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Thread: Livepanel questions

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    Livepanel questions


    a few questions concerning Livepanel :

    - Where is the Livepanel configuration stored, builder pages layout etc ? I suspect the C:\ProgramData\NewTek folder, which these days contains most of the non-session related configuration files, but I'd like to be sure.
    - Same questions for the macro recorded through Livepanel, they are stored in a "lIve Panel" folder in Macro Editor. But I can't file where it's stored on the hard drive.
    - Do you plan to have specific Livepanel builder templates tied to sessions, and not a global Builder configuration which is the same whatever the session is opened in Tricaster ?
    - In Builder, you have to be in edit mode to switch from one page to another. I know you can assign "Switch to Page X" to cells, but then you have to do it for every page you create.... can be a bit annoying.

    Anyway, it's a really great addition, and many customers already love it from the first release !



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    Hi jerome, I just have purchased LivePanel, but I dont have any information, manuals or documentation about how build scenes, scores or changes... I see your post but no replys. Have you got anything? I would like to have any tutorial about how to build score scenes?

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    LivePanel config files are written to ProgramData/NewTek/Web Datastore. I've lost track of where macros are written, sorry. My systems are pretty non-standard, which makes it a bit hard to find things.

    As to documentation, each page in the system is effectively self-documenting, in that basic operation notes are available in the titlebar. Those going beyond the standard functionality described there will have to do some digging, I'm afraid.
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