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  1. Feature Request: Parenting Items
  2. Timeline Ripple: Please Fix!
  3. Timeline Timecode Setting
  4. Deck Control Improvements
  5. Compositing Add On
  6. Newtek Playa Playa
  7. Color Curves
  8. colored wave form and vectoscope
  9. Make titler easier to find
  10. Quicktime Support
  11. Request: Change Project Settings
  12. Request: Track "muting"
  13. Request: Image Sequence Options
  14. put a demo of speed edit up or allow me to download a copy on spec
  15. Xdcam Hd
  16. Great suggestions
  17. Corner Pin
  18. Another Peak Level indicator mode
  19. Expanded Stabilizer Controls
  20. Install script
  21. Chroma Smoothing
  22. VirtualDub filter plugin support
  23. Clip speed shortcut
  24. Netek! I want something like this
  25. Hotkey List is available for download
  26. Convert/Output to MPEG2 Elementary Streams...
  27. AviSynth anyone?
  28. Couple more basic requests
  29. Need a shortcut to render stills.
  30. XDCAM EX compatible MXF support?
  31. Video Fill for Text
  32. Request: Batch Log and Capture
  33. Project loader for TMPGEnc
  34. Some Things Are Best Kept in Plain Sight...
  35. Defining a spline by a waveform
  36. What timecode should look like on screen.
  37. How about Bezier Cropping?
  38. Sub Project 3D Move and Crash bug
  39. Decklink card support needed !!!
  40. FLV with Alpha
  41. Aja card support needed !!!
  42. Audio and video preview during capture
  43. Audio Control Surface support
  44. Capture Request
  45. Request: Time Lapse Capture
  46. I want support for this camera
  47. Expand "Shadow" Nodes Further, in Control Tree
  48. Request: Pls. Rename Control Tree "Italic" node: "Shear"
  49. New Splash Screen at Startup
  50. Custom subproject names....
  51. Mature Level of TMPGenc 3/4 & "Tsunami DVD Author" Support in SpeedEDIT-VT
  52. Feature Missed in 1.2
  53. Time Code Burn
  54. FadeCut
  55. TMPGenc support
  56. IEEE Output
  57. Where's Interpolated Slow Motion?
  58. Timecode sync..
  59. changing timeline from TimeCode to Frame Numbers
  60. Interface should follow Windows Standards for mouse click in menu navigation
  61. Third party i/o hardware compatibility
  62. Sub-Project rename...
  63. Lock Clips!!!
  64. Feature Requests for SpeedEDIT 1.2+
  65. Here is a Feature Request that should be #1
  66. Capture DVC-PRO HD over Firewire
  67. request:- demo version
  68. Needs More Filters
  69. Network Rendering an realtime HD editing?
  70. Multy-camera edit
  71. Nondrop Support, Batch Capture, Aura Integration
  72. Will there be Dolby Surround 5.1 support?
  73. H.264 support needed
  74. The ability to switch of the RGB-YUV-RGB conversion on footage and display
  75. Lets get 32 bit render capabilities
  76. XDCAM EX support
  77. SE on a MAC OS
  78. Odd ball resolutions needed...
  79. Native Support for Canon 24F/30F Formats
  80. Want to cut up my video clip
  81. Crop after rotation
  82. Menu Positioning
  83. XDCAM HD/EX support needed
  84. Counter effect
  85. frames on timeline please
  86. more frame seq compatibility
  87. AddMedia Window: VTD's should be bolded like M2T's when used in a project
  88. SpeedHQ on Quicktime
  89. Multiple Bars & Tone Clips, 30 sec each?
  90. am I missing how to do this ? ? ?
  91. Christmas Dream
  92. Merry Christmas....
  93. anyone hear of an easy way to do this??
  94. Tape logging and internal data base
  95. Magic Bullet Looks???
  96. Height-Adjustable CONTROL TREE pane?
  97. Color Picker to pick actual colors of video footage, not the monitor's screen colors
  98. ESC from color picker
  99. Text entry plane
  100. Do you need XDCAM HD MXF support?
  101. Requests for SpeedEDIT 2.0 at NAB 2008
  102. Background renderer should not re-render entire timeline when one clip is modified
  103. Support for Space Navigator
  104. The Best MultiCam in the Business
  105. Audio Track Control - Fill Left Or Right
  106. Ability to Key after Selective Color Correction
  107. 6 Channel for 5.1 mixing and monitor.
  108. Ability to order the sequence of operations performed upon a clip
  109. Seamless audio cross-fades
  110. Infinity MXF/jpeg2000 support
  111. Capture limit
  112. Perspective
  113. SpeedEDIT 2.0 projects 1.5 compatibles
  114. A third-party plugin for special effects
  115. SpeedEDIT Activation
  116. What happend to ICON Previews in SpeedEdit
  117. Batch Capture ... cant be that difficult???
  118. Shorten the file path in the render box
  119. speed edit timeline to fusion
  120. RTV Codec to work in AECS3
  121. suggestion about alt-f crossfade (audio tracks)
  122. batch render
  123. fix slow motion for frame rate conversion plus DVE multi-pass rendering
  124. implement smart rendering
  125. user manual: add page numbers to pages
  126. 3 things that I WANT in 2.0
  127. SE system evaluation tool
  128. Speed Edit For OSX?
  129. Save render location and settings int project
  130. Saving Project as AVI - Problems
  131. Motion Blur
  132. Why XDCAM HD support is a good idea
  133. Qxga To Xga Video Screen Splitter Hardware
  134. EX1 playback
  135. Capture Panel Window
  136. Playback Length
  137. "Auto" options for Quality and ISS
  138. Background Rendering that's less pushy?
  139. Any word on that rumored 1.8 update?
  140. Direct Entry of Clip Start Time
  141. ToolShet Feature Request (Revisited)
  142. Better Slow Motion
  143. Bug report: Render uses Size settings even if they are un-Enabled
  144. Smart Rendering
  145. No Key Invert?
  146. Make 'Audio Auto Fade In/Out' a master Preference.
  147. Color correction curves
  148. Title tool support UNICODE texts
  149. Allow Numerical Entry in the Clip Trimmer!
  150. M2TS file formats
  151. Save encoding settings with project?
  152. Auto Search for "OFF-LINE" Files
  153. The Edit Line
  154. Spread Sheet Tab
  155. Please get vob import to work properly
  156. DIGITIZING Start stop points please
  157. Fast way to switch among "Auto Fade" options on the SpeedEDIT Interface please?
  158. Markers in control tree
  159. Support for RED R3D
  160. Zoom Check
  161. Triple Monitor Editing
  162. Tool Shed Wizard: generate/replace proxy files
  163. Layer # in spreadsheet view
  164. Tablet support
  165. Audio panning
  166. Setting Inspector
  167. Typical Storyboard features
  168. Requests for SpeedEDIT 2.0 at NAB 2009
  169. 24bit audio support
  170. Set New Project Settings based on a clip selection...
  171. Slo mo in 3Play...slo mo in SE?
  172. LW_OpenEXR support
  173. Better Chroma Key
  174. Select Multiple Text Boxes; Make Global Changes!
  175. The ability to temporary disable an entire track in the timeline
  176. Spreadsheet option to NOT hide used footage that is obscured
  177. Chop clip at cuts
  178. Randomize
  179. New DVE engine...and controls like that of XD300
  180. record mouse moves for X+Y splines
  181. Read all the Markers - No overlap
  182. Stills and Watch files
  183. 2K+, 10bit YUV, 3D LUT tables, 192kHz audio
  184. Tutorials?
  185. ftp to remote location while rendering
  186. GO TO function
  187. Master Equalization
  188. Layer swapping button
  189. Capturing Separate A/V files
  190. Clip disable
  191. Blink Filter would be helpful
  192. Needing rolling shutter correction.
  193. Photoshop style overlay options
  194. Animated Text
  195. A mercury like render engine
  196. SpeedEdit 64bit?
  197. Clip jumps to none
  198. Open Avid MXF Files
  199. Notepad
  200. Skype video plugin
  201. Can't believe I never saw those before
  202. Qick Render of Selective Play Range
  203. No Really LOCK A/V
  204. Kodak Zi8 audio compatibility please
  205. Disable 'Play Range' for good
  206. EQ for both sides at same time.
  207. Capturing
  208. Fix se2.0 long clip seamless problem
  209. Can MXF Render/Export be added?
  210. CG on Speed Edit 2
  211. ffdshow codec
  212. Need to Print Fixed-pitch fonts with Fixed Pitches!
  213. Key my text through different fonts.
  214. Window to display chosen settings
  215. 64bit speed edit
  216. mouse scroll wheel in file bin should work
  217. Add mark on the Unity spot for Trim
  218. Close Captioning
  219. So what's going on?
  220. Pretty Waveforms
  221. Redcamera support and others
  222. 4K resolution support
  223. support for 3d video
  224. OUT mode should be default for Title Pages
  225. Textual change of key frame number
  226. SE CG Saving
  227. Image Stabilization and Grain removal
  228. Play Range
  229. Jump to Clip Option
  230. Export to a Leightronix MPEG that is offered in the Export Media tab
  231. WMV import
  232. Closed Captions/Line 21
  233. Can SE pre-conform rendered audio files?
  234. relink of media
  235. Audio Level Memory. Interesting.
  236. Any news on the next update for speed Edit?
  237. Garbage Masking using splines.
  238. Grab Jpeg
  239. red giant plugins
  240. Circle Cropping Tool
  241. SpeedEDIT?
  242. Good Bless SPEEDEDIT ! ! !
  243. Speed Edit 4K and NDI capture support