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  1. Welcome to TriCaster Tips and Tricks
  2. How do I re-link clips in edit media tab?
  3. Auto Calibration for sources
  4. Files recorded with Tricaster
  5. What a monster Tricaster Studio is !!!!
  6. TriCaster 2.0 MPEG2-I to DVD Workshop?
  7. Possible to tweak setting of the MPEG?
  8. vcr players audio fade in / out
  9. Show stops playing on timeline
  10. Lossless wmv cutting solution.
  11. How Do You Stop TCS From Making MP3s
  12. Keyboard Shortcuts
  13. Run video in reverse in speedit
  14. Pip
  15. Speed up or slow motion a clip in TCPRO
  16. Quickly updating custom CG graphics in TC?
  17. GIF as background on Tricaster
  18. Tricking the TricasterPro to make a Flash Archive WITHOUT a publishing point
  19. tricaster broadcast flycase setup
  20. TriCaster STUDIO Mystery
  21. High signal to noise ratio in Studio
  22. Angle of the virtual monitor in Live Sets
  23. External Keyer possible?
  24. Flash embed pages
  25. More Render Options from Edit Tab?
  26. International TriCaster Transcode Trick: NTSC Clip to DV PAL
  27. creating transitions
  28. Smart motion Graphics in STUDIO and BROADCAST
  29. How to reset External Output
  30. Reassigning LiveControl buttons??
  31. This makes the tricaster complete !
  32. How Jose Burgos helped me in a pinch
  33. Voiceover Magic
  34. Easier way to save Stream settings
  35. Title Template Tutorial Plus Bonus
  36. tricaster compatibility with adobe premiere
  37. Run Transition in Reverse, Without the Clicking the "Reverse" Checkbox
  38. File Storage
  39. Getting a 16:9 Output out of Your 2.0 series TriCaster™
  40. .f4v
  41. More than 2 DDRs
  42. Setting up SKYPE audio correcty?
  43. Create Motion Graphics in Edit Media (Control tab plus Toolshed)
  44. Lower Thirds Using After Effects
  45. Location of Premade Graphics?
  46. Virtual Set Help!!!
  47. Streaming to the iPhone
  48. How to record to FLV without an internet connection.
  49. FCP Settings exchange?
  50. iVGA and Keynote
  51. External graphics not LiveText
  52. The Tricaster Monster now has wings and flying HIGH !!!
  53. Sound with a transition
  54. How to add media to live DDR
  55. Control your TC with a Bluetooth Presentation Remote
  56. Tricaster to WebEx or similar services
  57. XD300: Waiting for set constuctor and running out of players
  58. Here's A Question to Stump the Chump
  59. Skype workflow
  60. Tricaster Duo Clock Widget
  61. Live Set using After Effects CS4
  62. Problem and Solution to Importing MPG files from Adobe Premiere to XD300
  63. Newbie problems -- your pity will be appreciated
  64. Live-Streaming to only one or two Points
  65. HOWTO: Better Mac Editing
  66. Cheap Headphone Solution
  67. Adding wifi to my TC Pro
  68. Studio Profile with Premiere Pro CS4
  69. Effects row follow Live?
  70. G3 cellular Router for Streaming Video
  71. New XD300 Broadcaster at LectureMaker
  72. LC11 Functions
  73. Live stream - Pull support for Http?
  74. Play list for DDR
  75. How I made the Tricaster (not pro) do virtual sets.
  76. minimize window
  77. stream shortcut
  78. Organizing LiveeSets
  79. LiveText 2 and ToasterScripts
  80. Sending a Studio Feed with Skype
  81. TXCD300 Streaming to Large Screen Projectors
  82. Tricaster2FCP - a Mac tool to losslessly rewrap MPEGs into FCP compatible QuickTimes
  83. Suggestions on how to do this. Limited budget
  84. Aspect Ratio in Editor
  85. Live Effects on Studio/Broadcast?
  86. How to trigger the GPI from TCXD300
  87. DDRs in Vitural Sets
  88. Working with Keynote (Mac) Presentations
  89. [Solved] Tally Circuit interface TCXD300 with Datavideo intercom ITC-100
  90. FCP/Quicktime mpeg 2 addon
  91. RS8 and LC11 on Studio/Broadcast
  92. Two basic questions
  93. Two different backgrounds for chromakey
  94. playing files from MACbook Pro
  95. Setting up the TriCaster for the first time
  96. Optimal File Format for DDR
  97. XD TriCaster-Simple Custom DualBox
  98. Patching telephone call through to Tricaster
  99. Live Streaming - Adding more presets?
  100. Newtek Codec Pack doesn't work with After FX CS5
  101. Saved Videos
  102. Chop feature for TCBroadcast
  103. Tricaster Studio freezes up and it brand new!
  104. Sports Score Graphic
  105. Shortcuts For Live Text
  106. College Basketball on an XD300
  107. Tricaster studio via satellite
  108. Latency during switching makes Tricaster USELESS ! HELP
  109. USTREAM and Tricaster Studio
  110. Ethernet in your truck
  111. auto-reconnecting to uStream
  112. File Workflow lengthy
  113. Sorenson Squeeze
  114. Rotating camera sources within virtual inputs
  115. VST Plugins
  116. Remotely Controlling the Switcher
  117. Flash Streaming To Limelight Networks LLW
  118. Extending HDSDI Signal Lengths
  119. Keyboard shortcuts to go between tabs
  120. How to play all clips forward in ddr
  121. Downconverting HD to SD
  122. Change WindowsMedia stream settings
  123. LTC in XD850
  124. To Ustream, Livestream or Justin TV?
  125. Best Camera for Tricaster Studio
  126. What's the Best Way to Convert HD to SD for Recording to DVD Standalone Recorder?
  127. XD850 Not Scaling with Barco DCS-200 fader Switcher
  128. MP3 Audio files from Tricaster Pro not synching in FCP7
  129. Solution for "Poor Mans" VGA scaler to SD or HD Tricasters
  130. Green Screen Over DDR
  131. BNC over IP
  132. How to route HD video long distances using the Teradek
  133. iVGA without second monitor
  134. best cable/input set up for long runs
  135. 850 Extreme backup scenario, have a hardware panel to select your 850TW sources
  136. best SDIout-studio cam for TriCaster
  137. Fiber optic for HD-SDI
  138. Vertically Mountin the TCXD850
  139. Annoying! Videos stuttering on DDR
  140. Making a re-cut from extreme footage
  141. Editing Titles on the XD850 in Live Session
  142. TCXD300 Stream setting?
  143. Four-hands?
  144. Edit Text Tab Help
  145. Broadcasting iPod touch and/or iPhone display
  146. HD-SDI Cable Runs
  147. Skype integration
  148. Clarification of Airplay Mirroring
  149. TCXD300 to DVD mac-based please help.
  150. iVGA input selection
  151. webpage and lower third?
  152. Help! TXCD850 System Drive Corrupt
  153. Upgrading to Version 3.X for Tricaster 850 Extreme...
  154. Using XKEYS 24 with TXCD 850
  155. Split screen question
  156. Apple Pro Rez Files
  157. ESATA on XD300
  158. Adobe Premier Question
  159. Auto Play a Take :)
  160. Animated Lower Thirds?
  161. Fade Titles
  162. Split Screen - 4 Boxes - Help.
  163. TriCaster Studio 16x9
  164. Teradek Bond
  165. How to stream to two flash servers at the same time
  166. Tricaster 850 Extreme A/B transition
  167. Animation Store Demo
  168. Keyboard shortcuts for AUX
  169. additional "DSK"
  170. Great HD Motion Backgrounds
  171. Real-time reflection
  172. How do I do a double box set with a motion background (DDR) and the "A" box is keyed.
  173. double box/ lower third tutorial
  174. Using still photo as a live set
  175. Virtual input inside virtual studio
  176. How to make "breaking news" ticker ?
  177. Mix Minus for Audio
  178. Video Bug
  179. Let's Get Ready for some Football!!!
  180. TC455 Aux Audio Question
  181. RSS Feed as news ticker
  182. Changing DDR file name in DDR
  183. How to change the input for Still, Grab
  184. CDN setting in a TriCaster 40
  185. Tricaster XD855 to record a timelapse sequence.
  186. Multi-Bitrate streaming with TC 300
  187. Win7 with touch screen and Tricaster40
  188. Two screen with TR40
  189. Component vs Composite TR40
  190. IPAD as a LIVE camera?
  191. TC 850 Transistions
  192. How to wire and integrate tricasters with sports announcer stations
  193. IVGA and Windows 8 ?
  194. Talent Intercom Question
  195. Cool Camera Configuration using BM ATEM
  196. LiveText 2 installer
  197. How do they put irc chat in lowe third
  198. Cool Hero 2 config. with HDSDI
  199. Tricaster 40 HDMI Output to Blackmagic Intensity extreme for Archive backup
  200. More RAM in a TC 40??
  201. What do you think of this setup?
  202. Speededit or Adobe Premier?
  203. TriCaster 40CS hidden shortcut
  204. TC40 and frame rates?
  205. Lightwave-LiveSet Christmas gift Tip - Posted in the LiveSet section of the forum
  206. Lost copy of broadcast
  207. Having Issues using Tricaster Footage Premiere?
  208. TimeWarp
  209. Secondary record audio?
  210. Go Wireless with TriCaster!
  211. Can you create a virtual set using Lightwave?
  212. Reversing a video clip in Speed Edit
  213. liveset constructor
  214. IVGA PRO and Surface RT
  215. tcxd300 -Transitions on slides
  216. TC40 with Canon XA10 over long distance?
  217. Tracking feature Tricaster 8000 - your ideas?
  218. Skype background
  219. TriCaster 40 – Routing internal audio via an external mixer
  220. NewTek App for iPad (TCXD Audio Controll) - Workflow
  221. aux output tricaster 8000
  222. Hi, new member, and a workflow question
  223. Adding a bug & flat screen tv
  224. Remote Connection to Tricaster 455
  225. In and Out transition?
  226. Tricaster -> Internet -> Tricaster
  227. 8000 and 850 TW
  228. Noob question: Network-based Cameras?
  229. Fonts for TC 8000
  230. Can't get "a" or "s" to bring up DSK1/2
  231. Different Lower third for each camera input?
  232. Secondary output on tricaster 855
  233. iVGA Pro as an external DDR
  234. Renaming Tricaster sources with invalid characters prevents iso recording
  235. How to make backgorund disappear in power point
  236. Audio macros
  237. Changing a Session's Format Without Recreating It From Scratch
  238. How to interface with Daktronics Scoring Hardware?
  239. Mounting the XD855 Control Surface
  240. New Harvard Control Room for Football, Hockey and Lacrosse
  241. Is LiveText crashing on you?
  242. Quieter fan in Tricaster 40?
  243. Add an extra Network card?
  244. Component Cameras are "dying". How does it affect Tricaster 40 life-cycle?
  245. Running a split composite video signal 400 feet
  246. Tricaster TC40 Template work-a-round
  247. Make DSK overlay transparent
  248. Make DSK overlay transparent
  249. Sony 3D HD Camera for my Tricaster
  250. Crazy Workflow-- any suggestions?