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Thread: Would that be legal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MichaelT View Post
    Not only that.. in UK.. (AFAIK anyway) anything you produce.. even in your spare time.. they pretty much own it. Luckily, not all places in the world are as draconian.
    That's not the case here. In general, anything is negotiable.

    Normally, the client is purchasing print or broadcast rights, but this doesn't include the physical work itself or the elements or tools used to create it. Ownership of the original work itself is not assumed and is treated separately from printing/broadcast/distribution rights. Exactly what it being purchased or contracted for should be spelled out in a contract.

    In film and TV productions, most studios will get you to sign what's called a work-for-hire contract and own everything you produce for them outright. Usually, the artist can reserve the right to use footage for self-promotion (demo reels for animators/vfx artist,) but this shouldn't be assumed either--make sure it's in the contract before signing.

    In many situations, an artist can negotiate the terms of a contract. It really comes down to who wants what badly enough to pay for it or give it up.
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