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Thread: Color Management: LightWave compatible LUT files for Adobe RGB and/or ProPhoto RGB?

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    Color Management: LightWave compatible LUT files for Adobe RGB and/or ProPhoto RGB?

    LightWave holds LUT files for television and movie workflows alongside with the standard (and small) sRGB color space.
    It would be highly beneficial for those who are working in a more photographic/print environment to have LightWave compatible LUT files for AdobeRGB and/or ProPhoto RGB color spaces to import into LightWave's color management system.
    Modo i.e. does have these color spaces embedded, but unfortunately the files cannot be imported into LightWave.
    I failed to find anything on the web so far, so:
    does anyone ever has found a source for LW compatible (*.csp, *.3dl, *.cube) LUTs of AdobeRGB and/or ProPhoto RGB color spaces?

    (If others do have the same problem, I'll make it a Feature Request)

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    Nice question!

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    Notice that "colorspaces" shipped with LW define transfer functions only. It doesn't define other color properties, so in LW, sRGB space is not really "small", nor big, since gamut is not defined. Even when LW support LUTs, these native reproduction curves are formulas, not LUTs. You won't find LUTs OF aRGB, Prophoto or any other colorspace because LUTs -alone- can not define a colorspace. But you can generate LUTs FOR those RGB colorspaces to your display standard for previewing and guide in that way your color choices. Notice however that values above 1.0 will be clipped. In such case you need to pre-manage your input colors externally in a CM-aware software or within LW with something like SG_CCTools. Btw, for print work, here's a way to preview CMYK colors in LW.



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