It has always been the case for any current TriCaster model that you should record no more than TWO video sources to each drive. For instance, two separate .mov recordings per drive. If the TriCaster has TWO internal drives, such as TC1 or Mini HD-4i, then the user should be confident that they will have no problem recording FOUR simultaneous sources, observing the two recordings per drive rule.

The catch is that only one recording can be H.264, for the simple reason that ENCODING the H.264 takes a lot of resources. The small file size of H.264 means that is actually much easier for the drive to handle recording of! With two hard drives, the user could record ONE H.264 and THREE .mov files at once, or FOUR .mov files at once.

If the TriCaster has just one internal drive (Mini HD-4 or 410 for instance), TWO recordings can go to the internal drive, and TWO more can go to a fast external, such as a USB 3.0 drive.