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Thread: Export animation data from Lightwave to blender

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    By the way I did a quick check. On my scene the camera came in at 180 degrees the wrong direction. Also the clipping far distance was set to 1. This is the same as 1 meter which may not even be close to what you need depending on your scene scale.

    There seems to be an issue with the camera animation. It is off axis, something to do with the Z up in Blender.

    I am not sure what the solution to that is off hand. You might have better luck exporting and importing a .mot file. And even then might require parenting to a null in Blender to offset the incorrect axis.

    I tried a few different settings on FBX import and using a null in Blender but I have not found the solution yet.

    Learning to animate the camera in Blender is not a bad idea.

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    Thanks surrealist very much! I could not even rotate the FBX imported camera..

    But look at this solution:

    It is made by Twinville Creative Studios

    I am now trying to install this MF Chan plugin :P

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    camera needs to put into local mode before you rotate it so that its original axis is used not the zeroed out one that Blender will have given it, also it defaults to radians possibly it aught be switched degrees, but I get this problem always and looking at the forums every one else does too

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    Great tips. It is for this and many other reasons I just don't like bothering with an fbx pipeline if I can get away with it.

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    On the subject of exporting animation does anyone know how you export UV maps with alembic data? - me and a friend are trying to export physics animations for 3DS max but he tells me there are no texture maps when he loads the alembic files. cant seem to find much on the net or in the manual.


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