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  1. Different Camera = Different Image sequence
  2. Collada Exporter lacks normals
  3. Network render
  4. PFX to MDD and Tim "aurora" Dunn,
  5. Example of modeling tools you would like to see in LW.
  6. Additional export
  7. subpatched objects wireframe in layout just like modeler
  8. F9 Linear vs SRGB default setting
  9. option for rail extruding
  10. Open up Object Properties Settings with Envelope buttons
  11. misc modeling tool code - pdf formats
  12. modeler camera in Layout
  13. Onion skinning ( or ghosting ) in Layout.
  14. Image flip in image panel
  15. ADD Manipulator Handles Perpendicular to the view in Layout
  16. ADD Manipulator Handles Parallel to the view in Layout
  17. 2D Zoom in Layout
  18. Recently added plugins
  19. Envelope value display IN render
  20. Matte Object Tecture
  21. Replace selected object (in Layout) with active object/layer (in Modeler)
  22. Adaptive antialiasing (similar to APS)...
  23. Slide Point Along Curve and edge along two curves
  24. loading mp3 audio files
  25. LW10 Feature request - updated dithering options for linear workflow
  26. Here we go again...
  27. Render frame list
  28. Stress Map gradient types in Node Editor
  29. Simple Tracking
  30. point based rendering
  31. render preview
  32. MIDI Keyboard Control
  33. Copy items from layout into another layout
  34. VPR using Render SubPatch Level instead of Display SubPatch Level
  35. Skip existing frames
  36. This is long..... Overdue newtek!
  37. Hide bottom part of gui (timeline etc)
  38. Camera in modeler...?
  39. Smart Snap (or somesuch)
  40. sub d support for ngons
  41. Resource Collector
  42. Straightening UVs for tiling
  43. Dynamic's upgrade
  44. A gizmo to set the backdrop in modeler?
  45. Realtime Boolean
  46. advanced curved bones
  47. Manipulator anyone?
  48. Traffic Flow Simulation
  49. Micro-polygon displacement
  50. hire somebody who takes care of 3D party developers
  51. Official support for backburner
  52. PLEASE!!!!! Normals as OBJECT Property
  53. LWM Feature request: "Keep Selected Centered"
  54. Learn from StarCraft !
  55. ***more hypervoxel texture controls***
  56. Eye Chart tool
  57. Pixar Points(Rendering)
  58. MS Kinect - MoCap
  59. Efficient Modeler tool
  60. FFX guides
  61. Fluid, fire, smoke, and better voxel rendering
  62. Please improve Schematic view
  63. Layer Tool for Layout
  64. point clone plus for polygons.
  65. Feature Request for LW - plugin repository by Newtek.
  66. Project File format.
  67. Faster Animating
  68. Rest on ground for all active layers
  69. Speed Drill tool
  70. Automatically save 8bit formats as sRGB and 16/32bit as Linear
  71. Solo button
  72. bandsaw direction according to selection on single polygons
  73. New method to create tris
  74. Content files need documentation
  75. self documentation tool request
  76. ZBrush GoZ vector displacement
  77. Reset to Defaults button.
  78. Save instances as mesh.
  79. VPR functionality
  80. This will Be awesome in LW 12
  81. Panning speed should be scaled to zoom setting
  82. Interface improvement
  83. Path Tool - constrain axis
  84. Official support for backburner
  85. User-Defined Content Directories
  86. Frame interpolation
  87. Automatic foliage
  88. Fix Bezier Interpolation when stretched in Graph Editor
  89. Merge light-caches
  90. TrackIR support
  91. Maya nCache importer
  92. Spline light ?
  93. image viewer improvements
  94. What two things would you most like to see in LW 12?
  95. 5 "Easy" Steps to Improve LW
  96. How to make better LightWave gallery website
  97. Joint and Bones Rest pose Morphs
  98. Automatic Image Plane
  99. pan and zoom in the camera view
  100. More file formats support?
  101. 3DWorld Magazine's New Update interface
  102. Tool Operation Stop/Cancel
  103. sequence node (instead of gradient)
  104. Depth map shadows for lights
  105. Efficient elasticity for character skinning with contact and collisions
  106. AntiAliasing per object or instances
  107. More complete FPS conversion <<<
  108. Merge Points tweak
  109. Maya/Max navigation style and keyboard layouts
  110. Silly workflow suggestions
  111. Rounder, bevel , Multishift, smooth shift.....
  112. Mocap, retarget, layer animation
  113. Unseen by Radiosity as a Scalar or Percentage
  114. Alphabetical Presets
  115. Native Bucket Renderer
  116. Lattice!
  117. Bug: Texture Editor panel remains buried
  118. simple pass save
  119. remove backup file(s) default checked is bad
  120. windows always on top
  121. Dope track feature requests
  122. exr 2.0 suport
  123. Polygon info panel, select by surface
  124. Edit Keyboard shortcuts for the Node Editor
  125. All view types implemented as camera items and vice versa
  126. Node groups: Fitt's Law: biggest possible target/wasted space
  127. I would LOVE to be able to change my viewport navigation to be like modeler's.
  128. Quicktime as import and export files in LW 64bit
  129. Export (left/right) mouse button menu
  130. Incremental Save
  131. LWO Import Fix for PSHOP CS4 and newer!!!!
  132. presets for obj export/import
  133. make a decent bridge tool.
  134. FReq: loop mode ON/OFF switch : frame advance/retreat
  135. RenderStatus Window at 100% and render region overlay
  136. Market research - questionnaire
  137. Extend ROVE TOOL functionality to UV window
  138. Lightwave-motion link
  139. "Save" while the SE is focus
  140. We need something like this script but faster - Subd UV preparation
  141. disable nodes
  142. Camera Zoom Tool needs some attention
  143. Nodes: "discoverability" of renamed nodes?
  144. STILL? Modeler ignores own Content Directory setting
  145. Hypervoxels / Fluids / Physical sky
  146. Workflow: scalar nodes: auto-focus when dbl-clicked= less mousing: low-hanging fruit
  147. KB Shortcuts: Please add...
  148. copy/cut/paste edges
  149. Part Select in modeler
  150. Stereoscopic render left eye or right eye only option.
  151. create point and drag in one tool
  152. Apple-like Spotlight search for ALL functions in Layout & Modeler (ADD THIS TO 11.5)
  153. Layer groups
  154. Edge Sets
  155. Past Troubles
  156. Node Editor preview swatch: background options like SE preview
  157. Copy and paste between multiple open instances of LW
  158. Particle request
  159. Further customisability of Lens Flares
  160. Please fix the weight shaded view in modeler
  161. FReq: Automatic Selection History
  162. Render layers and built-in compositor
  163. Adaptive Sampling passes count. Stop render and keep whatever was already processed.
  164. Lightwave idea - Backface Select
  165. LWM: Cone primitive: putting the pointy bit where you want it
  166. Custom Camera Save and FPS on Camera panel
  167. export EPs of UV viewport direct
  168. AE-style transparency indicator in VPR, or "checkerboard" effect, +VPR enhancements
  169. Workflow: unneccessary closing/reduction of panels.
  170. A Script for lightwave?
  171. Locking timeline start & end frames.
  172. FReq: Transparency in LWModeler backdrop images
  173. Shatter Plug-in
  174. Workflow: Death to menus
  175. Requests
  176. Instances realtime editing
  177. Fluids (liquid, fire & smoke) + and other things what Lightwave will need in future.
  178. UI, cameras in modeler,...
  179. Updates
  180. Add Cancel button to Error on Boolean Operation with Complex Geometry
  181. Make the Node editor more acessable and move it out from texture menu!
  182. FReq: no-sleep mode, ala iTunes -- prevent computer from sleeping while rendering
  183. Add "R" and "W" buttons to all X,Y,Z and H,P,B fields in all menus.
  184. Install LW plugin by clicking on a link
  185. A general path tool fully editable in layout
  186. Add envelope t the playback speed of pfx motion of particle..
  187. Enhanced Stereocopic settings
  188. More Modo-like Pitch Navigation Button
  189. snapping on bone twist / general layout grid snap
  190. Options to place new point(s) on an edge of poly with "Divide" function
  191. AutoLoad backdrop images when loading geometry into modeler
  192. Hiding layers under their objects in Graph Editor (Expose with little triangle)
  193. Features for future versions (suggestions only)
  194. Very Simple Fix!!: Tooltips with Object path in Modeler's Layer Panel.
  195. Edge smoothing
  196. please camera support for modeler
  197. VPR lens distortion
  198. Delete surfaces
  199. Point Sets for POINTS, 'Parts' for Polys: how about Edges?
  200. Edit Edges Improvements
  201. Number keys in Modeler (not keypad)
  202. Some tweaks to a few of the new modeling tools for more fluid workflow
  203. FR: Overhauled Better Render Buffers Please !!!
  204. Symmetry update
  205. ModelingTools/Deformations in Layout "seeing" objects pivots
  206. "bridge and drop"
  207. Rigging and animation tools
  208. IKBooster feature requests
  209. Dump Report Trivial Update Request
  210. GoZ style LWtoNuke and LWtoFusion
  211. radiosity solution generated via screamernet
  212. Point clone plus should rotate and scale morphs
  213. Undock UV window and...
  214. Migrating a 9.6 world to a 11.5 one. Editing Menus/Plugins
  215. Have new 11.5 modeler tools respect selections
  216. Bullet physics tweaks
  217. Modeler - different background layer shading modes or lock geometry
  218. Make Modeler ask about & set Content dir when opening files like Layout does.
  219. Consistency improvements on Bump mapping generation: Search distance and amplitude.
  220. Add Right-click context menu to Close Object in Modeler's Layer Panel.
  221. Tooltips in Modeler & Layout for truncated text in any list, popup or button
  222. Centre viewport on objects bounding box rather than pivot
  223. 11.5: Flocking: Generator size resets when not desirable - misfeature verging on bug
  224. Flocking Window: RMB menus in item list MIA
  225. clip map for surface
  226. Modeler Point Info Window Enhancements
  227. Add Replace Item to the Scene/Dope Editor Context menu
  228. Annoying point/vertex/polygon selection switching
  229. Layers defaulting to HIDDEN/Inactive? -and/or- "Hide All But Current Layer" script
  230. FReq: Designated LWM color for Splines/Curves
  231. Create keys for non-motion channels
  232. Post effects (2.5D) and Z-buffer
  233. LWM undo requests: Undo by Layer (?)
  234. Points to metablobs?
  235. Lightwave Layout and Modeler Panels or windows sizable???
  236. Yin Yang inter layer manipulator - (embeded coordinate joiner, sizer, orienter)
  237. Inverse of "Add Point", Remove Point TOOL / better workflow / NOUN then VERB+
  238. Workflow: "Connect" switches to poly mode, egregiously
  239. Enhanced Preview Window within LightWave
  240. Something like SSAO in perspective view in Modeler
  241. My New Best Idea!!! this year(?): "PARSE NAME" node /reducing nodal labor
  242. FReq: Polygon & point "Locking"/ making points&polys >resistant< to change&mistakes.
  243. Request and bugs - Graph Editor
  244. PNG64 Support in LightWave
  245. Put Scene path name in the Layout title bar! (Quick, simple win!)
  246. Remember Layout's Preview Options & codec settings!
  247. Incoming TCB key Tension
  248. 11.5 tool enhancements: small, tweaky enhancements/ REPEAT functions/ Axis Rotate
  249. General UI thing that happens too much in LW: space allocated for name strings
  250. Hiding: thinning out the choices/ new feature, indicating Hidden status