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Thread: Taking USGS 3D lidar data and converting into a LW model...Any tips?

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    Taking USGS 3D lidar data and converting into a LW model...Any tips?

    Hey guys
    I am currently working on a project that will take 3D pint cloud Lidar data from the USGS site and I need to convert it into a model that can be read by Lightwave.
    The source of the data is the USGS site:

    I plan to complement the Lidar data with DEM maps.
    So any tips you guy can send my way?


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    Hey Robert,

    I do a lot of map work with Lightwave and a few other programs, plugins and data-sets. Here's a summary of my work-flow:

    1. Data Source:
    2. Map prep: 3DEM Software for Terrain Visualization ver 2.0:
    3. Export high-res terrain elevation color map BMP, TGA or TIFF and a DEM file
    4. Use "Ground Control" Lightwave plugin for DEM import to create mesh (great plugin!!!!)
    5. Scale object to real-world dimensions, apply color map as a planar projection on Y axis

    Here's what my end results look like:

    Click image for larger version. 

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