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Thread: New Deep Rising FX Introductory Training

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    New Deep Rising FX Introductory Training

    Hey Everyone,

    I'm proud to announce that Deep FX has released the first in a series of introductory training videos that will cover Deep Rising FX in-depth. Of course everything is free and can be accessed through YouTube.

    More videos will be uploaded periodically.



    Deep Rising FX Introductory Training Link

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    Great ! Thanks a lot for that, darkChief | 3D Animation, Motion Graphics and Broadcast Design.

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    I appreciate these tutorials myself; I haven't purchased Deep Rising yet, but it is on my list of potential purchases. The tutorials help to give me more of an idea of how it works and how much goes into these simulations and that in turn helps me evaluate how it fits into my workflow.

    I would only add that from what I have seen so far in the tutorials, we are seeing the mechanics but not necessarily the results. I would recommend adding in some split-screen renders or VPR of the simulation so that we see what is being built. I know for those who own Deep Rising it isn't necessary, but for potential customers like me and those on the fence, it really helps solidify the potential of the product.

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