While I am still waiting for tech support to figure out what is going on over a week now, just wanted to know if anyone else are getting the same problem.

While I am very pleased with the AE updates and it gives use a lot more uses with our 460, the comps are the main problem right not.

While using the comps, all work great when watching via the output window and even over a external projector. All switching are smooth and great. Even our live broadcast to Ustream looks good. But when I record them on drive D or E they are all jumpy and skipping. Even if I tried it on an external drive got the same results. (Normally the external drive is used to transfer files from TC).

I am not getting feed back from the church board about the cost for upgrading and can not use it the way I main my pitch to purchase it and also want to purchase a second copy for the Mini I just got them to purchase. It poses a problem for future purchases.