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Thread: Is this workflow possible with Tricaster TC1 and the NDI PTZ's

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    Is this workflow possible with Tricaster TC1 and the NDI PTZ's


    Is it possible to have a fixed setup of 4 NDI|HX cameras in a building in "city A" and the operator / TC1 / 3Play / Vizrt in "city B" ?

    If yes, is it really as simple as transmitting the the 4 108060 signals via a basic (but fast enough) Internet connection between "city A" and "city B" because its NDI-based?

    If no, what would it take to make such a setup happen with Newtek products?

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    With NDI Cloud you can do exactly this as you propose. Mark has developed a great product and you can find more about it here :

    If you have a dedicated fiber internet connection in both locations then you might be able to do it without NDI Cloud. Each of the NewTek PTZ cameras with NDI-HX would need about 20 megabits per second of upload speed. So in your proposed concept, 80 megabits of upload is needed in City A. City B would need the equivalent in download speed. Our recent experience has been that finding a single line capable of 80 megabits upload is the hard part. Actually finding anything not dedicated fiber based with an upload of over 20 mbps is rare. We have had to resort in our mobile setups to contracting multiple internet lines as fast as they can be and then muxing them together or doing some creative load balancing with our network routing.

    Is what you propose do-able in concept? Yes. Easy to do? Absolutely not.
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