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Thread: AE 5-1, what's new?

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    AE 5-1, what's new?

    So I see AE 5-1 is available. Is it worth upgrading? What's new with it? Will it make my life easier and our shows more awesome?
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    I don't know for sure...performance and stability for starts. I have a Mini with AE 4-0, and a TC1. Though TC1 has its own software, TC1 software features should be on par with AE 5 for consistency (TC has its own software because of 4K and Skype support..and being Windows 10-based). One difference I can see is the NDI control option offered in PTZ camera setup. That's new.

    AE 5-1 Read Me shows 8 camera iso-recording for 8000 - I believe the number of recordings had been reduced to 4 for a while with older software if memory serves. So there's that if it matters to your workflow.

    Maybe Newtek staff can chime in with AE 5-1 benefits they are aware of.

    I'll probably update my Mini today because I just got the NDI PTZ camera and need to test that. Then I might more readily see differences directly between 4-0 and 5-1.

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    - 8 Quicktime IsoRecording channels on 860/8000 systems
    - NDI Access Manager in Add-ons
    - 15 second session auto-start
    - 'Add to' GFX and DDR option in import window
    - Ability to change control surface button order using 'surfaces' tool in Add-ons
    - Macro ability to import/export M/E presets and DDR playlists
    - Performance improvements

    That is what I can recall off the top of my head. I probably missed a few.
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