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Thread: Rachael Returns - BladRunner

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    Quote Originally Posted by bazsa73 View Post
    There was something very strange about those characters in SW while this Rachel character feels real and believable even though I know she is a double.
    That's one of the problems with modern CG FX in movies, people's brains aren't letting them ignore the FX. The FX are becoming so good/believable that while your eyes keeping telling you it's real your brain knows it's 'fake' and keeps yelling at you that it is not real. In days gone by, your eyes could see things were artificial/models/whatever but your brain kept telling you it was just a film so suspend your disbelief, sit back and enjoy the entertainment :-)
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    imo, the main problem with CG is that is tends to look washed out.

    not always, but too often.
    misc reasons for that,

    time pressure
    artistic choice
    artists not being "good enough" to make it appear Awesomely realistic
    too much Subsurface Scattering
    low Gi quality
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    nudity warning, unless you live in Scandinavia.
    oh, +some gore...
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