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Thread: TC1 Dante Delay

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    TC1 Dante Delay

    Hi everyone,

    We are attempting to use Dante as our primary source with the TC1 and we are having a problem with a fairly large delay. With our current Dante supported gear we have a latency of ~3-6 msec. But with TC1 there seems to be a substantial delay added. Below is a chart

    Source Dest Latency msec
    O1V96 TC1 70
    TC1 O1V96 103
    Tio O1V96 ~3
    O1V96 Tio ~3
    Tio TC1 70
    O1V96>TC1>O1V96 270
    TC1>O1V96>TC1 270

    The main takeaways are that when the TC1 is not involved latency is nearly impossible to detect. On the other side When going into the TC1 there is a 70 msec, and when coming out of the TC1 there is a 103 msec. When moving the same channel in and out or out then in of the TC1 it picks up a extra 100 msec of delay.

    All Dante controller settings are the same for our devices where applicable.

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    Are you measuring these values in Dante Controller?
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    We use an O1V96 for our own in-house Dante testing and have not run into this issue. Do you know if IGMP snooping is enabled on your network?
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