Just received the first batch 4 NDIHX-PTZ1. Exited to finally have a true end to end broadcast IP system.

First thoughts for now..is to make them better plug and play cameras and some suggestions:
1. Please include HX codec. (Now it took lot of time to install the codec on all units. I hope the HX codec be embedded in VMC1/TriCaster + NDI toolspack?)
2. Please deliver always with DHCP (Some cameras was delivered with static IP. Took a long time to find out how get the embedded menu up and look at the output from SDI to see the menu. Then in the menu figure out how to switch to DHCP)
3. Please deliver the cameras without a login and password (user can set password later if they want, but during setup it is just extra hassle to have it on)
4. In the cameras web-interface I would like to see an "apply" button. Now you cant really be sure if the changes was actually accepted
5. Bringing up the NDIHX in studio monitor when HX codec is not installed the initial link is to "new.tk/ndihx". With this link you arrive at newtek.com. I guess the correct link should be "new.tk/PTZ1Info"

Keep on the good work!