I upgraded my VS4000 from 170405 to 170901 yesterday and had issues with test Skype clients that I have on my local network. The Logitech C920 cameras on the test systems called into the VS4000 were not able to maintain 1080p. Sometimes they wouldn't get above 360p or they'd go to 1080p and drop to 360p. It originally looked like one bad camera, but all four of my cameras had the same issue at various times on different systems.

I had the same problem when I upgrade the Skype TX Control app on the VS4000 to 2.17.601.4 and did the latest offered channel update.

I had downloads of the previous Skype TX control and TalkShow upgrade and didn't have to rebuild the system from scratch. Just ran the TalkShow 170405 installer and removed the current Skype TX Control version and ran the installer for 2.17.601.4. My current channel version is 2.16.0915.13 and the remote clients maintain 1080p.

Rob Safran
TriCaster 460 AE
TalkShow VS4000
NDI Transmit
Gnural Net LTA and CM