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Thread: LightWave 2018 Announcement - Discussion Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by raymondtrace View Post
    I think the response to Felicia was appropriate. Felicia's reasoning to leave LW was a personal opinion that really offered nothing to this audience. There's no reason to encourage anybody if that is the reason for leaving LW.

    FWIW, when I tried running LW in Linux (via Wine) years ago, I was getting slightly faster render times than when the same hardware booted as Windows OS. I wonder if Felicia ever tried LW on Linux before dismissing it.
    You're missing subtext, google "Bye, Felicia". It was a dismissive, borderline inappropriate response.
    John W.
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    Quote Originally Posted by paulhart View Post
    Lino showed up on the Blender NPR forum, introduced himself, and I welcomed him to the group and encouraged Ton (Blender Director Extraordinaire) to jump at the opportunity to have him contribute.
    Which Blender site is that? Can you link to it?

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    I have been exploring Lightwave 2018 since it was released, and have to say, for me, its brilliant.
    Beautiful quality Lighting and Renders. Fast Open GL, even with High Poly count Geometry.
    Well Done Newtek.

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