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  1. Couple of minor LW to AE, AE to LW feature requests
  2. Show full path of loaded images in a copyable field in Image Editor.
  3. Pixie Dust/Glow on 11.5? and Flocking/Instancing.
  4. Distance for Radiosity -Volumetric, & Exclusion of lights from radiosity calculation.
  5. The limited region can only...
  6. Option for trackball rotation in Layout
  7. Embedding One Scene Inside Another
  8. Edge smoothing
  9. Clone Hierarchy Bug Fix
  10. Smoothing groups in lightwave for game models
  11. Polygon reduction with UV integrity
  12. Edit Sliders button on Sliders
  13. Fullscreen
  14. Let Lightwave nodes be as powerful as XSI Ice !
  15. VPR render presets!
  16. Displacement Maps in modeler with ability too freeze displaced sub-ds and CCs
  17. Default directory preferences
  18. Improvements for the efficiency of Adaptive AA in LW 11.x +
  19. Radial selection
  20. Recursive Instancing
  21. Instancing external library
  22. Request: Bullet driven cars...
  23. Folder tree for maps in scene
  24. naming in lightwave
  25. Request: Bullet to react to scaled items.
  26. VPR Image Options (path) per scene + screendump keyboard shortcut
  27. grouping of objects in modeler
  28. Instance at intervals along along a curve / spline / poly chain
  29. We need zoom on the timeline!!!:mad:
  30. raytrace selection
  31. Drop Tool + Deselect All (well selections in general)
  32. UV unwrap "Tool"
  33. Flick Panning a la Photoshop
  34. Fabric Engine integration please!
  35. transport controls inside graph editor interface
  36. useable mid level renders
  37. Give us the old EditFX for Bullet and Flocking
  38. LW 11.7 wishlist
  39. Tweak tool-include size and multi selections
  40. imported video - read AVCHD
  41. Adaptive sampling control per surface?
  42. Weird things in MDD Multi-Loader
  43. 3D scene data interchange with Apple Motion
  44. Pie Menus
  45. Spiderweb Shatter
  46. TAFA integration and animation in layers please
  47. Render Overlay Options
  48. Future Wishlist
  49. Add ability to insert multiple audio clips
  50. Graph Editor Create Key: Incoming Curve
  51. Could we have a user definable interface font?
  52. Make compounds to work like referenced Functions.
  53. Not so much a feature request, When will they fix...
  54. improved stereo camera and background control
  55. Error Trapping
  56. Sculpting, and why it is important not only for character work
  57. Persistent Selection Sets
  58. Flocking FReq: attractor pointer null -- introducing "The Swarmer"© /network?
  59. Version Saving
  60. Better OpenGL !? using the free Nebula3 Engine ! Possible ?
  61. Delete Key Dialogue: Make it work for a range of frames
  62. FReqs:Node Editor: new Node - spatial offset in node editor, plus "Show native name"
  63. Node poll: Search box: please make "all selected" the default interaction/speed bump
  64. TITLE Bars: put more info in there--low hanging fruit, quit ignoring free real estate
  65. Floating Dialogs: Move / Resize with Shortcuts
  66. Keyboard Shortcut/ options for node editor updating when selecting materials.
  67. Edit effector points
  68. Transparency to Clip map
  69. Configurable panel node
  70. Lightwave to CSS
  71. Interactive Gradual or Tapered Keyframe Scaling
  72. friendly UVW map
  73. VPR checkbox for saving VPR images with scenefile name?
  74. Make the scene editor toggle open or closed when you press the scene editor hot key
  75. World Displacement on Instances
  76. Instance Generator - Spherical!
  77. New Modeler tools should remember their settings.
  78. Future Wishlist
  79. Instance Generator - spline separation jitter
  80. freq: Toggle 'independent zoom' setting for all vuports simultaneously-- via script?
  81. toroid, worst primitive tool, please immediate improve basics of this tool.
  82. FReq; more & better Symmetry options/ esp VERTICAL SYMMETRY
  83. FReq: "Disk" or "Cylinder" geometry primitives in Layout/Modeler Tools tab
  84. Truning on/off Instancer for selected nulls globally
  85. 2 enhancement requests for place mesh
  86. render object mask
  87. Native lightgroups and adding it to compositing buffer export
  88. Perpendicular Key & Viewport
  89. Making curves look natural
  90. Adding new items - workflow.
  91. No more keyframing!
  92. Color picker interactive updating
  93. Modeler “Merge Points” Feature Request
  94. “Tension Node” Feature Request
  95. The Configure Menus Tree
  96. Feedback to LW3DG - past six months with LW 11.5 & 11.6
  97. Rename multiple selected surfaces in the Surface Editor...
  98. LightWave CAD Loader like Modo's...
  99. FtrReq: Flocking: relevant Mesh names in Director panel title bar, please: clarity
  100. Additional Options for Modeler Backdrop images
  101. Spine Control feature request: Absolute mode
  102. Enable Instance Info - Index ID for nodal access in clipmaps...
  103. Alembic Importer should support multiple Material Zones per Object.
  104. Prevent Sleep While Rendering
  105. Node editor - Feature request
  106. Node editor Navigator - Feature Request
  107. Save multiple objects as transformed...
  108. create "pipe" in modeler.
  109. UV assignment: order of creation-- is it just me?
  110. nodes,spline rubberband connection,Fix AA
  111. Show image paths in the image editor
  112. Windows 8.1 and going forward: program file descriptions!
  113. Lightwave's Sliders!!
  114. Here's A Radical Idea
  115. Router to keep settings
  116. Passive FPR 3D stereo
  117. real time array tool
  118. Paint tools for mesh,instance distribution in layout.
  119. I'm sure this has been done over and again but.....
  120. Unification of Terminology
  121. ShadowCatcher with DOF
  122. Convert Polygons to Hair Guides
  123. Expanded Motion Blur options Request
  124. Load item from scene - frame range parameter
  125. Modeler - Backdrop image/Backdrop layer tools
  126. Make animation preview settings - retain the settings for every lws file and session
  127. FBX export to include vertex normal maps
  128. Tool evolvement/improvement for modeller
  129. Marquee select in modeler
  130. Spring cleaning: making alpha handling consistant
  131. Bullet with 'plasticity' and history
  132. Sorting in image editor
  133. Loading audio: make it not reset start time
  134. Text Tools in Layout
  135. Toggle for Render Status Window
  136. Lightwave 12?. Amateur user
  137. Real Camera GoPro setting?
  138. Pause a render, inspect the image, continue or finish the render
  139. Symmetry X, Y and Z
  140. Please please please update configure menus/keys search function
  141. plug and play settings and presets, espiciely for moving vehicles.
  142. SphereFade node for Lightwave
  143. Autofilll search for bone names and null in the Bone Motion properties.
  144. Presets for export to other popular 3D software programns
  145. Move Path Tool: FReqs, enhancements
  146. Compositing buffer export still broken
  147. Small increment rotation in Modeler (Will this dream ever come true?)
  148. RESET buttons on EVERY tool
  149. Visualization of "T" texture input on meshes
  150. Workflow: color dialog, improvements
  151. mocap retargetting enhancement
  152. Small Annoying Things: Please add a vertical scrollbar to the Numeric panel
  153. FogBugzd: NSE camera clearing
  154. Bake instances
  155. Toggling Faces/SubPatches in any modes
  156. Instances random animation
  157. 'No to all' load option in modeller.
  158. Fixes to the Alembic exporter
  159. Speedbumps: Node editor destination beginning location: quit making me mouse, LW3dG!
  160. FReq: multi-select keys in Gradient Nodes
  161. Req.: OpenVDB Node
  162. FReq: Menu and Hotkey editor search box : improving Search, low hanging fruit
  163. FReq: "Curve to Spline AS BONES" , enhancement to "Curve To Spline" script
  164. Screamernet Setup
  165. FReq: "Add Null" enhancements, and META enhancements
  166. FReq: SEARCH functions in EDIT PLUGINS panel
  167. It keeps (not) coming up: Panel invocation keys should toggle AND bringToFront
  168. Feature Request: Display layer name, not Object filename option
  169. Muscle Plugin - Feature request :)
  170. Place Mesh Templates would be pretty cool
  171. AE goes 'backwards', implements LW style keyframing.... / static elements, please
  172. Instance Generator as super quick replacement for Relativity/Dr Follower
  173. Edit multiple objects Motion Modifers in Scene Editor (Follower etc.)
  174. Viewport support for Octane surfaced models
  175. Ability to Set a New Default Smoothing Angle
  176. Lightwave idea - Silo 3D Tools
  177. Node Editor Improvements: Compound Node. Constant Nodes. Comment Node
  178. LIGHTWAVE 11.7(??) FEATURE REQUEST some easy some a bit more complicated
  179. UV Tools
  180. Feaure Request-Nodal Control Panel
  181. FBX importer option (ignore all errors)
  182. Convert Layers to Nodes.
  183. Camera and Render output request
  184. FReq: HEXAGONAL PLANE Tool? WOuld that be handy?
  185. FReq: "Show & Select Merge Candidates"
  186. Create Group - Pivot Position option etc.
  187. Modeler - Copy/pasting an uv'd object without errors?
  188. Fix RenderQ
  189. Pervasive weakness, illustrated
  190. FReq: LWM: Selection AS IF in Wireframe view mode
  191. FReq: LWM: add swatches to "Change Surface" dialog
  192. FReq: integrate PLAY and STOP buttons
  193. Boolean Data Type and Comparison and Logic Gates nodes.
  194. LW11.7: LWM: Layer Panel, object defaults to "expanded"
  195. FReq: globally replace Numeric panel "Reset" menu with g.d. Reset button
  196. Modest Request: Weight Map view in Layout
  197. FReq: Aliases for Objects (+all items)// akin to AE 'layer names'/ TAGGING/ discuss!
  198. 11.7 modest (and easy!) UI improvement / LWM Stats panel/ discoverability
  199. FReq(s): LS Commander / PYTHON Commander! / TWO FReqs
  200. Gradient Node Bug. Color Space Conversion. Mixing Colors
  201. IKB enhancements.... that can ACTUALLY get completed
  202. Skelegons inheriting weight values from Spline/Polygon
  203. Pop-Up Tool Tip
  204. LHF: Modest FReq: make LWM Display Options a 'panel'
  205. FReq: saving LWM backdrop files
  206. FReq: LWM Display Panel: "apply to all viewports" button
  207. FReq: "Incremental Visibility" -- growing visible polys //New visibility/hiding
  208. Certain UI elements should always include a SET of features.... dev management
  209. Amodality for 'Skelegon Tree' Panel
  210. New Selection modes: "loop equivalent" selection tools/ subset advances
  211. LWM: "Part" creation
  212. Create Null/Slider button for each texture attribute
  213. Updated real lens camera presets
  214. Edges-Loop expand and contract, contract needs to be possible after closed loop.
  215. Ensure modeling operation work across multiple selections
  216. Two Minor Requests
  217. LW 2015 - New surface clipmap feature ... visibility in modeler
  218. Two insanely minor interface requests
  219. Collada exporter doesn't append file extension
  220. Logo Button Fix
  221. Units
  222. FADE tool: changing the impact of the last operation applied
  223. Save vertex normals in the OBJ format from a models morph. Vertex normal editing!
  224. Tired of entering the same number THREE TIMES? Me too.
  225. FReq: Better "Build Null Object" dialog -- really, just one thing
  226. Tweaks: Flocking Panel (&others?) right-mouse-button functionality in list
  227. Text Node
  228. Water and Underwater Features
  229. Blur weightmaps batch
  230. OBJ export broken
  231. how to unlock a plugin
  232. Deformers: Auto Generate Handles Option
  233. Skip duplicate frames
  234. UI/UX guidelines document: 828 pages PDF //Improving the LW UI
  235. FReq: Distributed F9 renders
  236. a few modeller backdrops ideas
  237. LW SDK changes for particle modifiers, It is needed for particle advection/turbulence
  238. IK controller drifting - Case LWF-318
  239. Road maps of Lightwave3D?
  240. FReq: Custom Object plugin: "Clone Number"/"Item Name"
  241. VPR direct to After Effects live link
  242. FReq: Hiding polys stops SELECT CONNECTED operation
  243. FReq: Extend ITEM SHAPE functionality to all possible items
  244. Logo font list
  245. Tool Tip Pop-Ups
  246. Vector Texture Files
  247. GIZMO feature request: X-Ray visibility for Gizmos
  248. FReq: LWM: Weight Shade visibility in newer tools
  249. FReq: Surface Editor preview ball size-- Saved with Surface
  250. isolate Scene items (SceneEditor)