HAs anyone experienced this. I was waiting to ask until our 460 AE had the update successfully installed and make sure it wasn't fixed in the update. Thanks Laura for getting that done for me.
Anyway, when I switch between, say Comp 1 which is fully zoomed out and comp 2 which is zoomed in, output 1, coming out in component to a monitor loses signal for anywhere form 20 seconds to much longer.
I've tried a different set of cables to a different monitor and get the same thing. Sometimes it happens right away, sometimes it happens mid zoom and sometimes it doesn't happen at all. It happened before the update and it happens after the update to the latest software. It doesn't happen on Output 2.

We brought this rig a while ago, but just installed it in the studio about 2 weeks ago and it has happened since we installed it. Any ideas or suggestions? It's a new rig, I have a busy few months coming up and am not really in a position to send it anywhere. We use both monitors for the talent, having one of them go out during zooms and not being sure when it will come back is a bit disconcerting and not expected with a new install.