName failing to distinguish between case sensitive items
  217. How to convert a number to an integer?
  218. SaveRGBPrefix - with folder directory
  219. Lscripting in modeler - can we execute things like "completetool" or "droptool"
  220. splitting a vector?
  221. ClearScene() failing on a particular object
  222. modeler camera
  223. Writing Cross Platform: How can I use getsep()?
  224. use gradients with lscript?
  225. Setting up a 2d driven key
  226. Draw transparent glyph, ctlimage or Interface background color?
  227. Best way to make a scrollable multi-column listbox or grid control?
  228. Associative Array nesting?
  229. Skelegons in Modeler...
  230. Is a Timer loop in redraw callback possible?
  231. Lscript capability query......
  232. Determine if code is running in Layout vs Modeler?
  233. ctlviewport caching possible? Access to its imagebuffer?
  234. LScript DevPack update for Notepad++
  235. LScript: Platform preprocessor
  236. Icon Object Agents drawn in color with drawtext?
  237. Any way to draw with alpha using drawcommands?
  238. line() oddness.
  239. modified version of Bob Hood's gendata.ls
  240. Lscript memory limitation? vmap issue
  241. Store/Recall
  242. Return location of lscript
  243. Get user id
  244. Where is the intro to Layout scripting, please?
  245. What is maximu Lscript Array size?
  246. Bulk Delete VMaps
  247. Reverse array
  248. Control ctlactive based on selection
  249. Traverse hierarchy
  250. polycount