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Thread: Turbulence FD 336GB CACHE EXAMPLE

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    Its amazing and spectacular...just wow!

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    Thatīs a monster flame thrower, great.
    I think I have mentioned I am back on evaluating turbulenceFD, though the lack of the next lightwave version is interfering with getting my questions on particle advection to be resolved, I have asked some more questions on the jawset forums, but nowadays he seem to be quite busy or something or can not speak much about it..cause I do not see him jumping in and answer much on the forums nowadasy, It could be that he may be on vacation or just busy, but it concerns me a bit not getting anything cleared up, for instance weight emission would be important for me ..and fire and smoke display both at the same time in openGL.

    Do you have more specs on the scale of that scene you showed?

    I am starting to get hang of blenders fire and smoke, and the cuda rendering is very fast with volume absorbtiona and scattering..actually faster than turbulenceFD with smoke illumination, but..I do hit a roof when scaling up to over 150 meters containers, where the cuda card returns errors..probably because of memory, so there is where you have to switch back to cpu, and ultimately much slower renderings.

    with a final render at 640x360 as preview resolution, with a a few meters in size for container, and with cuda rendering ..I was down at 12 seconds per frame with cycles path tracer, without any special optimization, but with cpu around 42 seconds per frame for the same scene.

    I hope you donīt mind me posting these samples from blender not wish to derail your thread, just a bit of knowledge comparing, I suspect turbulenceFD is much better on handling the cachefiles etc, questionable how the rendering speed vs blender is though, then also to consider...layout will probably swallow huge amount of spaceships in a way that if blender tries to take it on, it would probably come to a freeze.

    Sample images just some first test, I would need to further improve the density and light illumination in the nodes for the smoke, and make flames more apearant and smaller, but I am starting to understand the nodes in the materials now, so I know how to adjust it to my liking, softer look, more detailed, more scattering etc...soon in full controll, though it is more painstakingly to set it up from scratch than working in turbulenceFD and itīs dedicated fire and smoke renderer.

    Note..interesting to hear what you would render with, native lw or octane, if the GPU octane renderer will be able to handle it, and if such..may it be due to you having several cards or more memory than my machine can deal with?

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