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    Exclamation Tricaster Video Editing

    The school I am attending has resently aquired a Tricaster. The video editing program leaves much to be desired but its all i've got to edit on unless I want to drag the video to another computer. I would like to know how to edit audio in this rediculous program and how i can get just video to fade and not the audio along with it. i've tried adding a seperate copy of the audio track and muting the first but this does not seem to fix the problem any help would be greatly appriciated. Thank you.

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    Deal Adding to my prior post

    I take it this is not able to be done being that 116 people have viewed this thus far and have said nothing this has been posted for about a month. This really is pathetic and i do not recomend The Tri Caster it is ridiculous! If a sales person trys to tell you this is an easy machine to edit with as well as shoot live feeds, he's got one out of 2 right. Editing isn't worth the trouble. The editing part of the Tri Caster program is a joke and leaves behind many items that basic freebie programs have. Might as well just record straight video from the cameras and edit later.

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    I'm so sorry that we missed your post.

    I have spent some time on this tonight and it seems that we tried to make the editor as user friendly as possible and added one too many automatic features. You are correct, it will always crossfade your audio.

    I've just had a discussion with some of the engineers and we are looking at the best way to find a solution to this.

    Once again, my sincere apologies for having not spotted this sooner. If you have any questions in the future, do not hesitate to call our technical support, or email me directly.

    If you email me at I will contact you as soon as I get a solution.
    John Perkins
    Software Engineer

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    I'm the "sales person" that sold BCCC their TriCaster and I'm sure I said that the editor is very easy to use. I stand by that statement. I wish you had called or emailed me with your problem, before you got on the forum and flamed this fine product. I know I left my business card with my contact info and I'm always willing to answer questions (evenings & weekends included).
    Like John, if I had seen your post sooner, I would have contacted you immediately. As for your audio problem...I just got off my TC and I think I know how to fix that auto fade. Just grab the edge of the AUDIO clip and stretch it so that it is longer then the video above it...the auto fade will go away and you can then use the lower corner fade (the dotted line) to control when the audio dips. You can do the same for both sides of the transition. Please let me know if this solves your problem or if you have any other questions.
    Wendell "Wink" Friesen
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