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Thread: Question re: 4 M/E's on the TC1...

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    Question re: 4 M/E's on the TC1...

    I've had two cases recently where Tricaster 8000 based studios were considering moving to the TC1, but ended up deciding not to once they found out it only has 4 M/E's vs the 8 they are used to. While my initial thought was that maybe the TC/1 was probably targeted more as a 460 AE upgrade, when fully spec'd out it definitely fall's closer to the 8000 in price (~$40K) and with 16 inputs and scalable SDI I/O options it is definitely a killer solution for large scale productions. The IP-Series Tricaster line is definitely much more than they are looking (both price and capability wise), so I think the 8000 still fills a gap outside of the 'IP first' Tricaster lineup, especially for people that are really leveraging some of it's features.

    I definitely understand all of the enhancements that do come with the TC1 and are fully onboard with the benefits of NDI. Gnural Net is 'all in' with NDI, which make getting people over to the TC1 so compelling for us. The people I've spoken with are sold on all of these new capabilities, but seem to have a sense of taking a 'step down' from the 8000 when they see a drop to 4 M/E's. While I am comfortable I could leverage DSK's and COMP's to rework their sessions to get them to fit in the 4 M/E's, the feedback I was getting was that they didn't want to buy something new, then start doing work-arounds out the gate that could limit their flexibility down the road. That is something I can sympathize with.

    Please understand that I'm NOT posting this to complain about the TC1 (Far from it!). I'm am just curious how other 8000 users are looking at it, and trying to figure out the best way to get 8000 users to consider moving over to it. Is this just a case of telling those who see this as an issue to standby and wait for a 'TC2' at some point down the road, or is there an up-sell around this that I'm missing?

    I definitely appreciate any suggestions or thoughts people have.

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    While I know there are some people that do use all 8 M/E's, I think in most cases, this isn't as much of a problem as just changes to the workflow.

    There are macro command to load new M/E presets, so you can make the 4 M/E on a TC1 work like many more. The IP Series systems (which I really think that a TC8000 client should take a serious look at if they are planning to upgrade) would give the what they currently are used to, and they can even add the Studio Expansion module if wants to have more M/E 'like'' capabilities.
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