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Thread: Bone help

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    Bone help

    Ok so I have an animation but I need to adjust the arms. the animation is about 60 frames but when I adjust the arms in frame 0 it resets in frame 1 back to the old position. I need it to stay in its readjusted place for all 60 frames. how do I accomplish this?

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    Without knowing more about your rig I'd expect you would want to get rid of any keyframes that are shifting it after frame zero.

    Just as a bit of soap boxing, one common workflow is to reserve frame zero for the rest pose and start your animating at frame 1.
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    Make sure you have AutoKey create enabled for all channels using the button at the bottom of Layout, about the center. Otherwise, you have to explicitly create keyframes each time you move the Bones (or any other object), using ENTER-ENTER. I *very* rarely work with AutoKey create turned off.



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