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Thread: Premiere & Tricaster MOVs: Quicktime 32-bit warning

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    Premiere & Tricaster MOVs: Quicktime 32-bit warning

    Hi all! Hope you had a good transition into 2018...

    The other day I got a warning from Adobe Premiere CC2018 while loading a Tricaster recorded MOV.
    Something like this:
    "Warning! Support of 32 bit quicktime will be depreciated in a future version of Premiere Pro! We suggest you transcode all non-legacy media files if you still want to edit the files in the future!"

    Do I have to worry? I couldn't find any post related to this message.

    My version of Premiere is running on Win 7. I read that Adobe did some changes from CC2017 to CC2018 on how it handles video CODECs and will work better on Win 10. But I don't have a Win 10 machine at hand to test if the warning will still arise.

    Any observations from your side? Thanks!

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    Currently, Premiere 2018 still supports 32-bit Quicktime so things work as they did before. When support is removed, SpeedHQ encoded files will not work (unless Adobe happens to also update to a newer version of FFMPEG which does support SpeedHQ). XDCAM type MOV recording files will continue to work. The codec of the MOV in the TriCaster depends on the video format being recorded.
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