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  1. Simple feature request
  2. Image filters that output renders
  3. Option to maintain working with solid numbers while transforming objects/IK ..
  4. Half format Float loaded as 16bpp
  5. Layer And Passes Manager
  6. Shadows in Layout
  7. I want modeler to show only the first layer when I open an object...
  8. meta-feature-request: carefully designed, fully realized, advanced UI
  9. Thumbnail option
  10. surface editor: rename shortcut key
  11. Sculpting in Layout OR a Camera in Modeller
  12. Add Save Buffers to Render Global Output Tab
  13. In FiberFx makes an option to put fibers in parts of an object also, like sasquatch
  14. Select all objects Button in The light properties panel
  15. labels in layout
  16. Disable/Enable Hub
  17. GPGPU / ATI puts Stream everywhere LW 9.6 on steroids
  18. Please, add Shift+Space shortcut
  19. Double-click edge, select edge-loop
  20. Repeat last action
  21. Snap center of transformation tools to center of object
  22. snap to an axis
  23. Remove all pulldown windows where possible
  24. edge-expand tool :)
  25. Make an Elevate Tool
  26. "Drag Tool w/Point Radial" make standalone tool
  27. Maya NEX modify tool preserves object volume
  28. Level of detail instead of Bounding Box Threshold
  29. make esc key close window
  30. Stereoscopic tools
  31. save renders labeled with version with F9
  32. make snapdrag snap to bkg layer
  33. Fix Polygons tool
  34. modeler windows
  35. ClothFX that works
  36. openGL performance in modeler
  37. Direct input into simple nodes
  38. smokefx source code (Yii-haaa!!) ...or ?
  39. Layers: Locked, Visible, Ghosted?
  40. Multiple files selection in the Network render
  41. Image Viewer: Copy to Clipboard
  42. Image Filter: Bicubic Resize + Crop
  43. two simple ones that would make a big diff
  44. Improved fiber fx stablility
  45. Things I'd like to see in Layout
  46. Support for "Space Navigator" please
  47. multiple 'limited regions' render
  48. it would be nice if 'Connect' would deselect the points after connecting
  49. Camera View: zoom in/out & pan L/R/U/D
  50. ProxyPick: add option "select T/Y/H"
  51. Schematic View: multi select & group
  52. CTRL on the Mac: Better Constrain to Axis
  53. IK_spline
  54. Camera Background image - per camera setting please.
  55. Layered Photoshop output
  56. editing different frames at the same time
  57. Pause rendering
  58. Total Render Time...Thus Far
  59. shading noise reduction for spherical lights
  60. Mouse wheel zoom
  61. When a update for Hypervoxels ?
  62. Basic 3D sculpting & painting
  63. Auto-split morph maps into L and R
  64. Cage deformer in Layout based on pre-subdiv model
  65. Node Groups
  66. swap nodes: drop down menu
  67. Bug reporting on off-line computer
  68. Layout and Modeler should share images
  69. Modeler tool request
  70. Sony EX1 MP4 File reading capability
  71. UV Morphmixer node
  72. Image Editor - proxy filename for image/sequence
  73. Set Incoming Curve in Create Key dialog
  74. Groups in Schematic
  75. 2 axis Orbit View in Layout
  76. I don't like dropdown menus.. :(
  77. Load images like loading lws or lwo
  78. SpaceNavigator support?
  79. Follower plus dynamics
  80. feature demand. relative paths in image saver.
  81. Clear Coat material
  82. Tweaking shadowcatchers
  83. Play at Exact 100/50/25 % Rate
  84. Playback Loop Range
  85. NORMAL Selection in Layout
  86. mac LW.... PLEASE DROP the DMG!!!
  87. Ocean Shader for Lightwave
  88. Expressions Engine
  89. Dockable Windows
  90. SUPER SIMPLE: number of splits in BANDSAW PRO
  91. save and load layout guides, remove the marrage to subvision levels
  92. animation layers (u want this :)
  93. knife tool that works correctly in the perspective window
  94. So easy to impliment - new config names for each release
  95. Need antialiasing for fiberfx when rendering through transparent objects
  96. Environment request
  97. instance objects request
  98. Clone Item - add renaming option
  99. image projection through camera
  100. temporary switch tool (alla zbrush)
  101. brush size - click and drag please
  102. batch surface bake
  103. Nice! :) Bidirectional Constraint
  104. Core modeler plugins -integrate
  105. Game animation loop cycles
  106. Core customizable keyboard shortcuts
  107. Symmetry improvement
  108. 3D Painting and Sculpting Pleeeaaaase
  109. More specific fresnel curves in node editor
  110. Nvidia real time ray tracing (might be interesting)
  111. Hypervoxels, blending like in 5.6
  112. realtime smoke, Nvivia Cuda
  113. Invisibility by surfaces in Scene editor
  114. Better Import/Export Filter for 3DS and MAX
  115. geometry cache for fbx (for importing Maya cloth deformation)
  116. FiberFX strand modeler, screen rotation constraint
  117. presets for the global illumination
  118. HaiFX, add level adjustment
  119. Point animation
  120. Don't know how this made it into 9.6 but...
  121. UV Lines
  122. Feature requests for node editor
  123. rotate around axis
  124. realtime GI with source code
  125. cache mesh freeze
  126. Triple and Merge script
  127. Smart Zones
  128. make camera keyframe what I see in perspective view
  129. ILM, energy conserving shader
  130. Volumetric curves
  131. Surface Baker
  132. Object memory
  133. allow ESC to close Render window
  134. Object Paint
  135. FFX and Zbrush displacement
  136. Matte objects in LWSN should not load textures.
  137. Bone 'Limited Range' display - TOGGLE?
  138. Maya paint effects and fluid effects
  139. Edge-Offsetter
  140. once again: we need a path designer in layout and a speed channel
  141. smoke turbulence, source code
  142. deselect option
  143. copy/paste point coordinates
  144. Save for partial renders
  145. ikb spreadsheet functionality
  146. Pick Whip for expressions
  147. Is there a way to open backup files without going to...
  148. layout rename objects
  149. Pause
  150. Override
  151. Render each object to a layer in PSD save
  152. Fluids wavelet turbulence (Source)
  153. Select Intersecting Polygons
  154. OBJ and LW and UV maps...
  155. Improved Multi-processing support... ?
  156. CPU Allocation
  157. more compositing tools
  158. stuff like treedruid
  159. I wish there was an Envelope for Stereo Eye Seperation
  160. Render Service tool for Cloud computing
  161. Parts
  162. Recent Files/Recent Scenes/Incremental...
  163. Lightwave to Unreal Development Kit export Plugin
  164. Overlay drawing - perspective helpers
  165. character animation tools needed
  166. Powernurbs!!!
  167. Pivot Snap move
  168. multiple layers for layout
  169. Will there be ever stuff like this, or there is it already?
  170. Quick view of scene files
  171. Postpone or Pause Renders
  172. Surface Editor Preview
  173. One more thing (I dont ask for much!) F11
  174. Advanced per Light Shadow controls, Color Gradients, Fall off types etc
  175. Multi threaded Preview Animation
  176. Endomorph Point Coordinate Editing
  177. Skinning/deformation
  178. Make Material node suggestion
  179. nodal tools?
  180. Evaluation Order management
  181. Weight map delay
  182. wind feature → Y shaped
  183. Badly Needed Move Forward/Backward Button in Viewports of Modeler
  184. Layout wireframe Subpatch Display
  185. Bone and Joint Strength Envelopes
  186. Multi-Camera Rendeing
  187. poly, Point, and edge awareness
  188. Need Coverage and BgColor render buffer outputs needed for professional production.
  189. Envelopes!!! (where i would like them)
  190. plugin request
  191. Rotation Compensation
  192. Hidden geometry in Modeler
  193. Water
  194. Edit skelegons
  195. Directional Joint Compensation
  196. Negative Bone
  197. Parent Hierarchy
  198. Layers - Copy/Paste - maintain layer name
  199. Set Edge color
  200. Better Aftereffects support
  201. Apply Button for Set Vertex Map Value
  202. treedruid
  203. Exporting Objects
  204. Caustic Accuracy
  205. request for all rounders, present and future (LW, LWCAD, Core)
  206. One last gasp for v9....PLEEESSSEEE??
  207. Influence Controller
  208. Caddy and viewport centric workflow
  209. These could make core Gr8!
  210. set bone weightmap in Layout with multi-bone selection
  211. I n s t a n c i n g !
  212. for coders
  213. plugin for Print Screen
  214. open renderfarm system
  215. both layout and modeler are opened in the same main window
  216. third button mouse function
  217. Representation of User interface and modeling tool should be more eye catching..!
  218. add support for nurbs
  219. Better Render Management
  220. Selecting items of different types simultaneously
  221. please, lwsn.exe needs to show a render percentage
  222. Motion Blur Displacement
  223. Add support for Alembic, OpenColorIO and Open Shading Language
  224. Size matters - dongle
  225. Shift (multi) select - Load from scene
  226. Lens flares!
  227. A way to scale all three axis in Texture Panel
  228. use a custom object to define the area of influence of bones
  229. Pelt Mapping
  230. UI wish : raydiosity exclude ...
  231. APNG animation saver support
  232. Search feature in the Node Editor
  233. script based node
  234. smoothing option for hypervoxels
  235. scene preset and pass management
  236. thickness node request
  237. E-on needs NT's help to add the tools to edit Vue Elements.
  238. Moving an item at a constant speed
  239. UV interpolation for catmull-clark
  240. radical interface idea?
  241. Select surface by clicking in VPR
  242. Worn Edges with LW nodes
  243. add a minus button in the numeric panel
  244. add X and Y in Modeler/Display Options/Backdrop - Center
  245. a little list of Feature Requests
  246. 3 simple requests to improve workflow
  247. Match Camera resolution to background image
  248. Drag and drop a folder to set the content directory
  249. Volumetric Radiosity Not Working in VPR
  250. Mouse Dragging in Camera View Now Limited