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  1. Display issues with Sub-D and Edit Edges
  2. Is it possible to use Bullet for stiff, deformable metal sheeting?
  3. Free Video: Baking Normal Maps in LightWave with DP_Kit
  4. Some weight map on bones and animating questions
  5. Dynamic Parenting
  6. 2D Tangent Normal Map Baking Scene
  7. Simplistic 3D Forest Silhouette Style
  8. Weight Map Deformations
  9. Create leaves for still image
  10. Placing Icing on a Cake?
  11. Radiosity render time climbs higher after each frame?
  12. Animate cars used flocking & instance
  13. Auto Proxy Builder? for use w/Bullet and HardLink
  14. Creating a "hard" layer in Lightwave
  15. Free Video: Alpha Outlines in LightWave With DP_Filter
  16. "Snap To Background", 2013 edition // 64 bit only, bitte
  17. "Fast Quad Closure"? // similar to "Fast Triange Fan", but w/quads?
  18. Surface artifacting: what could be causing this? /Scene attached
  19. Shouldn't Dielectric do this?
  20. Standin generator?: lscript, python or *.p /using with Bullet
  21. Connect, then Deselect?
  22. [Video Tutorial] Fixing Symmetry
  23. Nixie tubes? Tips?
  24. Having a weird issue occur with Bullet Dynamics (Objects don't move)
  25. Add a point at the middle of a poly?
  26. Layer tools/utilities: freeware? // 'bubbling' a layer up/down
  27. Need more help with leaves.
  28. Surface: 'speaker grill cloth'?
  29. UV mapping: similar objects different images? / uv rookie asks questions
  30. UV mapping: getting the UV map to the same aspect ratio as the poly area?
  31. VideoTalk: xNormal and Lightwave 3D to bake 2-step sculpts into subidivion retopos
  32. Easy way to reverse everything in a scene?
  33. Tip/Tutorial - Bake textures, UV borders, prepare in PS, Unity
  34. "Clone Weight" - weird side effect: makes Hidden geometry visible
  35. Proper blending mode & order for combining 2 maps in the Specular Channel?
  36. Gradient move: w/o w.maps /I'm missing something obvious. / Push/Pull Tool
  37. Rain....
  38. Pilot Lights: very very low Intensity values -- ?
  39. Nixie tube: viable controls for lighting various filaments?
  40. Bullet FiberFx /Use Bones - Help
  41. Modeling arbitrary grooves around hatches, engine hoods, etc ?
  42. How the heck do I roll a marble around on a floor?
  43. TrueArt LightWave 3D Tutorial How To Distort Textures 1 Full HD video
  44. A challenge for all you node gurus...
  45. Tips: Menu optimization: Selection Tab
  46. Simple Fast MuscleFX
  47. How does one make those popular reAlly clean white walls?
  48. Reorder point IDs along spline?
  49. [Video Tutorial]- Creating Holes in a SubD Mesh
  50. Why does bones not influence the mesh?
  51. Expressions - Smooth Clamp?
  52. webcam input, possible?
  53. Tendons and ligaments setup....?
  54. Revealing an object using a cloth. Alternative method.
  55. How-To Question
  56. Workaround for large Genoma rigs crashing Layout in OS X
  57. Cheetahs
  58. Tips?: Drawing meter faces, the scale in particular
  59. Save a Morph target as an object?
  60. Free Video: Fuzzy Edges in LightWave 11.5
  61. Surface Emitter after Pose
  62. "goal" function in motion options
  63. Ghost best
  64. Radiosity cache for animation
  65. Deforming rigid objects with Bullet?
  66. simulate cylinder eats stones
  67. Cloning with Goals
  68. Have anyone worked with nDo and dDo for texturing with normal maps?
  69. Realistic Camera settings for space based object
  71. bullet breaking glass
  72. TrueArt LightWave 3D Tutorial Cross Spline Full HD video
  73. how to animate a spring
  74. help with a campfire
  75. Functions controlling Motion
  76. How to make a key (not the whole channel) follow a channel?
  77. having trouble beveling this dollar sign?
  78. No synchro in multi baked mdd's
  79. item doing abrupt 180 degrees turn...cannot understand reason
  80. Sofa detail
  81. HDR renders
  82. Pixie Dust/Glow on 11.5?
  83. animated chainmail scene.
  84. Wooden Toy Crank Rig with Source Files
  85. Question About Grouped Flocking
  86. Part move: how to get parts to rotate around a comon origin?
  87. breaking a bowling ball
  88. bone IK rotation data to graph editor
  89. Free Video: Lscript for non-programmers: Lscripts Made Simple with LS Commander
  90. Moving objects in Camera View in the X/Y
  91. Align to Path flips heading at end of animation
  92. Radiosity Exclusion
  93. Dope Editor defaults to Fractional Frames?
  94. Reason for inconsistency between object chains and bone chains with Item Node Motion?
  95. Export selected as scene....
  96. about motion buffers x/y vectors to AE
  97. Center on selected (bounding box)
  98. morph mixer eating up RAM
  99. Can LW do sand blowling against an object?
  100. 3d max to LW import
  101. Lightwave 3party - LWO 3DViewers
  102. Bend problem!!!
  103. Node color variation setup ?
  104. seeking general animation help
  105. Bat Catches Snake & Flies
  106. Refresh benchmark
  107. ceiling lights and flat panel lights
  108. Timing items from another scene
  109. Transfer Point Index to another mesh, possible?
  110. Letters blowing in the wind
  111. Instancing questions
  112. Adding a Surface to my points so I can see it
  113. Lightwave test - Modeler VPR
  114. DP MicroDisp
  115. AXYZ rigged People problem with export from 3DS MAX
  116. Movie Lights with HDR Textures
  117. Free Video: Procedural Fire Texure
  118. Tips for leaves falling_
  119. Node setup for instance density based on distance to camera
  120. Making the best distant sun settings questions
  121. What is the best setting for a high quality ipad 3d video?
  122. Making Saturn's rings without a whole lot of work
  123. Brickwork Bonding Patterns
  124. Indexing an image list in nodes
  125. Cloning issues
  126. Trying to get a ground to stay from projection
  127. How do I front project a camera with a ground texture stays when camera moves?
  128. Free Video: Compositing Buffer Export
  129. Glow colors on objects
  130. Fun with Node Item Motion and also Replace Spot (thanks Dpont)
  131. Procedurals not rendering on morphed object
  132. TrueArt LightWave 3D Tutorial IFF Sub-Chunk Limitation What Is All About?
  133. vector displacement map from zbrush how to integrate in node editor
  134. esp Export help
  135. Help with UV Mapping
  136. TrueArt LightWave 3D How To Show Catmull-Clark Sub-Patches Edge Weights Full HD video
  137. Smooth lines please
  138. Hung out bed sheet and wind
  139. saslite shadows??
  140. LW Instancer vs. DPInstancer
  141. Controling a Morph with a null.
  142. TrueArt LightWave 3D Tutorial How To Paint Instances In Photoshop Full HD video
  143. Dragon Tuts?
  144. Strange Lighting Artefacts?
  145. Still don't get the node based system, how to combine effects?
  146. Cloning problem
  147. Modelling veins
  148. Polygon Flow
  149. Layering in Texture editor
  150. Apply Multiple Weight Maps? Edit Multiple Values/Properties? Here's how.
  151. Getting Vector Displacement Maps from xNormal to Lightwave?
  152. LWCAD curve to PathtoMotion
  153. Never use default os x driver!
  154. Is there any way of setting the Limited region size in LW 11.5
  155. Free Video: LightWave3D 11.5 Bullet Deformer And Force Example
  156. Place mesh wonky?
  157. How to Get images 2D of 3D cubic
  158. Need recommendations for video size and render settings for ipad videos
  159. Lightwave Renders to Blender compositor.. Is it possible?
  160. Freebie simple scene setup several lightning triggered by null
  161. Boolean - I forgot
  162. Can I keep the "save avi" option set when I load a scene?
  163. Animating the number of instances. Am I missing something?
  164. Rendering Instances!
  165. render separate objects
  166. how to model from angled reference photo?
  167. Bullet objects hanging in mid-air when supporting object is shrunk!
  168. "Animating" Animated Wind Paths...
  169. dialetric material, still need to render air?
  170. Make some particles take a detour after being obstructed?
  171. Couple newbie questions (Corona, Trek type glow, Luxigons)
  172. Instances in Lightwave11.5 and Carbon Scatter
  173. Combining UV maps
  174. Mapping a procedural texture around my Interceptor model with subpatches...
  175. animating popping veins in body?
  176. Hi new to Lightwave
  177. Converting Motion Path to Object
  178. How to do UV Unwrapping mapping or sth of a cubic part of a ship?
  179. Baking Normal Maps
  180. Is there a way to see the whole Motion Path?
  181. Non-continuous overlapping surfaces
  182. A BIG ASK! - similar to Annoying Orange
  183. Retopology
  184. 9 different map types... help me understand how to apply them in LW
  185. NPR in LW
  186. conveyer belt & bullet
  187. Lines between objects?
  188. How to manage an Outdoor video shot in the woods with 3D characters.
  189. Dielectric in a bottle....
  190. Mixing vertex maps to control surfaces
  191. VideoTutorial: Global shading overrides
  192. TrueArt LightWave 3D PlugIn Trace Spline
  193. Flip UVs node in Layout?
  194. Mixing Gradients for displacement
  195. Inertia effect with nodes
  196. Free Video: Making a Honeycomb Grid with Instances in LW11.5
  197. TrueArt LightWave 3D Tutorial How To Make Digital Counter Full HD video
  198. Nodes, recommend a Shader for recycled paper?
  199. Text problem...
  200. LW Modeler Point Mode Question
  201. house building
  202. Organica revisited with heat shrink
  203. Working Faster with Lightwave
  204. Nodal springy overshoot (single channel) setup, with damping gradient
  205. Raycast discussion (continued)
  206. Can I "shrinkwrap" to an imported STL?
  207. Non-realistic flat polygon shading.
  208. Issue with depth of field 11.5
  209. Creating Hair
  210. Extruding a poly/shape along edges... noob question
  211. 3D Printing Lightwave To Shapeways Tips?
  212. Working in Scale or scaling up?
  213. make circle from points
  214. How would you unwrap this?
  215. Using Node Editor to make UV map and image to control Bump Scaling
  216. Aligning instances to point at object centre, but with random H rotation
  217. Pack UV in LW11.6?
  218. how to create an ocean or pool of water
  219. Stretch Tool behavior
  220. Noisy Render using Area Lights in LW 11.5
  221. Can someone give me some tips on how to render out fast Fiberfx with anti aliasing?
  222. object floating on water... Like water buoy.
  223. Searching Grouping tool for Polygons
  224. Subpatch vs. Catmull Clark
  225. Chain Tentacle solutions
  226. Studio Lighting Effect
  227. Pouring liquid from a cup
  228. tutorial basic how to make powder
  229. Thinning Tool? (Thicken Tool In Reverse)
  230. Material-node and alpha masks.
  231. Bones Weirdly Swapped from Character
  232. GI Problem
  233. Dome lights
  234. shift+A in layout?
  235. VideoTutorial: Compositing in LW - Lenseffects
  236. Advanced Boat Rig for LW11.6 - Tutorial on the way (if needed ;) )
  237. A decent Mirror ball
  238. TrueArt LightWave 3D Tutorial How To Control Light By Null Full HD video
  239. Bone weight maps not working
  240. My Object Suddenly became Read-Only
  241. Deleting points or edges without destruction?
  242. Wing Motion delay
  243. Free Video: Glowy Blobby Wobbly Edges
  244. MODELER 11.6 - Model Construction Issue
  245. Spline control tool problem
  246. Tinted glass with colored liquid inside.
  247. TrueArt LightWave 3D PlugIn Cascade Parent Full HD video
  248. Modeler Tool to Convert pairs of 3 point polys to Quads?
  249. Snake Pushes Sand Around
  250. Rolling a Box