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  1. TriCaster feature requests
  2. Tally Lights and other stuff
  3. "ticker" on record or stream tab
  4. Record from output as DV
  5. Request Keyboard Shortcut for Stepping Overlays
  6. iVGA with audio?
  7. Please fix Broken User and Halfway T bar Position, Auto, Keyboard Shortcuts
  8. Recording buffer and sports scoreboards
  9. So does it look like the new patch is coming out this week?
  10. Request keyboard shortcut to toggle between "Selection" and "List" play for the VCR.
  11. Please add a SVGA input along with or in place of iVGA
  12. Key to toggle "chroma key" button in switcher on/off
  13. Digital Juice Toolkits
  14. DVE's for TriCaster
  15. Record to disk during a streaming Session
  16. Wide Screen Support
  17. Scrolling Lower Thirds
  18. iVGA Client Computer Keyboard Shortcut, Lock Screen View
  19. Auto-stop for record mode when leaving Live tab?
  20. Handle
  21. Ability to use Overlay templates in Edit mode
  22. Ability to "Push" Stream
  23. Use of Looping Videos / Alpha Channels
  24. Power off to periphials
  25. Print to Tape - DV
  26. Audio controls
  27. OSX iVGA client
  28. The ability to Freeze
  29. More usable DV format
  30. Bass and Treble Controls
  31. 16x9 with Tricaster
  32. User preferences
  33. Hot Key for Keyer!
  34. VGA Input Please
  35. Wish List for tricaster
  36. Black (blanking) Feed for iVGA "Privacy" Mode
  37. TriCaster switcher warning for Impending change to iVGA "Privacy" Mode
  38. Output to Media
  39. PRO features in Original Tricaster????
  40. Need Screen Shots for User Guides!!
  41. Audio Fade
  42. IVGA overscan
  43. Audio on VM
  44. Audio Monitor
  45. hard drive capacity
  46. connection location
  47. Two DVR's
  48. Variable speed playback
  49. Tricaster - MAC Final Cut Pro compatibility
  50. TriCaster Loaner?
  51. VGA input into TriCaster
  52. Live Input "Clip"
  53. Time Stamp
  54. Master Fade-to-black
  55. Scoreboard
  56. Multiple user logins for the Tricaster
  57. Plug-In titling software for Tricaster
  58. Streaming- Manual Archive Control
  59. SX-84 and Tricaster
  60. Needed PIP / Transistion
  61. Tricaster - MAC Final Cut Pro compatibility: ditto
  62. Tricaster PRO Issues
  63. New Features
  64. Details view needs LENGTH Column
  65. can prepare for VCR do a selected region be added?
  66. Record to Quicktime!
  67. genlock and preset
  68. VGA input???
  69. Add FLV Output Capabilities
  70. Record video in MPEG-2 Format
  71. Picture in Picture
  72. Playback MPEG-2 Files From VCR
  73. 4 mic/line XLR inputs
  74. Quicktime Support
  75. Time / Event triggered fading/switching
  76. Show number users connected to stream.
  77. Limit stream to certain IP
  78. Scorebug Feature Request
  79. Lost Recording
  80. 16 : 9 Support !
  81. Upgrades to new features
  82. Firewire 800 & gigabit ethernet port
  83. SDI Inputs ...
  84. Scheduled Playback
  85. I Had Hoped NewTek Would Do This: A/D Miniconverters 4Betacam& Other Analog Cams
  86. Those @#$%## Corrupted AVI files.
  87. The New Tek AVI file curse.
  88. Tricaster Pro Keying problems
  89. Flash Encoding
  90. IVGA is Working Perfectly... and it's killing me!
  91. Instant Replay
  92. virtural set
  93. International Accent Mark
  94. Add "Rename" Function to TCSTUDIO Editor, Please? (Or is it There, but Hidden?)
  95. Assigning/Moving Video Inputs
  96. playlist and Scrub option
  97. Histogram for use with Brightness/Gamma Controls in TriCaster STUDIO™?
  98. Different colors for 'Record Output' and 'Stream Output' lights (TCPro, Studio?)
  99. Proc Amp Adjustments & More, via an Optional USB-Enabled Surface Controller?
  100. Restoring factory setting to Tricaster Pro
  101. Make this happen on Regular TC like TC Pro and Studio!
  102. Live Set Matte Presets
  103. A few Necessary Features
  104. Transition with Chroma Key
  105. 30 Sec. Bars & Tone clips, with various "0dB reference" levels?
  106. Preview Out
  107. 1/4" headphone jack
  108. additional external split 6 cameras preview monitor
  109. Direct record to a CODEC a MAC can use?
  110. Audio follow video
  111. .mp4 codec issues
  112. Cross fade audio with video
  113. Create a Chart that Compares File Capture Mode of TriCaster Models?
  114. Customizable/Routable inputs
  115. Streaming Flash
  116. Closing down the application
  117. Four Point tracking
  118. simultaneous camera input backups !!!!!!!!!
  119. EDIT MEDIA "Project Files" Import to DSK for "Multi-Layered Overlay"?!
  120. Preview Shot Needed For Studio
  121. Camera monitors
  122. Ability to push to live.yahoo.com
  123. The ability to place markers while recording
  124. LiveMatte "PREVIEW Buttons" How To Guide?
  125. Streaming out of Tricaster with Flash Media Encoder
  126. Bi-Annually Offer Downloadable Codec Pak Updates for All NewTek Registered Users
  127. Enable Color Clamping
  128. Expanded input VM
  129. iVGA overlay transitions
  130. Color Coded Keyboard
  131. 2 Person Shot Capability on Virtual Sets
  132. Ability to confirm that streaming is actually streaming
  133. Make LiveText Operable from a Mac, with Realtime Apple Motion Integration!
  134. Make it truly portable
  135. Lower Latency
  136. Overlays should allow ivga also
  137. New Sub-Forum for TriCaster Users?
  138. Support for Widescreen GUI?
  139. All in Favor of a color-coded TC Keyboard say "I"
  140. Multiple or Custom Streams
  141. Ability to pull IN live streams!
  142. MPEG2 Multiplex
  143. Ability to Copy Chromakey settings
  144. Audio Compressor
  145. Capture multiple inputs
  146. Ivga
  147. Windows Media Streaming: pause archive?
  148. That RED RECORD button is going to give a heart attack to somebody !!!
  149. Edit Text
  150. Tricaster Codec
  151. DDR Audio Override
  152. Panel Lock
  153. When TriCaster-HD Hits, Should it Write to DivX HD?
  154. eSATA and Memory Upgrade Offer from NewTek?
  155. eSATA (External SATA) adaptor and Memory Upgrade Offer?
  156. Live Advanced Tab with Record Options?
  157. Timewarp: Rewind from END of clip
  158. Video Source Monitoring
  159. Widescreen monitor support
  160. Tricaster Edit needs to be input in switcher.
  161. Panel Memory (Snapshots / E-Mems etc)
  162. Changing DDR playback status
  163. Flash Media Encoder 2.5
  164. Record Timers
  165. iVGA Shortcut
  166. Exporting CG graphics
  167. Rack Mount & DVD Burner
  168. Recording options
  169. MP3 On/Off Switch
  170. Key on T-bar to toggle livesets.
  171. Develop an Add-On "Black Box" that Cleanly provides Y/C and/or component IN Loop-Thru
  172. Reverse on ALT button
  173. TransLux Fairplay Support
  174. Trick the VT or Tricaster to make a Realtime Flash File
  175. 60Hz in PAL mode
  176. Couple of basic improvement suggestions
  177. More PIP's Please!
  178. Audio mixing
  179. LiveSet Feature Request
  180. "Project Profile" Feature Request
  181. external audio mixer
  182. Remapping buttons on VM switcher interface
  183. Copy Camera Settings Across Various Inputs
  184. LiveSet Creator PlugIn...
  185. Multiple Chroma Keyers
  186. Transitions between items in DDR playlist
  187. Data Link needs to be work with Fair Play
  188. Loading Codecs into Tricasters Speed Edit
  189. Tricaster Broadcast needs additional features
  190. Proof of Play Report
  191. Small Cosmetic Change
  192. Controlling the "tri" outputs in Tri-Caster
  193. SpeedEdit Compatibility
  194. iVGA with Alpha Channel
  195. Option to change Preview out on Broadcast to Program
  196. Forward/reverse
  197. Segment Recording with TimeWarp
  198. Quicktime Support
  199. Exporting Flash
  200. European (Polish) keybord problem
  201. Some Type of Live Record to "Alpha"?
  202. Individual Levels per channel in Live Audio production
  203. Toggle Switch on interface for iVGA
  204. IPTV Options
  205. TriCaster XD300 Feature Requests!
  206. IVGA Privicy Screen
  207. Folders in the DDR...
  208. USB audio faders
  209. Record Format options
  210. 1080i please?
  211. add video as background in livetext and text editor
  212. manual archive control for live internet streaming
  213. merge livetext feed into the TXT input
  214. Record a Clean Program out...
  215. 2 program outs for broadcast.
  216. TimeWarp line doubling for freeze
  217. Direct Import Into Live Set
  218. Right Click Edit Text Option
  219. Presets or Profiles
  220. TimeWarp Racket
  221. Switchable DDR Audio Delay
  222. Re-label DDR button
  223. Auto-Toggle the reverse button for FX
  224. Suggestions
  225. add new motion controls for text edit.
  226. preview channel for more than just preview.
  227. Video out through firewire
  228. Ability to use Digital Juice Swipes and Transitions
  229. Individual Audio Channel Clip Indicator
  230. Feature Request- Datalink MUST Support Daktronics DSTI
  231. Tricaster SDI no HD EXPORT???
  232. Audio Support for Transitions
  233. Allow CG Overlay in the DDRs
  234. Allow EXT as a Live Set
  235. Frame grab
  236. Overlay auto Timer/Switcher
  237. Alternative Use of Second Monitor
  238. E-Sata connector
  239. Render to Windows Media
  240. Fix bug 7118
  241. Multipul Overlays/DSK
  242. 6 input XD300 (XD600)?
  243. 6 Channel Audio Files
  244. Naming standard for TC updates
  245. Aura with XD300
  246. script insert for WM encode
  247. Xd300
  248. Building in a Audio limiter
  249. Automatic surface control detection
  250. Six cams with 3 ISO monitors?