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Thread: Muting audio output while still recording.

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    Muting audio output while still recording.

    In our productions we send the audio from our broadcaster and output from our Tricaster separately to an encoder provided by our live stream provider, where the signals are then combined and streamed.
    I can easily get the broadcaster into the Tricaster which I would like to do in order to record at our highest possible quality. However we send the Tricaster audio out to our arena sound system so when I pull the broadcaster audio in, it will go out to the arena. I can mute the broadcaster, but that would defeat the purpose of recording his audio.
    I have videos with sound that are played in the DDR that need to go over the arena speakers so I can't mute the sound system.

    My question is: How do I enable recording of the broadcasters audio, while muting the output?

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    Depending on which TriCaster you are using, you would accomplish this using audio routing and aux audio channels.

    For advanced edition/TC1, just remove your announcer channel from the main out using the audio routing configuration. It will still be in the aux audio mixes. Then record program video with one of the aux audio output channels.

    Additionally, you could also ISO record just the announcer input while muting it in main output. When Iso recording an input, the signal is recorded before and processing, therefore, it ignores the mute function.

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    you can also use the "phone" output, so with SOLO option you can easily route audios

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