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Thread: FIXING LIGHTWAVE: The UNDO in Layout...How would you FIX it?

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    FIXING LIGHTWAVE: The UNDO in Layout...How would you FIX it?

    Hey guys,
    How would to implement a fix to the Layout Undo system?
    What needs to be BROKEN in order for this to work?
    An for people familiar with the LW sdk what would you do behind the scenes?
    I am loooking for ward to your ideas.
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    The way undo works in Zbrush, it's the best undo I've seen. In conjunction with auto save and backup feature.
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    i think there is a hidden knowledge in Japan - Japanese programmers CAN CODE undo .. not NT.. even IKB had its own UNDO .. ages ago... so stop dreaming...

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    Honestly, I'd be pretty happy just to have a longer undo history .. perhaps a limit set by the user, dependant upon the amount of memory available.

    I've run into LW's maximum '128 undo' limit more often than I care to admit.

    A big part of that is because I sometimes use lscripts, which -- while comprised of only a single keystroke, on my part -- can sometimes take up 6-12 (or more) 'undo' slots, each.

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    Quote Originally Posted by droosan View Post
    Honestly, I'd be pretty happy just to have a longer undo history
    That's not the issue, Undo just doesn't work as a user expects it and in many situations it doesn't work at all (Layout and Modeler).

    Every other end user application I know and use does this right except LW. The only action that should be excluded (but available with a separate undo stack and shortcut) should be camera and scene navigation.

    But this leads to next issue with LW, it's camera and scene navigation is so tedious and outdated. And this follows through the whole application, almost everything is implemented half-hearted. A long time LW user might not notice it, but if you work with applications that gets most details in usability right, it's really painful and inefficient to work with LW.

    NewTek certainly doesn't seem to get it, otherwise they would at least implement new tools properly (and I could list tons of examples for that).

    Almost all issues with LW come down to its poor user experience (and some old core issues like undo and application split).

    However I find this threads and questions pointless because it will not change anything. The only thing that would change it is if NewTek would have people working on these issues with the corresponding skills and dedication.


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