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  1. Using the mouse for viewport naviagtion
  2. Simple rigging for inanimate objects
  3. TrueArt LightWave 3D Tutorial How To Generate Equal Length Bones On Curved Path
  4. Shadow based on Distance
  5. In need of a Panther model, have budget, will pay for quality.
  6. Morph increasing using an animated null, gradient, and nodal displacement?
  7. Naming objects
  8. Portrait - not LightWave...
  9. Onion-skinning Compressed video
  10. Instancing vegetation...
  11. TrueArt LightWave 3D Tutorial How To Transform Modify Merge Weight Maps Full HD video
  12. Straightening points in UV maps
  13. Zoom Selection "Setting"?
  14. Octane render and lumosity
  15. Occlusion and fog
  16. TrueArt LightWave 3D Tutorial How To Mix Motion Files Full HD video
  17. Bending an electrical cord - Best way?
  18. "Make Circular"...found it.
  19. Question about SPLINE CONTROL / say again??
  20. The Human Brain
  21. Animated Fan Belt on Engine
  22. Is it possible to convert dae or fbx to c3d?
  23. It"s Finally finished. Dragon bridge
  24. 3D printing - Faceted polygons?
  25. Ever "Lose" Your Cursor?
  26. Lights to Points to Modeller?
  27. Adjusting Polygon Normals...
  28. RRTools Pro: how to?? Mass-assign before movement
  29. Mograph style motion controls: setting speeds and offsets/ "Unexpected VicePresident"
  30. Noob-level: Distributing _existing_ clones?
  31. Tutorial Hunt: Referencing External Envelope Files
  32. Smooth aircraft motion paths?
  33. The Almost very powerful polyline to mesh technique/ metaedges, objects/info provided
  34. Calculating volume from a model
  35. TrueArt LightWave 3D PlugIn Layer Preset System Full HD video tutorial
  36. 2ND EDITION - DRAGON BRIDGE is published
  37. Need advice for animating car easier.
  38. FiberFX Nodes, examples to share?
  39. Alternative to FX Linker and Inertia, DP Kit?
  40. Motion blur in LW and/or Fusion
  41. Technique discussion - globe & trails
  42. Lightwave, 3D Coat, and Multiple UV Sets
  43. Flocking and raycast help needed.
  44. Using Lightwave Modeler with XPadder
  45. Here is how to output a POSITION PASS from LW, no plugins - node network
  46. petal animation problem
  47. billboard orientation via nodal motion, anyone?
  48. Stumped: Posssible Do Per/Surface AA?
  49. Modeling tips: overlapping organic shapes?
  50. Gimbal Lock in each orienatation
  51. Is APS still used?
  52. Patches
  53. spline control, wind effectors and nulls animated....
  54. Flocking question
  55. Modeling a braided hose? Surface/texturing tips? (Also, rigging tips?)
  56. Duocylinder animation?
  57. Selection after CHAMFER? /New Surface via CHAMFER?
  58. Weight Map Falloff / Creating a spiral
  59. Trouble with spring animation and endomorph
  60. vector flow map? any ideas?
  61. Rendering a reflection with HDR Sphere lighting the scene.
  62. Creating a paper scroll that rolls up
  63. Level-of-Detail Object Replacement and TrueArt's Global Materials Full HD video
  64. Snow surface - preset, node or settings?
  65. Retro Fun: Revisited
  66. For your convenience: rainbow node
  67. Matted object and radiosity
  68. Cannot Add LScript Plugin in Layout
  69. Clip maps boundary edges
  70. Select points (or anything) on a Vector?? / script? plugin? FReq?
  71. Crowd simulation... the methods available in LightWave and which are best?
  72. Basic modeling question - how to correct face subdivision
  73. 2d-ish work? As at Nickolodean / Meshes? Geometry?
  74. IKB: BOOSTER LINK !!!! holy crap, I had no idea
  75. Node Displacement Control
  76. Workflow for distorting textured cables?
  77. Spline Control: clever uses for animating the nodes?
  78. Bubble PoP coherent shader
  79. Creating polychains and mesh from particle paths..teaser clip.
  80. how to avoid details rendered in animation as glittering confetti noise?
  81. Modeling a human brain?
  82. What "Esclude From VStack" is good for
  83. Camera Reconstruction Filter: What's you Favourite, Why?
  84. Using Character Animator Auto Lip Sync to Trigger Morph Maps in LightWave
  85. SplineControl not respecting modeler spline deformation or displacement
  86. Hotkey'able script: "Toggle ALL CHannels"?
  87. shooting Stereoscopic 3D
  88. Paper Crane
  89. Distance Dissolve, but via nodes? / Spot info via gradient etc, no workee
  90. Exterior lighting by Inigo Quilez (clever game exterior lighting)
  91. Film on a 3D TV
  92. Need help on neon glow and lighting
  93. Baking Bullet Dynamics
  94. Making a spotlight appear as a beam, or shaft of light
  95. How to rotate tiles by arbitrary amount?
  96. "Bullet Time" with DPKit, Any Interest in Tutorials?
  97. Different frames of image sequence based on z position
  98. BUG Warning: LWM: Curves and the connect command.
  99. Best Practices Exporting from Max to Lightwave
  100. Link/Unlinking Viewports.
  101. Weird mouse acceleration / speed in LW2015 compared to LW10
  102. lost scene file, does lw back up anywhere.
  103. Technique on a Sling Shot
  104. Questions about weight maps and using Genoma
  105. Shadow Passes - better/new techniques than white objects?
  106. define plane with points then align other points to that? off axis
  107. parallelogram to square? Anyone has a clever quick way? (+bonus question :p)
  108. ABF UV Unwrap with preserving edge selection
  109. Problem: IES light causing negative light
  110. Is this an overkill in number of polys? And how would you do this better?
  111. Lightwave and topmod-wireframe trussing cool structures...
  112. How to get data from object intersection or contact to control surfacing
  113. FYI Motion Blur with Instances Broken
  114. Any Retopology/Remesh/vertex deformation tool or technique?
  115. Spline Control camera flip
  116. Is there a Gravity Node?
  117. Blender Fluids - OBJ Sequences - Surfacing
  118. Bullet Dynamics and Parts Bodies
  119. Best method(s) to wrap a high-poly rectangle around a sphere like Golden Globe?
  120. Bulle; angular mess
  121. Is it natural that dissolving or removing many edge loops is extremely slow in LW?
  122. Animating tree issue
  123. anyone can help me out reverse one slider in vehicle rigger?
  124. Selecting points on a complex shape
  125. DOF options for LW mac
  126. Mecha Rig Dynamics setup
  127. are non-planar polygons a problem on a non subpatched mesh?
  128. Lightwave skeleton/polyline thicken/skinning in blender...mini tut (no sound)
  129. Rigging tutorial that's NOT a video?
  130. How can I model stitches?
  131. In praise of Rebel Hill's shoulder topography tutorial
  132. Public domain "Roaring 20s" music resource
  133. TESTING..What Tool would you use to scale offset this?
  134. Splitting polylines with the help of skelegons, mini tute vid.
  135. Can I have a Saved Obj Increment as Endomorph
  136. Properly setting up backdrop images for modeling
  137. nodal track morphs
  138. Render type layer only
  139. scrypt to books
  140. How can I do uv mapping with catmull-Clark?
  141. Motion Tracking with 360 video or still images
  142. Rock Creation techniques
  143. Is there a way to exclude light per material in LW?
  144. Self Shadow is killing me... what am I doing wrong?
  145. Populating Random Diameter Spheres to Form a Hollow Cone?
  146. Particles not following source object
  147. Help! My objects are all going transparent!
  148. Importing an 'An(i)ma crowd in Lightwave without losing the textures
  149. Cavity (3D coat's curvature) map baking?
  150. How? Reset Object Location
  151. Reducing No.of Vertices Tree Game Object
  152. Faking Godrays/sunbeams ..here we go again
  153. Full shadow mode
  154. Creating "Blueprint accurate" landscaping questions...
  155. Winding a rope
  156. How to chip away rock
  157. Nebulae Revisited
  158. Driving morphs in instances with a null proximity
  159. Heat shrink HELP
  160. Unity question...
  161. Achieving Smooth Camera Motion with Spline Control?
  162. Cleared ALL plugins, how to restore them ?
  163. Help with a spherical deformation
  164. Import object from Solidworks in LW modeler
  165. Reduce Polys Tool?
  166. Unique instanced textures?
  167. Random Color Instance Node,
  168. DPont point info node issue
  169. my twice yearly obscure how to question: (layoout-->modellor)
  170. HELP with curious conveyor belt rig
  171. Modelling Garments from Sew Patterns?
  172. animate a crawler
  173. Additive Transparency stacking in Perspective Camera?
  174. Any pointers to get started with instancing?
  175. Heat Shrink Tool Not Visible in Transform Menu
  176. HDRI - gamma 1.0 or 2.2?
  177. Color edges per surface?
  178. Import dxf using LWCAD 5.1
  179. Topology question
  180. Lightwave Lighting Training
  181. "Polygonal" rail extrude? // w/o adding a slew of points in the corners
  182. DP boolean or boolean tips?
  183. Easy and fast X-Ray effect
  184. Playing with particles
  185. Instanced grass length
  186. How can I render 3D Coat's metallic materials in LW?
  187. Server vs Desktop? Which one
  188. clone scaling
  189. More Terrain landscapes..procedurals,different variations, dunes, etc..
  190. Modeler Intro video
  191. Nodal texturing of wrinkles
  192. Diamonds... argh forever
  193. Alternative to Illustrator?
  194. Rope rigs: yt video
  195. Select every other EDGE loop, native! / oddity in SELECT Nth PATTERN/ selecting Loops
  196. Automatic dial and clock face creation: compiled LScript, free
  197. Dazzle your friends!
  198. Chamfer Reloaded...
  199. LightWave - Window Position (script)
  200. Set layout to a specific frame when one camera of more is selected - is there a way?
  201. Wrap Sphere: let's talk generalities! / Polar coordinates?
  202. Having Spotlight show beam of light.
  203. Lightwave test - The Patient, James Busby
  204. Super easy to rig a dp_tree with bones and use ik-booster
  205. Help Creating Endomorph
  206. Fun with instancing: Scene attached: noob alert!
  207. Scene Attached: Nodal displacement with null obj controls-- toys for you
  208. Face construction: swiping a Blender tutorial
  209. using clothfx editfx to deform strands..small clip tute.
  210. LW octane cloud test
  211. Export all textures in a folder
  212. Having trouble with depth pass in After Effects.
  213. ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED for 24 Hours Tutorials
  214. Video: Fix BowTie Topology
  215. GI for single frame renders
  216. Anima to LightWave3D
  217. Surface to Weights?
  218. Global effects
  219. Tutorial Video - Lightwave Helps ZBrush To Be More Awesome
  220. Counter with expressions
  221. Re-topology
  222. Combining ClothFX and Spline Control: Sample Attached
  223. SP and making a Color ID map for Lightwave object Help Please
  224. Adding dust to a surface
  225. Just one of those "Well, DUH!" moments that is still useful
  226. Fish Eye Lens
  227. moving object randomly like the twitch plugin
  228. Rigging: SAI/Same As Item : multiple different Items : noob-level Q
  229. Spheries in LightWave 3D
  230. LightWave 3D nested instancing
  231. How to model "model" trees
  232. Blobs from Space!!
  233. SubD modeling reducing cylindar caps while staying all quads / swiping techniques
  234. IK: the 3 types: discussion? Tutes?
  235. room lighting techniques
  236. Modeling Preferences
  237. camera animation fast and slow movement
  238. Fiber Fx Dynamic
  239. Modeling question - Rail Extrude
  240. Lightwave test - Terrain Render Download
  241. Exploding Bunny Honey Comb!
  242. Interactive Animation
  243. Long Bone Chains
  244. Edge loop - not exactly what they are called...
  245. "There And Back Again ..." a simple LW to Substance Painter to LW walk-through
  246. PART #2 - "There And Back Again ..." a LW to Substance Painter to LW walk-through
  247. using 'use morph position' in bone pannel no longer works??
  248. Displacing crops via subtle breeze. (instances)
  249. Texturing a tree
  250. Rendering Foam With Hypervoxels