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Thread: Spectre and Meltdown potential issues going forward?

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    Spectre and Meltdown potential issues going forward?

    A little concerned about this given both the serious nature of the issue from both a security and performance perspective:

    Does NewTek have a position on this that may help put everyone's mind to rest? Obviously, the non-TC1/IP Series are on Windows 7 ...

    Clearly, we're not doing anything that involves most web "surfing" activities but occasionally we need to get on a page for one reason or another so I'm not sure if this would expose our system to malicious code or not. Naturally, there's no personal information on the system nor would I expect we'd access any externally ... but I wouldn't want to see our system become part of a zombie bot army or such! But, also concerned about exposing IDs and passwords to CDNs or other sites we work with via the TriCaster (EG, YouTube).

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    I'm really concerned about those issues as you do. I hope Newtek will put new updates online soon. Bu I'm also concerned by the lastest news I've heard about Intel Broadwell and Haswell CPUs. It appears that the update that Intel has deployed caused successive restart of the computer. I'd rather not see this happen on my Tricaster xD
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