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Thread: iris control, imager size, and gain question

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    iris control, imager size, and gain question

    I posted this in another thread, but I think it got buried.

    1. What is the size of the chip and how many? 1/4"?
    2. I am running my 1/3" cams at a 3.2 iris and the NDI cams have to run at 30db gain in order to see in the same light. Is there some other setting I am missing or are they just light hungry due to the chipset? (Yes, I RTFM)
    3. I can't seem to get the TC (8000) to control the iris at all. Any tips?

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    Hi Dhodlick,

    Per B&H, the sensor size 1/2.8" - made by Sony.
    We are NOT having the same gain issue. We run a couple of other Sony cameras (Z150 and NX5) and the PTZ is at 0 gain and matches exposure pretty closely. I have not RTFM - at least not completely, so I am not sure what could be happening with yours. (maybe 60p vs 30p? But it should not make that much of a difference)

    We are having the same issue with the iris. Also, when we set a preset in the tricaster, sometime the camera will move a bit when we re-select the preset.
    Plus, if we set focus manually and then save a preset, it does not store the manual focus setting, so when we go back to that preset, and click the advanced button, auto focus is selected.
    Is this a global setting or is it saved with each preset?

    Lastly, for us, it seems best to use the remote control to get the shot exactly how we want it, then save the preset on the tricaster. Since we can't seem to control iris or have actual fine tune over focus/movement on the tricaster, the remote works great. This might change once we get the Xbox controller (or other joystick) to work via studio monitor, but for now the remote is perfect. PLUS, the camera menu only appears on the SDI output! This means we can hook up a local monitor to the camera, make the adjustments right there, then save the presets back at control. Actually, that is the ONLY way to see the on-board menus unless you have run an SDI cable back to the Tricaster (which we also do because we enjoy our redundant redundancies).

    But I would still like to know what's up with the iris control.

    Tricaster 460AE2 + LC-11
    Rack: Router, switch, backup encoder, captioning devices, audio mixer , etc
    Cameras: Sony FS700, Z150, NX5, NewTek PTZ1, Spark

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    Hey Andrew - Thanks for your input. I'm on the B&H site and there is no mention of the sensor size, outside of a B&H staff member giving their thoughts. Until NewTek themselves confirms, I'll hold off on believing the salesman. If it really does have the same sensor size as the Panasonics, I'd be even more impressed with the price point and even more disappointed in the performance.

    I am not sure what's going on then with the cams. We've got 4 of these things now, and they're actually sitting in the boxes behind me - ready to go back to B&H with the RMA already printed. For what we're doing - iris control, and reliable iris control, is a must have.

    We also ran into the focus memory issue. In addition, the auto-iris appears to override whatever selection has been set in the remote menu. We've done what you did: built the shot in the remote, set it as a preset in the TC (complete with iris, focus, color, etc) and when we select the preset again - the iris has changed. Have you also seen the apparent randomness activity in the remote menus when it comes to selecting iris, gain, and other settings?
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