It has been 2 weeks trying to get the 460 to record our comps correctly.

The output screen, the projector screen and live broadcast all work like they should. But the recordings are lagging, flickering and jumping.

Spoke with tech support yesterday, was advised to try a complete factory restore and re-install the AE software. This was done and still had the problems.

Today I did a live test again and the live broadcast work great with the switching in the comps. But the recording did the same thing.

Was one the phone with tech support for 2 hours and having the also log onto the system. They checked everything out and looked at the settings. Even going as far as running test on the C, D and E drives which all passed and no problems. This is when the tech said they needed to bring another tech into the problem and to stay connected and they will call me back.

So I sat around for 6 hours waiting with no call back. But the very frustrating thing is that I got 8 phone calls asking me to take a survey on the assistance I got in solving my problem.

Problem not solved and will have to travel again from Mississippi to New Orleans tomorrow and try a call them which now been taking 1 - 2 hours on hold even with a case number.

Sorry about ranting on but it is Very Frustrating waiting and getting the return call while leaving the system connected to tech support.