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Thread: Lightwave demo reel - David Ridlen

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    This is just out of curiosity and future reference, not to start an argument. Besides the moving objects and motion blur, what feats does Deep Rising FX need to achieve to become a tool for bigger more complex scenes in your opinion? Is the engine incapable off pushing millions of particles?

    1) Solid support for moving fluid containers. There are many scenarios in fluid simulations that require the object holding the fluid to also be moving, such as spilling a cup of coffee, having a character fill a bucket with fluid, pouring from vials/beakers, or just about anything that involves animating a character interacting with a fluid-containing object.

    2) Stability with geometry-based fluid generation. Right now using a geometry object to generate fluids will frequently result in crashing.

    3) Tighter integration with Lightwave's particle systems. Geometry fluid alone is often not enough to sell the look of fluids in a given production shot. You can currently use hypervoxels with DeepFX, but there isn't enough control over how they look at the moment. Eventually I'd like to see things like surface edges, splash and foam, but that takes lower priority than the 2 points above.

    DeepFX has huge potential, and I do believe that with enough user support it could eventually become a very cost effective way to provide clients with fluid simulation content. For now, its best left to handle very simple scenes that don't involve a lot of moving objects.
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    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Let us hope Deep Rising FX becomes better.

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