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  1. FReq: using color more in the UI: LWM Layers Panel, and export to Layout
  2. UI design and direction: eliminating menus AMAP: Menu jihad
  3. FReq: Adobe-style incrementing numeric fields, esp. for integers
  4. FReq: Smarter Disk (Cylinder) tool
  5. LW Object Tracking
  6. Convenience Feature!: Match Size to Background: easy script!
  7. Make Menu editor hotkeys toggle: i.e. both Open/Close
  8. Better: Cylinder creation tools
  9. Motion via displacement: would this be useful? : motion path as displacement
  10. FReq: LWM: "Never SubD" viewing mode
  11. FeatureReq: LWM Background file default path change
  12. LWM-- embed Background image path/names in LWO, optional on Load
  13. FR: Save a click: have SEARCH BOX already selected when EDIT MENUS/EDIT KEYS pops up
  14. "Edge Selection Sets" - make any sense?/ FReq: EDGE SETS
  15. Compiled list of redundant keypresses that should be eliminated
  16. FeatureReq: Full size/screen size "image view" vuport in LWM
  17. Jump to Translate/Rotate/Scale that isn't locked.
  18. Leading zeros for clones, Scene Editor consideration
  19. Change "New [shape] Object" label to exclude "New"/ Clutter reduction
  20. FReq: auto-removal from ADDITIONAL menu
  21. FReq: Node Editor Resizable ..... Please
  22. FReq: "Weight Tool" -- default menu name, WTF?
  23. Lightwave to Blender official support Request. To: Rob Powers and LW developers:
  24. Improved BOX Tool/ making the Radius function better/ default guessing
  25. LWM: Naming layers without switching to them
  26. INFO window UV coordinates updating / reducing pointless labor
  27. TEENSY thing: the "v" in the version number
  28. Script: QUAD-ifying Ball poles
  29. "Untangle" /Circlify for _POINTS_ , aka LOOP>Circle
  30. doh
  31. Camera vs Perspective
  32. FReq: individual icon size controls for Joints vs. Bones
  33. Graph Editor: "Filter Static Envelopes" - not really? / suggested revision
  34. Another null Custom Item Shape: "Bullseye"
  35. Better fluids in lightwave 3D
  37. UI customizations for HD Monitor
  38. FeatureReq: Layout: new viewing mode= "decimated vertex mode"
  39. FReq: enhancements to the Key and Menu editor / simple add
  40. FReq: LWM: Viewing selected in SYMMETRY MODE
  41. FReq: Layout: "Item Manager" enhancements / LHF / four suggestions
  42. Cloning, in general: conveniences / e.g. "Clone To Layers"
  43. Save Edge Selection for UV Mapping with the ABF UV Unwrap Tool
  44. Polygon islands
  45. FReq: "Center By Background" / Lscript-Python doable
  46. Custom mouse controls
  47. Load Items From Scene: use Selection Sets
  48. LWM: Perspective vuport axis labels: make always visible
  49. UNpatchable tags: (reposted)
  50. Consistent indication of multiple items selected / user confidence/ Matt alert!
  51. SVG support
  52. FReq: Node Editor FAVORITES category in Node List / shareable 'Node kits'
  53. LWM: Better CONE tool: activate 'Segments' when cone is flat/ +
  54. Free Houdini Engine
  55. LWM Perspective vuport: refinements, LHF
  56. Better aproach to new users.
  57. Mass delete maps
  58. Snap To feature for tool panels
  59. Better access to Selections/ possible implementatiion?
  60. Genoma Preset for Unreal
  61. Nodes more like Modeler
  62. FReq: Menu Editor enhancement: making FIND faster
  63. Converting Gradient nodes to CURVE nodes, automagically
  64. Disable Envelope Toggle
  65. Feature request for Load From Scene GUI
  66. texture falloff in modeler-normal displacement
  67. Instancin target item rotation
  68. FiberFX Modeler Tools in Layout
  69. 2016 LHF workflow enhancements: _easily_ implemented workflow enhancements
  70. LWM: auto-turn off visibility on unnamed layers? LAYER NAMING/VISIBILITY UTILITY.
  71. FReq: Edit Plugins Editor: sorting by path (+other)
  72. SketchUp Importer needed
  73. FReq: Nodes: Weight Map Node
  74. Image Sequence Node with frame/start time access
  75. FReq: Layout "file altered" alert asterisk // LHF division
  76. Workflow: Modeler: primitives default to ON -- intelligent scaling to viewports
  77. NEW SCENE EDITOR little tools that helps
  78. Progressive aspect to bullit parts breaking up.
  79. Headlight feature plus?
  80. Suggested improvement to image loading
  81. FReq: labeling of 'Joints' in Scene Editor: worthwhile? easy, little change
  82. Layout - indication of multiple items selected
  83. Is this the smallest feature request ever?!!!
  84. Stealing ideas from Blender: "Fly Mode"/ camera as FPS player
  85. wind forces..old system Improvements-rotational wind with envelope for spiral amount?
  86. Overhead involved in "Automatic selection sets" -- estimate?
  87. FReq: easy 3d localization of audio straight outta LW : hot VR field
  88. Reducing clicks: the darn LWM Layers panel / mandatory stupid clicks
  89. "RESET ALL" -- why is it limited to objects, bones, and lights?
  90. FReq: nodal color: more direct access to color picker -- Fewer Clicks Initiative
  91. FReq: new Instancing parameter: Radial Array rotation
  92. Generalized "every other loop" script
  93. Building the better Null, continued
  94. "Speaker" objects in Blender.... yoicks!
  95. DESIGN: default text entries for obscure/inconspicuous text fields
  96. FReq: Layout display open splines as >open< splines
  97. FReq: Weight map visualization for 2 point polychains?
  98. Modeler Layout View - Next Frame, Prev Frame
  99. LW and Astropad?
  100. 3d print bug lightwave 2015 stl export
  101. Small label change in Gradient nodes
  102. Extra functions to select points or polygons.
  103. Rigged human figures in "NEXT " Lightwave!.
  104. screamernet like Vue had in 2006
  105. Plagiarizing good features from C4D: Selection and Selection Sets
  106. LW Next: workflow changes
  107. 3dprint format 3mf
  108. Sliders from the 2100 century please!
  109. FReq: draggable numeric value fields, everywhere
  110. Feature Suggestion: Save physics data with the scene file.
  111. Fun features ?.
  112. PLEASE enable multi-select in "Edit Plugins" panel (at least for delete)!!!
  113. IGES Import
  114. Select Similar in Modeler
  115. Object- and/or surface-level control over OpenGL display attributes
  116. Node Editor: 4x4 Matrix data type and Matrix nodes.
  117. Modeler: Option to Auto-Show/Hide the tool (aka Numeric) panel on tool activate/drop
  118. Auto-selection sets: revisited, improved
  119. Rigging enhancements
  120. Presets window search function?.
  121. OpencolorIO Native Support
  122. Cache and Temp dir with SSD disk
  123. Akeytsu
  124. Defaults: NO motion, NO Layer visibility / Less junk, less work
  125. C4D: sphere type envy
  126. substance live link in lw next
  127. FReq: Play button TOGGLE/Play hotkey TOGGLE
  128. Project Chrono Fluids/Dynamics 4LWG
  129. content management system?
  130. FReq: easy tool defaults (plagiarism)/ poorly chosen defaults
  131. FReq: (plagiarism) "Select Phong Break" / alt selection mode
  132. FReq: save a group of objects to reload (modeler)
  133. render passes and layers : easy viewing
  134. Multi Knife.
  135. LW 2018+ ... Feature requests
  136. lwo3 importer -> open source
  137. Problem with making a feature request
  138. drag n drop images into node editor
  139. object presets - seashell, screw, spring, braid, weave, fabric..
  140. transform gizmos and the snapping features
  141. Distant Light: removing the relation between Angle value and Specular Reflection size
  142. material render outputs missing in vpr/buffers
  143. layout instancer for filling a volume with objects
  144. "Load Surface" dialog - automatic PITA// user definable training wheels / discussion?
  145. LHF: LWM2018: Default state of Object in Layer's Panel? / speedbump removal
  146. Right-Click to Highlight Texture
  147. FReq: saving empty LWOs /consistency in ghosting options/ another speed bump
  148. Nrc (2018)
  149. FReq: "Project Has Been Changed" indicator asterisk in Layout, with nuance
  150. Expanding parametric object options in layout
  151. FReq: item name parsing node -- useful?
  152. FReq: LWM numeric panel default to ACTIVATE / devolve to buttons
  153. LWM Layers Panel foreground click behavior
  154. FReq: LWM default Perspective view camera location
  155. SAVE COPY in LWM, w/no impact on Content Folder searching
  156. FReq: Fixing content directory 'system' / "Revert to Content Paths" button
  157. FReq: Add swatches to Modeler original Surface dialog
  158. TRANSFORM actions while using Symmetry - discussion? Which is better?
  159. Bug/Freq: point IMPORT function at Content Directory
  160. FReq: Add motion constraint key to Transform tool / UI consistancy
  161. Layers Panel: "SHOW ALL ENABLED LAYERS" button / "Layer Sets"
  162. FReq: Cylinder constraint in orthographic viewports: don't affect length
  163. Auto-activate SEARCH BOX in Menu and Hotkey editor /another click save
  164. FReq: method for retaining currently unused bitmaps in LWM/ Reference images
  165. Freq: Selection Sets , stealing from C4d / "rolling" selection sets, aka "history"
  166. Plagiarizing from competitors: c4d "regular grid" option/ gridiffying geometry
  167. FReq: EDGE (only) COLORS
  168. LightWave GPU
  169. SubPatch to Nurbs Export as Cad Splines IGES | Step etc
  170. Particle Engine to Interact with LW Instances
  171. Videos Inside of Lightwave Render Engine
  172. 2015 renderer for 2018
  173. More preset for...
  174. shear tool - 45 window frame
  175. Hair shader
  176. Unreal Engine Bridge Sync like in Modo
  177. NEW Lightwave Interface like ChronoSculpt
  178. Flip Fluids Addon for Lightwave
  179. 3D Interface for Lightwave
  180. 2018 FiberFX - better Antialiasing
  181. Render Ouput from Last Frame to First Frame
  182. Modo LXO format read/write support
  183. please delete all beveling plugin from modeler, are a waste of time...
  184. Newtek This Guy Worked on Houdini SDK C++ Python etc
  185. Wind Emitter Upgrade
  186. GPU Solver for Native LW Particle System
  187. Modifiable Pie Menu ala MODO
  188. Swiping from C4d: The Correction Deformer
  189. Modeler export layers to FBX
  190. BRAW input/output file format
  191. MetaMorphic - Bone Rotation
  192. Faster Fur render - hints
  193. picture viewer with full metadata and autosave
  194. f-Stop Indicators
  195. Send active layers to Layout
  196. FiberFX - defer FiberFX updates until render
  197. MESHmachine - Offset Cut
  198. Chamfer / Bevel / Rounder
  199. Roof Bevel - Code 4 u
  200. alphabet please
  201. Drop-down image onto Node Editor
  202. Detect drop-down of file(s) by nodes.
  203. Drop-down of MDD file onto Node Editor
  204. We need a sunsky sunmotion modifier for sunlight-Lensflare issues.
  205. Simulating Grains of Sand, Now 6 Times Faster
  206. LW 2019 Surface ID Buffer
  207. Could we have chamfer working in volume mode, or implement a proper box selection.
  208. Show distance moved using Axis Translate
  209. The Hub
  210. Add Displace surface button and acess within the shape primitiv UI panel
  211. Cycles for LightWave
  212. AMD PRO RENDER - Lightwave native plug-in
  213. Please, oh please, let VirtualStudio be bi-directional properly...
  214. USD implementation
  215. GPU support - Rendering
  216. Recover what was broken from 2015, sprites and point distributed volumetrics.
  217. Add OpenVDB in LW SDK programming to support Third pary 3D Rendering