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Thread: Restoring M/E Key States To Your Prefered Session Defaults

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    Restoring M/E Key States To Your Prefered Session Defaults

    I use the COMP Presets bin to "record" M/E Key(s) On/Off States. Since keys are
    toggle-able you don't always know if they're on or off if when you start your session
    or if you've progressed through your shows other macros.

    Setting key states in a macro doesn't record their toggle state and I find the
    "Value" and "Key" fields in the macro editor confusing and unintuitive.

    So to ensure my preferred default session's key "On/Off" settings are set, I record
    each M/E's key's "on/off" status in each key's COMP bin 16.

    Then I create a macro and name it "PrepSession", then do a Snapshot macro recording
    that selects each M/E's COMP bin 16--with the preferred preset key states(the last bin--out
    of the way of any other in-show macros you may set) and Wa-La!! all the keys I am using for a
    session/show are reset to their pre-show status.

    And of course you can also record the states of other things like audio mixer bin presets
    and Hardware Output configurations within this same macro to ensure a preferred session/show state.

    Now if only we had some way of knowing where were are within a session show macros.

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    Just in case you haven't stumbled on it yet, you can often use the T-Bar commands to force an explicit on or off state.
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    That seems unnecessarily pedantic. What about the T-Bar makes it more "sticky" than performing virtually the same task with a key take/auto button?

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    Using the shortcut of 'main_dsk1_value' with a value of zero (off) or one (on) will all you to set the status of a keyer. Use 'main' for DSKs on the main switcher or 'v1' thru 'v8' for an M/E. The 'value' command is what a t-bar would perform, and isn't a toggle like the take/auto button.

    For example, 'v2_dsk3_value' with a value of 0 (zero) will turn off the third keyer in M/E2.

    Also, using a web app, it is possible to get the status of the keyers (or most other switcher settings) and have JavaScript perform the logic of what needs to happen next based on that information.
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    That sounds more complicated than it probably actually is LOL! Is this something that is covered in NewTek on-site training?
    For now, until I can grasp that info, using comps to reset the state of multiple M/Es seems to be working. My grasp of Macros
    is growing though.

    I've also noticed that I have to avoid embedding Audio Mixer presets into my Macros and just let the 'Follow Program Video'
    dictate what gets audio priority. Otherwise my DDR audio refuses to play consistently.

    Actually re; macros and the LaunchPad S...any chance there will be Tricaster update that will address allowing each Tricaster
    session's launchpad color scheme to be custom only to that session?

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    create emem files to reset your DSK states and sources.
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