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  1. First post
  2. LW Rigs for download
  3. Quick character setup tips
  4. Endorphin and mocap import
  5. Here goes my attempt at a short film
  6. Walk cycle tutorial
  7. request for criticism
  8. Character animation samples
  9. Ralph Bakshi: Surviving In Tough Times
  10. My animation sketchbook
  11. run cycles
  12. Animation mentor assignment
  13. Rigging + FBX export - anticipating problems
  14. stretch ik system like !
  15. tutorial rig
  16. need c & c on short animation
  17. Importing fbx files
  18. The Jimmy Rigger
  19. Boning multiple layers with 1 rig...
  20. [ Quick Question About Rendering ]
  21. Mixing Mocap with an IK setup?
  22. Applying FBX
  23. How to stop bones going a fraction past the IK goals?
  24. some technical questions
  25. Cant aling bone pitch as I need :(
  26. bone goal help
  27. is there a tutorial for this one?
  28. How do you get realistic looking joints on a character
  29. Multiple animated characters
  30. how do i...
  31. Can LW store amd mix motion clips?
  32. Walks
  33. Rigging questions
  34. Custom Character Picker v.1.9 and Lightwave 9.6
  35. Animation Pipeline Messiah to Lightwave, Maya and XSI!
  36. Can I get some feedback on a Octo rig?
  37. Throw away object ?
  38. Animation path deforming
  39. A dpoe sheet question
  40. It is possible to stretch an animation with dope track?
  41. Motionmixer
  42. Fun with IKBooster in 9.6
  43. Lip sync and facial animation software shoot out
  44. Follower motion modifier
  45. 2 Leg Bot (fun with Rebel Hill's rig training)
  46. Hypervoxels Showing Through Fog
  47. Scene Setup & Compositing Question
  48. Eyebrow muscle by joint deformation
  49. Deactivating Controls Move, Rotate and Stretch
  50. help with this annoying IK thing that always screws me up.
  51. Character deformation
  52. Spider walk - help!
  53. Pipeline export mocap data from Autodesk Motionbuilder 2010 to Lightwave 9.6
  54. Motionbuilder facial shapes to work in LW 9.6
  55. Some plugins
  56. Reverse Foot Rig with Joints tutorial question
  57. Adam RIG- FREE.
  58. Creating plasma
  59. Trying to simplifly fingers rig.
  60. Freebie Rig and char by me
  61. absolute morphs
  62. Maestro vs IK Boost?
  63. Joints & Limited Range
  64. Need help with a 3-joint IK leg setup
  65. Joints and Bones - Some Questions
  66. Zign Track 2 is out
  67. A little test: Muscle soft to rigid rig in LW.
  68. hi all neend help plz plz
  69. Rigging Tips and Tricks?...
  70. Animation with IK boosters
  71. Render Passes ?
  72. partial loop?
  73. Character Shape
  74. Domino effect on Characters?
  75. rigging in LW - selection issues
  76. plug-ins that work in Graph Editor
  77. rigging, the jurney begins
  78. sticks
  79. Free Rig-Adam Update
  80. IKBoost Limits keep defaulting!
  81. Cartoony and stuff. Does this look good?
  82. How to: Stretchy Limbs
  83. ianimate.net - new online character animation school
  84. Probly another simple problem...
  85. Character root/COG
  86. mass assignment of WMaps using NSE
  87. lengthen entire animation?
  88. Rigging In Layers
  89. FREE RIG-Alien Emissary
  90. Start walkinŽ
  91. Eyelids
  92. Need help with IK Boost
  93. rigging problems
  94. TA Normalize Bone Weights -tried it?
  95. Convert Joints to Bones??
  96. Using motionblur and squash&stretch?
  97. Modeling
  98. Happy Halloween from Truebones! Get your Free Halloween Black Cat BVH motion files
  99. RHiggit lite
  100. Help Rigging and Animating Belts, Coats, and other Advanced Wardrobe items.
  101. Free models: DIDO, WALKER and TAILOR
  102. Joints or bones?
  103. AutomatonZ -works well - need clues
  104. Thousands of motions for Lightwave users in the T.O.M.B. "The Online Motion Box"
  105. IKBoost/Rhiggit Pro/Maestro vs MotionBuilder?
  106. A nice facial animation rig
  107. Animation span control.
  108. Perfect joint morphs in LW solved, but a bit painful.
  109. Get the new FREE motions demo from Truebones.com
  110. swap rigs and retain animation?
  111. Advice
  112. Mocap in LW - how to best use with existing rigs?
  113. IKBoost and bones on an organic model...
  114. Weight maps not working.
  115. Rope animation...
  116. FFX: collision
  117. How to make the skeleton move with my mesh?
  118. Automatron Character Animation System being released free
  119. 14 Actors Acting
  120. kite flying
  121. handling shoulder deformations...
  122. Repeating a walk cycle...
  123. Noobacious issue with rigging
  124. Transferring usable weights to other applications (Motion Builder and Animeeple)
  125. Static Key Deletion
  126. Interactive Key Framing
  127. rigging
  128. Weight Percentages Shown
  129. Dare to Share Messiah for 10 bucks
  130. IK for a "Swing Head" Problems Help
  131. modeling eyelids, sockets
  132. "d'oh!" moment coming on
  133. Child Bones: draw 1st one offset?
  134. Modifying BVH mocap rigs to fit character... Help!
  135. Draw Bones: specific orientation
  136. Necklace
  137. "Bart Simpson" hair
  138. Animstreet Animation Database
  139. CA tutes
  140. Custom object shapes/"Shapes" or LWO's?
  141. Weight Paint Tool in Layout
  142. Ship wake with HotOcean
  143. Eyes: boolean surfaces
  144. Character design resource
  145. Joystick to MC Link issue
  146. Lightwave Modeler morphs to Messiah
  147. What a model sheet should be
  148. Animate Elmer Fudd's eye (no eyelid shows when completely open)?
  149. animate Elmer Fudd's mouth to talk and sing?
  150. iAnimate.net Promo video
  151. can Mudbox morphs be used in Lightwave?
  152. Animating with spline control?
  153. Combining cyclist animations..
  154. animating a character
  155. Undo in scene editor?
  156. Pitch vs Heading? just wondering
  157. How to override Follower?
  158. Buy iPiSoft Animation Mocap Studio and get the T.O.M.B. FREE
  159. advice and tutes for a potential job..
  160. Done: Muscle and bone deforming flesh in LW
  161. Updated howto for IK?
  162. Rigging Gurus-- How Was This Done???
  163. IK Baking: Baking Match Goal Orientation bones
  164. bvh files with IK Boost or Motion Mixer
  165. T-Pose or Relaxed Pose?
  166. DAZ 3D Victoria
  167. SpiderBait Rig - FREE CONTENT
  168. Character aimation and Cloth FX
  169. IK/FK without sliders, how?
  170. Turn weightmap on & off
  171. About skelegons
  172. IK_FK blending problem
  173. Springy Bones
  174. mocap and ikboost pipeline
  175. Twisting Toe
  176. Rigging Training.. stuff..
  177. 10 vs 10.1 BVH Import
  178. How do I add multiple mocap files?
  179. What are the advantages or disadvantages of mdd
  180. Pole items on a zeroed out mocap joints rig
  181. Switching between stepped and tcb
  182. MoCap_BVH_Setup versus Mocap Skelegons
  183. Testing a rig?
  184. Skelegons and weight maps :S
  185. Medusa head with snakes, rigging technique...!!
  186. Rigging prob & help w/flight simulation...
  187. Gimbal Lock :(
  188. sand sculpture morph??
  189. Hyper Voxel project...need help
  190. Face Robot (Softimage XSI 2012) to Lightwave
  191. Spline control animation not saving
  192. Lip Syncing with Images
  193. titleless rig & animations test
  194. Rigging: Revealed
  195. Rigs for different meshs & using motion files
  196. Editing mocap within LW (v11)
  197. Bones to skelegons
  198. Rigging wings
  199. Whats your workflow for animating characters?
  200. MDD with Displacement Video
  201. Need help trying to transform characters
  202. Rigging Revealed
  203. From Map To Island
  204. Weights not working properly
  205. Animating a robot. Bones or hierarchies?
  206. IKB and IK combined... different hierarchies
  207. Selecting and Keyframing every null at once?
  208. dress animation for girl rig
  209. Reset coords of a IK goal, bone
  210. Joint Compensation Busted?
  211. Follower or Item rotation
  212. Jimmy rig with connect
  213. 9.6 to 11 morphs not working (controlled by nulls)
  214. Particles for flocking birds
  215. Hands constrained to a handlebar?
  216. Forearm Twist - Advice, please
  217. "Draw Child Bones" - can't get proper orientation.
  218. Joint Mover Tool: error alert makes no sense
  219. Character orientation: +Z or -Z?
  220. Bone size matching Goal scale?
  221. IK-FK testing. Foot issue
  222. Goal objects not moving w/parent?
  223. How to sync audio + background + animation during playback?
  224. load items from... Masterchannel error
  225. Strips smooth bending needed
  226. tcb vs bezier
  227. Cardboard box anim problem
  228. Finger Flipping Good
  229. switching from ik to fk
  230. Quest for the Ultimate IK Hand Rig
  231. Record Pivot Rotation issue
  232. lip vibration -- growl
  233. Using Rhiggit with Maestro
  234. Issue with animating page turn
  235. Custom object remembering t/y/h and channels in Graph Editor?
  236. How to keep track of key poses per character?
  237. Carry an object with two hands
  238. ideas on juice box?
  239. animating to music
  240. Seeking Facial Animation tips
  241. Ideas for fleshy eyes with nodes?
  242. Face rig and Hand rig
  243. Mite Animation
  244. How would you animated a coat on a character?
  245. Project Messiah?
  246. Moving Entire Animation
  247. How to rig a muscle?
  248. How to reverse an animation?
  249. Looking for decent Lypsych solution
  250. Advice required for Unique Cartoon Facial Animation approach