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  1. Macros on Audio
  2. Proper warning if Internet fails
  3. Realtime Shadows in VSE / Virtual Sets
  4. SDI to NDI converter
  5. Replay clip control with 850 TimeWarp console
  6. Remote Tricaster Operation
  7. Combining clips
  8. PGM back into an ME
  9. Audio Fade between DDR Clips and when we use the switcher
  10. USB-Soundcard
  11. Display Version Numbers in Advanced Edition Auto-Update Tool
  12. AE v2 Delegate Selection Indicator
  13. DDR Datalink values
  14. Frame Buffers
  15. NDI tools + NDI tools PRO bundled
  16. Keyboard Shortcuts in AE2
  17. TCAE V2: FTB on delegate
  18. Auto Tween Duration
  19. NDI tools, etc. version display
  20. DDR/GFX/SOUND as LIST instead of thumbnails
  21. Remove Program/Preview from the interface
  22. External Joystick
  23. Aux on the Mini
  24. Secondary Ethernet Jack on Tricasters
  25. LED Key Control Surfaces
  26. Mouse and Keyboard Accessory
  27. NDI only TriCaster Software
  28. Latching mode forr macro button
  29. Notify Users About Updates Please, Please, Please
  30. copy ME definitions
  31. Disk Space Warning or Drive Spanning during recording
  32. Overwrite Comps from control surface with modifier button
  33. Scopes are assignable
  34. separate audio control with sdi input
  35. Bring back "angles" selection choice in DDR clip menu
  36. Scheduled recording option added to TriCaster systems
  37. Need true audio routing for Mini SDI with AE v 2
  38. TC Mini HD-4sdi: No video recognition of NTSC signals in PAL sessions and vice versa
  39. Behavior tweak on media players
  40. Network Status Indicator
  41. Source indication on Program/Preview Windows
  42. better logging needed
  43. Stream Control
  44. failing fans
  45. Facebook LIVE streaming to Group and Events
  46. LiveText
  47. Livetext
  48. Display Drive Space/Record Time Available on TriCaster
  49. Multiview => OUT 5
  50. Driver for Anker USB to Ethernet Dongle
  51. Full Session backup/archive including all media and settings
  52. Compressor / Limiter Metering
  53. NDI Isocorder Pro recording time
  54. Vaddio RoboSHOT 12 HD-SDI IP Control
  55. Grabbing from Preview
  56. Animation Buffer preset save
  57. Comand Send for Graphics Solutions from the Tricaster
  58. Datalink Related Requests
  59. Import media AE
  60. AE capture folder
  61. "List view" of DDR, GPX, sound
  62. Interface as NDI Source
  63. OES Sports Controller - soccer interface for Livetext
  64. Identify output feature request
  65. Update TCXD Audio iPad App for Advanced Edition 2
  66. Add "twinning" back into the current build of Advanced Edition 2
  67. NDI Monitor software not Tally option
  68. TC1: Monitoring of Master Channel 3/4 not possible
  69. Facebook Streaming Locally - Please Read
  70. Option to reverse up/down of PTZ control (Panasonic) (TC1)
  71. Advanced Edition Upgrade Lost Net1/Net2 Functionality on Control Surface of TC460
  72. Dante Support
  73. AD v2 software
  74. Time based macro
  75. iVGA Auto-Start
  76. HD full! Please make a BIG WARNING!
  77. Faster software download CDNs
  78. TriCaster Advanced Edition Avid Export
  79. Support Closed Captions
  80. List view for ALL media players
  81. New AE macro controls
  82. Support of All American Scoreboards in LiveText
  83. DSK On/Off State
  84. Vimeo Live Streaming Options
  85. PTZ Number Matching Input Number
  86. Mini incase monitor - AE- PLEASE enable scopes and clock options for in case monitor
  87. Please Add NDI internal ISO Recording in the Advanced edition
  88. Audio Solo function toggle to PFL
  89. Please add login to LivePanel
  90. TC Mini - LTC Time Code & Alpha in/out
  91. Change the Layout of Multiview Workspace
  92. Remote audio control
  93. Password Protected Sessions
  94. End Transition on Autoplay
  95. Move to HDMI I/O
  96. NDI PTZ head
  97. Need Record Settings for TC1!
  98. NC1 I/O - to enable recording for NDI sources
  99. NC1 I/O - adding IP sources without SW restart
  100. TC1 Maintain Audio Playback with Speed Adjusted
  101. NDI Spark WiFi off Please
  102. Intercom Partyline over NDI and Spark on Steriods
  103. Audio Control Surface Support
  104. Release Status / Known Issue listing on Downloads Page
  105. Time Played for Sound Media Player
  106. Feather Request
  107. Adapt the output so that the Tricaster can be used on ultra-wide screens
  108. TC1 SDI Embedded Tally
  109. Live Panel TC1 with replay control surface
  110. Post video directly to twitter
  111. Borders that adjust with cropping
  112. Option to _Not_ Auto Load last session on startup.
  113. TC8000 quickly copy M/E
  114. Monthly "List View" request
  115. % New Data Link Key for DDR's
  116. NC1 media set/trim in points
  117. An Add-On like VMix Social
  118. NDI Access Manager Export - Import function
  119. Live Panel Builder pages to be linked with sessions, not system
  120. Source Noise Gate adjustment
  121. Audio Volume control from the Control Surface
  122. Display the real file embbeded Time Code IN DDR
  123. Embedded Time Code in the SDI stream
  124. M/E Output with Alpha
  125. External PTZ Controller for Newtek NDI cameras
  126. Control surface "live" status
  127. More Dante outputs from Tricaster
  128. Import function to save settings from one TriCaster version to the next
  129. Get rid of Internet Explorer!!
  130. Tally for Livetext
  131. DataLink on Input Names
  132. Router Changes
  133. Turning DSKs on/off for PGM bus output
  134. NDI Scopes
  135. Facebook Login to Access Publishing Tools -> Video Library -> Live Scheduled Event
  136. Expansion NDI Pro
  137. Tricaster log file for tracing malfunctions
  138. M/E Preview and Program boarders in multiviewer
  139. DataLink keys (%) available in STREAM/ENCODE h264 filename
  140. More date options in DataLink in Advance Edition
  141. Vertical Safe Overlay
  142. NDI Studio
  143. Record Settings Choices
  144. LiveText OES Scoreboard support
  145. Datalink Key Addition
  146. FIXING the TriCaster Software Update link
  147. NDI|HX implemented in TriCaster
  148. Push notification for software/firmware updates -
  149. Multiviewer name size
  150. Feature Request: QUIET fans for the HD4 Mini
  151. Disable Automatic Session Login
  152. Add a countdown timer for the DDR play out windows
  153. Midi Continuous Controller compatibility for all Tricasters Mixers
  154. Filename with %datalink% in Streaming/File Capture recordings menu
  155. RGB Parade - Waveformmonitor
  156. Instagram and Twitter
  157. Ability to use Datalink Chrome Plug-in with LiveText Standalone
  158. NDI Phone app (Apple) - Ability to have flash used as talley
  159. Program Timeline XML File
  160. Need a Virtual Set in PSD or VSE Template
  161. Machine Type selection for VSE LiveSet Installers
  162. Tricaster 860: Video delay on DDR's
  163. Tricaster Advanced Edition V3 and Feb 7 2019 Update
  164. Active tab improved color contrast request
  165. OS Upgrade with New Feature Upgrade?
  166. Audio Mixer Visibility
  167. Datalink for system times
  168. Add Sports/Manual Parsing of Scoreboard Data
  169. PTZ Control in AE3
  170. PTZ control with (xbox) controller
  171. Double-click Play to Pause video
  172. ISO Record Bug - December 2018 Update
  173. ptz control