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Thread: Consolidate our registrations

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    Consolidate our registrations

    We just upgraded to Advanced Edition on our 2 Tricaster 460s and the registration process reminded me that I have stuff registered in multiple IDs on the NewTek website. Our boss just retired and have everything under his name previously. I had no idea how to logon as him. I did get a password reset for his ID and tried to change the password to one I had registered separately with our new 460. Is there a way to consolidate all our registrations under one common login. Otherwise future support will be a nightmare trying to find everything. Is there a way to get through to support for this kind of stuff directly via phone. This whole new voicemail system is close to worthless for getting help and there is no option to connect with a real person for things like this that need to be taken care of.

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    You might try the online chat with CS. They're often much speedier, as they can multitask.
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